32K Mile Survivor! 1967 Ford Galaxie 500

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I have covered both ’66 and ’68 Ford Galaxies (my favorite) and now today we have an in-betweeny in the form of a ’67 for review. It is listed as a one-owner car but the seller is not identified as that one owner. Nevertheless, let’s take a close look as it’s in sharp condition with low mileage. This Galaxie 500 is located in Reynolds, Illinois and is available here on eBay for a current bid of $13,200, 33 bids tendered so far.

Full-size cars are where the market was in 1967. Sure, intermediates, compacts, and ponies (Mustang et al) sold very well but America was still in love with the Galaxie, Impala, and Fury. Ford offered multiple trim lines on their big car with LTD, XL, Galaxie 500, Custom 500, and Custom variations but the Galaxie 500 was the go-to model. Available as a four-door sedan and hardtop, convertible, and a two-door hardtop, it also made an appearance in station wagon form as the Country Sedan.

Our subject car is listed as having an original 32K miles though there is no documentation offered, best to inquire on that matter. It is being promoted as a rust-free example and it looks it, there is no sign of corrosion, damage, or even paint fade. The roof appears to be painted, not a vinyl covering, and it contrasts nicely with the cinnamon hue of the body. And speaking of topside, the seller claims, “As clean underneath as it is on top” so I’ll take that to mean there are no issues with a rusty frame of soft floors. Rounding out the exterior are Ford’s “styled steel wheel covers”, a really nice take on a simple exterior styling component and miles beyond the cheap plastic discs in use on econoboxes today.

Power for this Galaxie is provided by a 390 CI “FE” V8 engine of either 270 or 315 gross HP, it’s not disclosed which one is in residence. It does appear to have had a recent appointment with a spray can of Ford engine blue, however. The seller states, “Runs and drives nice“. As is usually the case, a three-speed automatic transmission backs up the engine.

The magnificent looking interior is listed as leather, I’m not certain that’s the case as it seems vinyl would be a more likely find. Whatever the case, it shows in pristine condition and bone-white is nearly impossible to keep clean. The dash, instrument panel, and door cards all continue the like-new trend. The seller further states, “Factory options include 8 track, tachometer, amp and oil gauges“. I am curious about the tachometer as it is visible, lower left of the steering column. Does anyone know if that is the correct unit and position or is it a later add-on?  Also, check out those groovy floor mats!

As I have written in prior posts, we won’t encounter big two-door hardtops like this again, so if it’s your thing, here is a great opportunity to scarf up one of the nicest ’67 Galaxie 500s that I have seen in a very long time. The bidding appears to be vigorous, it’s not a surprise and I would expect that. Where do you think this Ford will top out?

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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    Full size Fords like these seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth! This beauty looks as though it will bring high $$$! GLWTA!! :-)

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  2. angliagt angliagtMember

    There’s a shop here in Roanoke,Va where there were
    three of these parked outside.My favorite year of Galaxie.
    There’s also a ’67 in our neighborhood,parked in a
    carport behind a house.You can just see the front of it.One
    of these days I’ll have to knock on their door,& see if they’ll
    let me look at it.

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    • Gary

      I would love to see it. I live in Roanoke Va. too. I have two old Fords. I leased a garage for them. The old car hobby is very big in Roanoke. I love living here, moved here 6 years ago after I retired.

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  3. HoA Howard AMember

    While never a fan of stacked headlights, these Fords were simply the nicest cars before pollution and regs. This is another of those cars your live at home single uncle with a good job would’ve owned. 390 wasn’t the most economical motor, but this car screamed Saturday night, when that used to be a big deal. That tachometer is an add on, I’ve never seen a Ford like this with one, it’s something Uncle Fritz didn’t care about when ordering this car. Beautiful car, can’t go wrong here.

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    • Carl

      The CS on the tach looks line a Carroll Shelby item. Right time frame but I doubt Shelby muddled with the big cars.

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  4. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Strong bidding on an attractive car. I always liked the 67’s.

    Howard A, what would Uncle Fritz drive today?

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  5. Big_FunMember

    VIN decodes out to a 390 2V. Interesting, in picture 16, out the left side of the windshield you see a “Bangle Butt” BMW. I just learned about that term on 30 November here on Barn Finds. It was referenced in the nice 1994 Fiat Coupe write up. If you skipped it, go back and read about it – good stuff from Scotty G.
    I prefer the Ford…

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  6. banjo

    Ahhh. My first car. I had a 500 with a 390, 2bbl carb and the automatic trans. Mine was pale yellow with a painted black top and black vinyl interior. unfortunately by the time I got mine it had 235K on the clock and was all but spent. Road salt took its toll on the frame and the poor old Galaxie had to be retired. many of the parts were sold off, and I still have the hubcaps hanging in my garage (same ones as this car) I wanted to keep them after having to chase a couple down on the shoulder of the road after seeing them roll away in my rearview. I would love another 67. that was a nice driving car with lots of pep. the car lived on for me when I put the Galaxie’s MC2500 carb on my CJ5. a common conversion for the old Jeeps with the carter carbs, and I had one sitting on a shelf!! I just needed to change the jets. Worked like a charm!

