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3,156 Miles: 1951 Crosley Super Sedan

Most of us think of wealthy people with estates as having fancy cars to drive around their property, but not the original owner of this 1951 Crosley Super Sedan. This unassuming estate car can be found here on craigslist in Utica, New York. The current owner is asking $11,500 for this Crosley. Thanks to Ikey H. for sending in this gem!

A spotlight on a Crosley?! It’s a 1950s car so almost any of those doo-dads are fair game and they say that it’s a Crosley spotlight and they even have the original box! The original owner was a wealthy businessman who bought this top of the line Crosley Super Sedan to be used on their estate by his wife. He also bought a Crosley station wagon for their groundskeeper and I’m assuming that was also a Super, which was the top-trim level above the Deluxe. There wasn’t much difference between Deluxe and Super, but the Super had the famous propeller on the grille and the bird hood and fender ornaments, and of course, a Super script on the doors.

This is one of the nicest Crosley Sedans that I’ve ever seen and for sure the nicest original car that I’ve seen. It has a mere 3,156 original miles on it and everything is original, other than a new clutch and brakes. Even the original tires are on the car!

I would love to see this car in person, it looks almost too good to be true. That fabric material is original according to the seller.

These later Crosleys had the CIBA – cast iron block assembly – engine at 44.2 cubic-inches and putting out 28 hp. They say that it starts and runs great. This is a really nice looking car and being all original with that cool history makes it even more interesting. Have any of you owned a Crosley?


  1. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    My older brother swapped some work for a Nash Metropolitan with a bad motor so he rebuilt a Crosley HotShot engine and installed it. The engine was so tight that the had to push it with dads ‘57 Chevy 210 to get it to turn over-when my brother took off and got it to 64 MPH it was shaking like a dog pooping peach pits; turns out it wasn’t the motor but the right rear tire was an egg-shape at that speed.

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  2. LARRY

    Definitely needs a v8

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    • Mikey8

      They used to sell these in the front windows of the local hardware store. My uncle had the truck version and it was set up as a little fire truck. Was a neat vehicle, but two people in it was like stuffing in a turkey!

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  3. IkeyHeyman

    This sedan looks really nice, a “museum quality” example, I would love to own it. My Crosley was a station wagon model, nowhere near as nice but a guaranteed
    conversation-starter whenever I took it out to run some errands.

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  4. Fred W

    I don’t think the price is too far out of line when you consider that you may never find another like this that has all the hallmarks of being original and untouched.

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  5. rustylink

    this one is loaded with options – including the radio/speaker, spot light etc. Usually these were not ordered with all the bells and whistles so this one is pretty special. I agree with the other poster – it’s a museum quality piece of automotive history.

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  6. Lance L Walker

    Fred, I disagree with you on the price. These were cheaply made cars and while were interesting were not that great. Historically important but I would rather get a decent old pickup for that kind of money

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    • duaney

      Price is very reasonable. Just because you prefer a truck doesn’t mean that this rare historical car has no value.

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  7. Bob

    No radio, speaker or antenna. The speaker opening/grill came with all of them.Spotlight was never offered from Crosley.

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    • W9BAG

      Bob, I guess the speaker grille was installed, whether you opted for the radio or not, was to cut down on production costs. The spot light was probably installed as an aftermarket unit. Since the car was used on an estate, I can understand why the owner would want it.

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  8. That Guy

    With microcars of almost any description going for silly amounts of money, I’ve been wondering why Crosleys still seem to be mid-four-figure cars. This is as beautiful and original an example as you will likely ever see. It’s a lot of money by current market standards, but probably well worth the premium.

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    • Ralph

      I wonder if there is some badge snobbery going on there, its only valuable if its slow, ugly, impractical, cheesy AND foreign……..

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  9. bobhess bobhess Member

    My first car was a ’49 station wagon bought for $39 three years before I could get my drivers license. It had been used as a chicken coop and we had to wait until the seller got it off the local theater where a bunch of kids put it. Couldn’t handle the chicken smell so we found a good ’48 sedan body for it. Guy that helped me rebuild the engine had a later model with a seriously modified engine. Don’t have numbers but that engine turned 10,000 rpm. Did the rebuild, got the license, and enjoyed having a car. Then the ’32 Ford 5 window street rod came along…… Found out years later that the engines being used in race cars were also turning huge rpms. As bad as these cars handle the stock horsepower is just fine. This is a nice looking car.

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  10. Mark

    Guy bought it for his wife to drive around their estate….and he made sure it had a spotlight.
    Dollars to doughnuts the reason why was to get a decent nights sleep and let the wife chase after her own cat in the middle of the night..

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  11. Joe Haska

    I love it, and how can you say its over priced. I live in AZ. golf course community, and I suspect some of these golfers pay that much for their fancy little golf carts. I would love to have this and go buzzing by them. If I could own it, I imight even try playing golf!

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  12. Brakeservo

    Powell Crosley drove a –
    Duesenberg so go figure!

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    • ctmphrs

      He could afford it.Would you drive a Crosley if you could afford a Duesenberg

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  13. duaney

    Sold. What a bargain!

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