327 V8/4-Speed: 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS

Chevrolet was riding high in 1965. It would be a high-water mark for the company as they built nearly 2.4 million units that year and more than 1.6 million were full-size models. The Impala was the best-selling series, seeing the production of one million cars, including 243,000 Super Sports. This ’65 SS coupe looks to be the real deal, equipped with its original 327 cubic inch V8 with a 4-speed manual transmission. As a project car, it currently resides in Bettendorf, Iowa, and is available here on eBay where bidding holds at $4,050. Another great tip comes to us compliments of Larry D!

The Super Sport started as a performance option on the Impala in 1961 and only a few hundred copies were built. After that, it became more of an appearance package and less of one focused on muscle (at least in the Impala), so sales would go through the roof. This ’65 SS is said to have been running when it was parked, but that was nearly 30 years ago and time and Mother Nature have both taken their toll.

We’re looking at a car that will need a full restoration. It was turquoise in color when it was new, but the front clip has changed in color compared to the side body panels, so we wonder if the pieces were changed out at some point. Or it could simply be how the sheet metal was exposed to daylight or rain6 while under the roof of the barn it called home. The seller indicates that this Chevy will need a trunk pan, lower quarter panels, and likely the front fenders. But we’re told the floorboards are solid.

This is supposed to have been the 275 hp version of the venerable Chevy 327 motor, but the seller oddly posts a blurry photo of a valve cover that appears to have a 283 decal on it. So, I’m a bit confused as to what is sitting under the hood. In any event, it doesn’t look like anyone has tried to start this car in quite some time, so expect to find some trouble. The black interior will need a redo, as well, but the SS wears the requisite bucket seats that came with that model.

Online price guides suggest that a nice 1965 Impala coupe is worth in the mid-$20,000s and the Super Sport would add something on top of that. If you’ve been wanting to restore a Chevy Impala from its heyday in the 1960s, this ’65 might be a decent place to start – at the right price, that is.


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  1. Chris Webster

    I love GM’s 1965 statistics. The Mustang lover can go on about how many were sold in their first year, but forget that GM had 50% of the world’s largest car market.

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  2. George Mattar

    I had a 65 Impala 283 as a daily driver from 1991 to 2001, put 150,000 miles on that car with very few repairs. One of GM’s greatest years ever and when this country was great. Not anymore. All GM builds is total garbage. Wish I never sold it. No computers. No stupid navigation. No stupid tire pressure sensors for fat, lazy people who cannot check their tires with a gauge, God forbid.

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    • Pauld

      George, I have a new Challenger 392, that has all of the electronics. It is an amazing car and very fast too. I am not lazy, but have an advanced age. Someday, perhaps, you will appreciate what the new age of cars provides. Old cars are a nice hobby, but how many are daily drivers?

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    • sourpwr Member

      I dislike the “modular” nature of the new stuff. If you have a light bulb out they want to replace the entire instrument cluster.

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    • Tim961

      I have to disagree on the comment about tire sensors. Not everyone is capable of checking tires ( although they should be taught)or noticing one that becomes low while driving. I think that is one of the greatest safety items there is!

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      • AZVanman

        ….when they work properly.

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  3. Johnny Cuda

    I believe the sticker on the valve cover says 250 horsepower. The 327 was available with 250 or 300 horsepower.

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    • David

      I agree, I see the same thing in the eBay picture.

  4. Mike Maue

    1965 Impala SS 327 was my first car . Used to burn the #### out of my arms getting in and out of the drivers seat on that chrome on a hot day. Memories….

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  5. oilngas

    The reason for tire pressure sensors is due to today’s low profile tires. in the ’60’s you had a 6″ tire sidewall. You could tell if a tire was low when driving or by looking at the tire. Now you have 2″ sidewall. Air or no air it feels like your riding on four rims. Has nothing to do with being lazy. If you do have a low tire, good luck finding air. I hear they still have full service gas stations up north. Down south a station owner has a higher profit margin and less employee headaches with one cashier selling chips and pump your own gas. I grew up at the neighborhood station. Life was good. Some customers would keep those single serve cans of chili mac, or pork&beans on their engine. Check under their hood find a snack. I miss that job.

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  6. Guardstang

    At least on this car you can check the tire groove depth without bending down–just open the trunk

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  7. Utes

    No 275hp/327 in ’65. Only 250 & 300.

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  8. Utes

    That’s no ‘283’ decal on the valve cover…it’s a 250hp 327 decal!

  9. gaspumpchas

    Finished this is a great Chevy. Looks unmolested and complete. First thing you would check is the frame. That trunk floor is a lot of work, also. you really dont get a good look at the lower quarters, etc. But running that 327 thru the gears is a thing of beauty. good luck and happy motoring.

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    • Johnny Cuda

      Gaspump – Good to see you posting again. If I am correct, it has been a little while since you have commented. Hope all are well with you.

  10. Steven Brown

    I give $2500.00 for the motor and trans drop it in a 68 Camaro RS

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