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  7. flmikey

    I believe those are ’66 XL hubcaps…which are much more fetching, in my opinion…I have owned a ’65, ’66 and ’67…all great cars, but the ’67 felt much more refined…

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    • banjo

      My 67 was a 500 XL, bought new in Orlando Florida by my great aunt Florance. I still have the custom license plate from the dealer that reads
      “You’re ahead in a Florida Ford”
      And like I said, I still have the hubcaps hanging in my garage. These exact same ones, and they came on the car. I wouldn’t doubt they were used on 66s, but they were also available on 67s I know for a fact.
      I always liked them a lot better than the corrugated chimney cap base model style.

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      • Gary

        My Mom bought one new in ’67. Hers was white, with red interior. Beautiful car, it had the same wheel covers.

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  8. Steve Clinton

    Nice land yacht!

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  9. Bunky

    Minor point: not sure why you didn’t include the 2 door sedan and Country Squire.
    My Dad purchased a ‘67 4 door ex Seattle Police car at auction in ‘69 for $680.(390 interceptor) It had 65000 hard miles, but was in good condition overall. He installed new rod and main bearings in an afternoon. Painted it burgundy. It was a great road car. The next year he went back and and bought a ‘68 for $530 and sold the ‘67 to his brother- who ran it up to 155k and sold it to a guy who claimed he was going to use it as a taxi!
    Police car, family with 8 kids, taxi. Hard life for a great car.

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    • Jim ODonnellAuthor

      Two-door sedans were Custom or Custom 500s and the Country Squire was really an LTD station wagon. I was referencing Galaxie-only variations.


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  10. W9BAG

    My VERY favorite steering wheel in a Ford.

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  11. Richard WhittingMember

    Owned a 1967 Galaxie with 4 doors and a 6 cylinder engine. Slooooooow. Even with this 390/2 barrel, this was a slow car, too heavy.

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  12. 4 Speed

    The “Factory options include, 8 track, tachometer, amp and oil gauges” came from the J.C. Whitney factory.

    Who is this snake oil salesman fooling. Fools!

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    • Major Thom

      At least the oil and amp gauges are JCW circa 1967, not 2020. But those seats are definitely vinyl, not leather as stated.

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    • BoatmanMember

      Jim ODonnell, apparently.

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      • Jim ODonnellAuthor


        I just report the news, I don’t make it up. If you have an issue with the listing, take it up with the seller.


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  13. Winfield S Wilson

    Yeah, that one-year only steering wheel hub. My buddy had a ’67 Mustang, and one day the hub came off and fell in his lap. Turns out they had tabs on them and they would twist off with half a turn.

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  14. Joe

    Had a 67 convert stripped down the motor for a rebuild at 123000 and used 428 interceptor parts to make it a sleeper. Ran like a Mach I Mustang after that.

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  15. Guggie 13

    Had a 67 4 door 289 auto nice smooth car loved it , drove it to 200k and bought a Maverick , gave the ford to brother in law , he finished it off in 2 months

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    • Phlathead Phil

      It figures. People usually don’t respect a car they get for free. They trash it, mash it, twist it and bash it.

      Then, when it runs no more, they turn up at the “Hand-Out” store…

      Bought my first car at 15.

      Washed a lot of cars, mowed a lotta lawns, cleaned a lotta windows.

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  16. George Richardson

    We have a 67 fastback in the garage, in NY. 390 , FMX. California car still has the smog tubes on it. We found the engine block to be porous which Ford had a problem with in 66-67. That sort of put the restoration on hold. We also have a 67 fastback parts car.
    Hope to get back down to Stuart, VA (W of Martinsville) if this bug ever goes away

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    • BoatmanMember

      Wanna sell that sweet ’67?

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      • George Richardson

        Son says he would like to get it done…………….some day……..maybe

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      • BoatmanMember

        @George Richardson- Name your price!
        Oh heck, maybe I’ll stop in tomorrow and we’ll talk.

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  17. George Cassidy

    This is going for cheaper than the hunk of ’67 scrap iron you had up here yesterday. I don’t know whether it’s a great deal, but it’s a lot better than the other one.

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  18. Charles Schultz

    I had a 1967 Custom 500 2 door sedan. 289 2barrel with a “turnpike cruiser” package. Excellent fuel economy and was not all that slow. Never have understood the appeal of burnouts; tires cost money.

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  19. darwin justice

    I liked the 67 Fords except for the car horn. it was about 3-4 diameter and extended almost past the steering wheel. Like having a big Howitzer cannon aiming at your gut.

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  20. James Clark

    Dad bought one new identical to this but a 289 2bbl. Best looking full size Ford ever. He loved that it had power steering a first for him. Not enough balls for towing our boat. Traded up for a 71 with a 400 ci.

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  21. chrlsful

    that horn was some of the 1st safety features included.

    My neighbor had one – seemed like a row of 10, 8 inch circles across the dash (was probably only 3 or 4, 4 inchers) that were padded dash-like material. Each hada gauge – speedo, clock. etc. They were deep (4? 5 inches?) & he threw his packa smokes in one. “If U can grab the smokes U can hav’em” he said. Soon as I reached he punched the skinny. I didn’t see the telephone lines but I sure couldn’t reach up’n get’em. Teens ! Watch out…

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