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30k Mile Project: 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

The second-generation Chevy Camaro’s enjoyed a long run from 1970-81. Because the car was all-new in 1970, the 1971 models were little changed. The big news for ’71 was that the engines were detuned to be able to use unleaded fuel for the first time, so horsepower ratings were down. The Z28 was still one of the options if you were looking for some giddyap in your Camaro. This one has a windshield inspections sticker suggesting the car may have been off the road as far back as 1976. In rough condition and possibly incomplete, this ’71 Z28 is in Claysville, Pennsylvania, and available here on eBay where the no reserve auction has reached $5,800.

For the second year in a row, the next-gen Camaro’s experienced production delays. The ‘70s were late coming to market because of pre-production problems and the ‘71s saw the assembly lines down for 67 days due to a GM-wide labor issue. Total production for ’71 was 114,630 units, down by more than half from when the car was first introduced in 1967. The Z28 was a small portion of those assemblies at 4,862 copies. It added $786.75 to the window sticker of a new Camaro.

We’re told this car has spent a good bit of its life in a garage with a concrete floor and the odometer reading is just over 30,000 miles. The engine is in a state of disassembly, so we’re guessing a mechanical issue sidelined the car way-back-when and it was forgotten about for ages. The seller sounds confident that rust is not a huge issue with the car, but the photos may suggest otherwise. The interior has been removed with the floorboards exposed and they are starting to get crusty. When you started sandblasting the body and undercarriage, that would provide a clearer picture.

The cowl tag indicates that the Camaro is a true Z28. Back in its heyday, the LT-1 350 cubic inch V8 that should have been in this car would have put out 330 gross hp and 275 SAE net, the new measure the industry was adapting to report output. This car is said to have had an automatic transmission, but we’re not sure if it and other components have survived. The photos show lots of stuff on the ground that may or may not go with the Camaro, although the seats and fabric probably do.

No title will be changing hands with this car. Bill of Sale only. NADA is optimistic in that a top-shelf ’71 Z28 could bring in the higher $40,000s. You could probably end up bringing this car back to that level, but would you have to spend more than that to do it? Here’s a piece of Camaro trivia: did you know the Camaro was in danger of being discontinued as early as 1973? Demand for pony cars had declined from the ‘60s and insurance prices had put coffin nails in many high-performance autos. Thankfully, that did not happen, at least until 2002.


  1. daniel wright

    Those seats are moldy. Put this car up on a lift and you will be able to see daylight through the floors and frame.

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  2. jerry z

    Too bad no title. I do like the shade of green though.

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  3. Sam Shive

    Might do better with the Riding Mower. The one picture shows a NEW Looking Winter Tire. Might Just Be The Best Part Of The Car.

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  4. Boatman Member

    Rusty? You don’t know what rusty is, my boy. Come up north for awhile.

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  5. bikefixr

    30K..not even close. Once that shell is dipped or blasted, it’ll look like a pasta strainer. This one will require a LOT of $, and you’ll never get it on the back end.

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  6. Ron

    Mileage claims, how rare it is etc don’t fool anyone and are totally irrelevant on a car in this condition. Only pay for what it is, not what someone claims it is…

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  7. Steven Brown

    1971 Chevy cars or trucks were not unleaded fuel. Chevy’s first year was 1973 for unleaded fuel, this car runs on leaded fuel

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    • Scott

      Unleaded ethonal free is fine to run I used to run regular unleaded in my older cars before ethonal

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  8. Richard Todte

    somebopdy paid almos $10K for it

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  9. Mike

    Am I missing some pictures?
    The cowl tag indicates that the Camaro is a true Z28….
    That is a very important picture that isn’t shown.
    Also your saying a 350 @ 330hp….
    No picture of casting number on the block.
    Lack of proof suggests it was a common grocery getter.
    I’ll give you $500 for it as is.

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