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343 And A Go Pac: 1968 AMX


This 1968 AMX is a little perforated around the edges, but overall looks pretty solid and is being sold by its second owner. The car is located in Sicklerville, New Jersey and is offered here on eBay with a low $200 opening bid and a buy-it-now of $5,700. With a 343 V8 and the “Go Pac” options, this AMC coupe would be pretty quick. While parts are not as easy to come by as they are for Mustangs, Camaros and the like, there are some specialists out there. Even though there are some items that look like they are missing, the seller states that it is complete “bumper to bumper” so I’m guessing they have some parts stored. The ad says it fires right up as well as having only 63,000 miles. If you have a hankering for a different kind of performance car from the ’60s this might be worth a look.


  1. JW

    More seller laziness, no pictures of the interior or engine bay and if it’s complete bumper to bumper where are the bumpers ?

  2. randy

    Zero feedback as well. It’s cheap enough though! I’d risk it if I were close enough to touch it.

  3. Blindmarc

    With a 343 this one would even handle. But more pics would be needed.

  4. jim s

    at $ 2484.77 with more then 5 days to go but high bidder also has 0 feedback. few photos/limited text and their are still bidding. i wonder how this will play out. interesting find.

  5. Jason

    Not worth the bandwidth to post ebay ads from sellers with zero feedback. Scam city!

    • Peter


      Respectfully, I must disagree.

      I’ve been an ebay member for about 15 years. During that time, I’ve never sold anything, but I’ve bought several antique toys, and a semi-antique, RC-controlled, LIVE STEAM LAUNCH.

      But I didn’t realize we had only a limited time to leave feedback. So I never did. And, I guess through Karma, I never got any, either.

      But I assure you, I’m not a scam artist. Would you like to see pics of my antique (1925 Kelmet White, pressed steel truck, or my steam launch?).

      I’ve NEVER ripped anyone off, because I’ve never even had the opportunity to (not that I would) because I have yet to sell a single thing.

      I’m just saying, you might want to consider being aware of the dangers of “sweeping generalizations.”

      But I will admit that many of them feel as you do.



      • Jason

        This is a non-argument. Zero ebay feedback = goodbye.

  6. don


    I agree with you somewhat, BUT zero feedback would be BUYER BEWARE to me, I have been an ebay buyer/seller for amost 20 years, I recently got burned on a 78 Caddy seville, that the seller used pictures from 8 years ago! seller said “excellent condition, everything works” when car arrived, far from it, ebay will not back you when item is not as described. anyway… now I can a “project car” which I did not want, and now need to get rid of. AMX are great cars, but this one I would say is maxed out at the currant bid, any more than that, it is a risk/possible loss.

  7. braktrcr

    For this kind of money, you can jump on a plane and go see the car. The rewards on this car could be huge. If it turns out to be a dud you’re just out the cost of airfare and a rental car

  8. Geoff

    I saw this car on Craigslist and it looked cool

  9. Oldstuff 1941

    I had a buddy that owned a 68 Red with White interior AMX…Gorgeous car to look at…(Loved that ‘Muscle hiding under here’ Hood scoop !) His was not the 343 engine but the larger one, and I can’t remember exactly,… but I’m thinking it was a 390? with a 4 spd. Anyway,… That thing was awesome fast, and ate my 71 Duster ‘Twister’ 340 auto for lunch in a drag race…and my Duster was a fast little ride off the line !!!

    As far as the EBAY thing about No Feedback?… Like many of you, I have been Ebaying for over 15 yrs. I have bought so many hard to find old car parts there I can’t count and also sold quite a few items. I have run across many sellers who absolutely will Not allow you to even Bid on their items if you have no Feedback, unless you contact them first by Email or phone… I guess they have been burned before by the kids or scammers who occasionally like to wish/play with others items…. I would also have to go the route of asking for some kind of contact with the individual with no feedback to somehow verify everything. But that’s just me…

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