34K Original Miles: 1990 Lincoln Mark VII

The Lincoln Mark VII remains one of the more compelling combinations of luxury and performance, but finding a decent one today is harder than it looks considering it was a mass production vehicle. The trouble with luxury cars like this is once they enter the care of second or third owners, the maintenance schedule tends to be forgotten and issues of neglect creep in, both cosmetically and mechanically. The Mark VII seen here hasn’t suffered that fate as it’s still almost new in the wrapper, with just over 34,000 original miles on the clock. Find the Lincoln here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $15,490 and the option to submit a best offer.

To me, one of the more intriguing aspects of the big-body Lincoln is that the company was clearly trying to skew younger, with those gorgeous sport seats and various technological features that made the center stack far more interesting than it had ever been previously. The LSC also came with full air suspension at all four wheels (though, all Mark VIIs had this feature) and the sexy BBS wheels you see on this car. While it didn’t do much to move the needle into a  younger demographic, there’s a reason why today the LSC remains popular with fans of the Radwood movement, and these cars are now treasured in preserved condition like this. The carpets and leather seating are both in outstanding condition in this example.

The LSC VII is also appealing for utilizing the venerable Ford 5.0L V8 engine, which we know and love from the Fox body Mustang. One of my favorite details from this car is knowing you can open up the exhaust and get the sound of a burly V8 all while wrapped in the silky veneer of a luxury car. The seller’s example obviously looks like new under the hood given the low mileage, and there’s not a hint of oil residue or other signs of an unattended leak. There’s also no modifications evident, and aside from a radio swap (with the original head unit included), this Mark VII remains bone stock throughout.

The subtle chrome touches on the outside of the Lincoln remain in beautiful condition, and despite residing in Texas, there’s no sign of sun fading or other damage from the outdoors present on this near-perfect Lincoln. The other details are spot-on as well, with the wheels retaining their hard-to-find center caps and the Marchal fog lamps still featuring the often missing rock shields. Overall, this LSC coupe is a rare survivor of an increasingly desirable American coupe and the seller’s asking price seems reasonable for what you’re getting in return – and that’s a classic luxury car you can actually use that will gobble up the miles for years to come.


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  1. Cadmanls Member

    One of the best looking Fox body platforms Ford put out there. A fancy Mustang with a lot more weight. Yep they are getting scarce, parted one out years ago and the amount of sound deadening was amazing, as well of all the wiring. They drove quite well, air suspension put a few away, replacement parts for the suspension was quite high. Was a company few years back that made suspension conversion kits to put springs back in them.

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    • downforce

      Strutmasters has replacement kits for not too much $$$

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  2. Sam Shive

    I had a 94 MK VIII, Loved it but always wanted one of these. Some came with factory headers and with a set of Flow Masters sounded real sweet. We have a Black on running around Jacksonville that has been worked about as much as it can be and it sure surprises a lot of people. A High Class Pony for the Young At Heart

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  3. Gary

    Automobile magazine editor David E Davis was allowed a new car of his choice as a company car. The stipulation was that it had to be an American car, so he chose this. I wondered why he didn’t go with a Mustang or Vette, but this was it and he later wrote in the magazine that he was quite pleased with it. May he rest in peace. I always enjoyed his writing.

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    • Frank

      David E Davis if I recall was a big guy. Mustang or Corvette, he would like a trained circus bear on a bicycle.

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  4. steve

    This car still looks great today as it did way back when. A great design that has aged very well. This car had alot of “firsts” for american cars. 4 channel ABS, flush headlamps, ect. This was the cream of the crop for personal luxury coupes. As someone stated, the insulation makes these things like vaults. These are a bit tough to own now, as spares are difficult to locate. Cash for clunkers decimated a good portion of parts cars too. I am a bit biased as I have mad love for Marks, but these are very under-rated cars.

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  5. jerry z

    The LSC version was so much better looking than the standard Mark VII. Tough trying to find a nice one and this example is beautiful.

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  6. John Oliveri

    I had an 88, I bought in 89, had no miles on it, mine was white w the Burgandy interior, the only deviation from stock was the BBS lace wheels that mimicked the 89 MK wheels, sold that car in 95 w 18,000 miles on it, it was too nice to drive every day, and Simone really paid me crazy money for it

  7. DrillnFill

    I always loved the look of these cars.
    What a standout these were in the 80s-early 90s. The V8, the muscular lines, the faux “continental” tire shape of the trunk, those twin fog lights – be still my middle-school heart! 😛

    It’s a fairly steep asking but where you going to find another, and in good shape? Nice find 👍

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  8. Mark

    Too expensive but a very nice example.

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  9. Car Nut Tacoma

    Beautiful looking car. I remember when this was on the market. IMHO, it was the last of the good looking Lincoln Mark series of cars.

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  10. Todd Zuercher

    Always loved these cars as well! Back when we could easily find them in the junkyards, I pulled a set of these wheels and put them on my ’86 Mustang GT with the 5 lug conversion, It really dressed up the car.

  11. george mattar

    Too expensive? You sir are on glue. We sell rusted Dodge junk trucks for twice this as STUPID Americans would rather put up with garbage Hemi engine problems than drive a real car. This is a bargain. Never see these anymore. I had the pleasure of driving a new 90 burgundy one of these with every option in 1990. We road tested it for a newspaper I worked for. What a car.

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  12. Howard A Member

    I always liked these smaller Lincolns, even thought of getting one for a spell as a family ride. I heard these are electrical nightmares as they age, auto electronics were still in their infancy then and replacements may or may not be around. While the low mileage is a plus for the mechanical parts, electronics fail because of age, regardless of mileage. I’ve seen( and driven) semi trucks with very high mileage, and while rebuilt drivelines are easy, it was the electrical gremlins that will drive you nuts. Beautiful car new, but used, I’d stay clear of these.

    • John Oliveri

      I’ve owned a load of Lincoln’s, since the 70s, the older MK IVs and Vs yes, electrical nightmare, vacuum nightmare, it these were pretty good, the nightmare here was the air ride, very complex and the replacement bags were costly, most people as the cars got older, pulled the bags and put traditional struts and so on

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