3,000 Original Miles! 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser Series 75

I wish I knew where this 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser pickup has spent the past 30 years. According to the seller, it has 3,000 original miles on the odometer! The ad doesn’t have hardly any information (I guess the seller wants the photos to speak for themselves…Which isn’t necessarily a bad strategy with a vehicle as clean as this one.). The only piece of history the ad mentions is “…was barely used in Japan as fire Marshall vehicle.” It is now located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, and can be found for sale here on eBay with an asking price of $75,000 CAN, which is approximately $58,000 USD. I would be willing to bet this is the cleanest 1993 Land Cruiser Series 75 in the world. Take a closer look at this beauty!

The engine compartment is as clean as the exterior. The 6-cylinder diesel is a bullet-proof workhorse that has proven itself across nearly every continent. In a pickup like this, I would bet it is a pretty good performer. You can see the dual battery setup along with the factory air cleaner assembly.

As you may expect, this is a right-hand drive vehicle. There isn’t a close-up photo of the odometer, but I’m sure the seller would provide one to interested buyers. Overall, this truck is super clean inside and out, so there’s little doubt the 3,000 miles might be 100% accurate.

Like the rest of the truck, the bed is nearly flawless. It is pretty clear there hasn’t been a ton of cargo hauled with this truck, perhaps it has never had anything in the bed.

Overall, this is an awesome truck. If you are looking for a New Old Stock truck, this may be the one for you. How cool would it be to make this into an Overlanding vehicle? A canopy on the back with a roof-top tent? What do you think of this one?


  1. alphasud Member

    It is a immaculate truck for sure. Looks like the importer didn’t do any service work so you are going to have to treat it to the usual consumables due to age. Looks like this engine uses a timing belt. That would be first priority for me. If they sell it for the asking price I’m sure that will be a big windfall for the importer.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    Quite impressive looking but I’m going to rain on the parade here. We had a lot of these direct imports come through my former place of work over the years and the first thing we noticed was the stuff built for Japanese consumption was definitely NOT built to last. Sadly it was built to absolute minimum standards. Universal joints are smaller; wheel bearings are smaller; brake rotors come from the factory at minimum thickness; pad/shoe brake linings are thinner. Half of the sundry parts have to come right out of Japan, and you had better get used to waiting because these were built with just enough parts to keep the assembly line going but very little was considered for spare parts. In short, with mandatory scrapping at five years (I’m not completely sure about the time), the intention was to melt it down and replace it with another one. A few years back I saw another one listed here. A reader back then told me that there were lots of places to get parts, and even listed some. The next time we got a direct import in the shop we called up the sites. It was like Rodney Dangerfield’s girlfriend: “There was nobody home.” It’s too bad this truck looks as good as it does. To me it’s definitely a case of BUYER BEWARE. You buy it, you’ll get real good service for a while but Lord help you when it does break down…

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    • Stan

      Had a 70series canadian model for a while. Tough truck used up north in the mines. 2 battery 24 volt electrics. Headlites and radio 12V. 3.4L 4cyl, no turbo diesel. Went thru glo plugs otherwise indestructible.

  3. Tim961

    I was just thinking it would take a while to get used to a manual shift right hand drive.

    • Fogline

      Hey Tim – Not as long as you might think. Having rented manual transmission cars in England, it didn’t take long. Scariest part is getting out of the parking lot and Airport after the long flight being on the wrong side of everything!

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


      I was lucky to count as my friend Mr. Ace Rosner of Washington DC. Ace lost his right arm during WW2, when he was an OSS agent [later in the CIA]. Ace had an incredible collection of antique cars, both LHD and RHD versions, many with stick shift.

      I remember when we went for a ride in his vintage Rolls-Royce Phantom tourer, the car originally owned by Sir Henry Royce. This means of course the car was RHD, no power steering, and a floor shift on the right side next to the door opening. Ace was navigating thru Georgetown traffic on a Saturday afternoon, steering with his knees as he reached across to shift.

      Ace said it was harder to learn to write with his left hand, than to drive using only his left hand.

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    • Glenn Schwass

      I thought the same thing. Hopefully would only take an hour or so?

  4. Car Nut Gig Harbor Washington

    Awesome looking truck! It’s a damn shame this was never offered in the USA. I’ve seen Toyota Land Cruiser pickup trucks, but for some reason, they were never offered here. RHD? So what? Manual shifting? You just learn to use the clutch.

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  5. RMac

    Surf truck !

  6. Howie

    I like, i see it has two batteries under the hood.

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  7. Rltrahan

    You got to be kidding me…. 58K! I used these vehicles in many of my deployments starting with a series 70 land cruiser and several versions of the defender and there was nothing impressive enough to value them at this price no matter how classic or what mileage it has. Just my opinion though and Im sure some will disagree but I just don’t get it.

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  8. chrlsful

    U can not imaging what this would go for in my hood (think the 1st gen bronk is inflated?). LHD…more. & just for runs to the grocier.

    No, it’s not hard to go RHD (happens in minutes). Just not good for convieniance OR safety, passengers OR the roads, other drivers… as everything is set up the opposite here~

  9. Glenn Schwass

    I thought the same thing. Hopefully would only take an hour or so?

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