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31k Mile Running Project: 1971 AMC Javelin SST

Like the Dodge Challenger, the American Motors Javelin would be relatively short-lived in the burgeoning pony car market. While the AMC product was built two years longer than the Dodge, both wrapped up in 1974 as an indicator that the market had largely played out. This ’71 SST, the fancy version of the Javelin, runs quite well with a verified 31,000 miles, but it’s rough cosmetically. Located in Sacramento, California, this second-generation Javelin is available here on craigslist for $8,000. Our hats off to T.J. for another cool tip!

When the Javelin was redesigned for the first and only time in 1971, it would almost catch the Challenger in sales, selling within 500 copies of the now-legendary Mopar. The most popular version would be the SST, accounting for two-thirds of production that year. AMC pulled the plug on the 2-seat GT-style AMX after 1970, turning it into the 4-seat Javelin’s performance edition (barely more than 2,000 would be built in ’71). The most popular engine in the Javelin SST would be the 304 cubic inch small-block V8, at just shy of 11,000 copies.

Other than some mechanical parts that simply wore out from age, we’re told this Javelin is an original car that’s sound enough to drive just about anywhere. That includes the Canary Yellow paint which still hangs on a rust-free body that is marred by a big scrape in the right front fender. Some of the chrome and other assorted pieces have been removed but come with the car (was a restoration being started?). The interior is original, too, and the seats will have to be redone although the back one likely saw much less use.

We’re told this is a numbers-matching auto, but no mention is made as to why the mileage is so low (the seller says it’s backed up by California DMV records, the state where the car has been all its life). The car has the usual equipment, such as automatic transmission, power steering, and factory air conditioning (disconnected). The seller says the AMC has a push-button start, but I wasn’t aware that capability was ever offered by AMC. The radio was stolen and the dash needs some repairs because of it. The seller is willing to deliver (reasonable distance, we assume) and he/she is willing to trade for a 1954-75 automobile but doesn’t specify a desired make and model.


  1. Avatar photo Rixx56 Member

    According to the seller…
    Matching numbers!?
    All original, including paint!?
    C’mon, man…

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    • Avatar photo Joe

      No numbers can match on an AMC.
      IF the paint is original, it must be two tone.
      Seller is a tad misinformed.

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  2. Avatar photo Big C

    The “push button start” is there because, when they stole the radio? They tried to take the rest of the car.

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  3. Avatar photo JT Member

    Be careful on the mileage claim.

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  4. Avatar photo Claudio

    Nice $4k project car that would be a great restomod

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  5. Avatar photo Grandpa

    ”31067 actual miles (proven via CA DMV)”
    That must have been hard-driven 31,067 miles!

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  6. Avatar photo Matt

    About half of what they’re asking is about what it’s worth. IMHO. Seems awfully beat up for that many miles. Hmmmmm
    Don’t get me wrong, love the car. Wish I owned it but wow at that price there’s just no way you could bring it back and not have WAY more than it would be worth. I think that’s called “a labor of love” and I get it. Been there.

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  7. Avatar photo Hans

    Likely 131,000. Look at the photo of the brake pedal, rubber is worn down, that does not happen in 31,000 miles.

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  8. Avatar photo Idiot Boy

    Well, $8K isn’t much money considering the mockery they’ve made of US currency, but you probably couldn’t pick a worse sun-baked oddball to restore. That interior is going to be impossible to repair inexpensively. Biggest plus I see is it still has the correct sequence original first issue blue plates. Those wouldn’t qualify for the YOM program, so the only way a vehicle would still have these is if they’ve been continuously attached to the car, but the seller has the typical California attitude and the car looks like it has at least a hundred thousand miles more than the claimed 31K. CA DMV does NOT track mileage on the title. They ask the mileage when you title the car, but it doesn’t mean your claim is accurate on a 5-digit odometer and the odometer date and reading do not appear on the new title document.

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  9. Avatar photo Randy Anderson

    I oncologist owned 1974 javelin I bought it and needed a car right away because my 1968 ford l t d got totaled out I bought It for three hundred and seventy five dollars it was orange 🍊 with bias tires,brand new snow tires too with dog dish hubcaps rusty and a three o four engine automatic transmission. It had not enough power but would start up no matter how cold it got outside the interior needed fixing to I don’t know how accurate the mileage was either. Me and my friends tried beating the ?@&$@ out of it it wouldn’t die very depending,sucked the gas ⛽️ too.if I had the money and a place to keep it i would have made it souped up and a different color lol!

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  10. Avatar photo Miguel - Mexican Spec

    Why do people ask so much for these?

    Even the worst ones in Mexico are expensive and they are all 6 cylinder cars.

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  11. Avatar photo BCB42

    “… although the back one (seat) likely saw little use…”?

    What a sad, sad thing to say about a 1970’s car…

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  12. Avatar photo OldCarGuy

    BCB42, that’s a sad thing to say about any 4-seater car!

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