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350/4-Speed: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS Convertible

When Chevrolet threw its hat into the ring and released its first pony car, its stylish Camaro garnered plenty of attention. Many felt that its styling was more muscular than that found on the Mustang, and it sold in respectable numbers. The company was playing catch up with Ford, who not only had a headstart but who had created this niche market in the first place. Enthusiastic buyers passionate about Bow-Tie products were still eager to slap down their cash. Our feature car is one of the more desirable examples as it is a 1967 Camaro SS/RS Convertible. It appears to be a solid classic that is ripe for restoration for the right person. Located in San Antonio, Texas, you will find the Camaro listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $20,000 but will entertain offers. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder Larry D for spotting this classic pony car for us.

The owner-supplied photos are relatively limited, but they paint a fairly positive picture. You can still see traces of the car’s original Butternut Yellow paint, although the vehicle will need a total restoration. The panels look surprisingly straight, with few marks or blemishes. The big question in cases like this will always revolve around the subject of rust, and here, things look promising. There is no visible external rust, although the seller provides no information on the vehicle’s underside. It will probably require an in-person inspection to confirm that the car is structurally sound, but things look promising on the surface. It’s also worth noting that given its location, climatic conditions should be favorable for steel preservation. Most of the external trim is present and appears to be restorable. The seller includes a few additional parts, such as a front bumper, a trunk lid with a spoiler, and a pair of good doors with all of their hardware. This Camaro looks pretty promising as a starting point for a project build.

With no underside shots or information to work from, this photo seems pretty encouraging. It shows that the floors wear a coating of surface corrosion, but there’s no evidence of penetrating rust. If this is representative of the vehicle’s structural integrity, it seems that the buyer won’t be spending a vast amount of time tackling this car with a welder and grinder. If that’s the case, that makes this part of the restoration reasonably straightforward.

At first glance, this photo of the Camaro is a bit discouraging. However, things aren’t as bad as they may first appear. Apart from missing minor components like the radio and some trim, the interior is complete. It will require a complete re-trim, but this is not uncommon in vehicles of this type. The most logical approach would be a trim kit because that will include all of the upholstery, carpet, and a dash pad to return the interior to an as-new state. These sell for around $1,600, and the result should be well worth the expense. Depending on the path the buyer selects, they might also opt for custom upholstery and trim. Hmm, anyone for leather?

While the engine bay is currently empty, it is not all bad news. The owner holds a 350ci V8 engine block, cylinder heads, intake, and other ancillary parts. The only things that appear to be missing are the pistons and conrods. He also has a four-speed Muncie manual transmission that goes with the car, and once combined, that will make this a potent package. It should be capable of producing 295hp and covering the ¼ mile in 14.9 seconds. It will command respect on our roads and provide an entertaining driving experience for the new owner. If the included components are in good condition, rebuilding to its original specifications will not be expensive. Of course, if the buyer seeks more power, that is easy to unlock in these Chevrolet small-block V8s.

At $20,000, this 1967 Camaro SS/RS Convertible does not represent a cheap project car. That raises the question of whether the finished product would justify the expense. Fully restored to a high standard, there is no reason why this classic couldn’t command a value beyond $50,000. That makes it well worth considering, especially for those who relish the idea of a fast wind in the hair classic motoring experience. There are already seventy-six people watching the listing, and you have to wonder whether one of those will hit the BIN button fairly soon. Of course, you could beat them to the punch. Are you tempted?


  1. Tyler

    About 10 years ago I had the opportunity to buy a really nice original Butternut yellow 67 RS convertible, 327 4 speed, for $20k. I balked at the price as being insane since it wasn’t a big block or Z/28. Now that’s what a basket case goes for. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

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  2. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    Another lousy presentation, no pictures of the rear end, which the tail lights would verify the RS claim since the front clip looks to be an add on. I bought a 68 the looked similar to this back around 2000, and it wasn’t an RS/SS, just had a front clip added.

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    • Larry D

      This car has the 4P code on the trim tag. I believe that denotes a Super Sport.

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  3. Larry D

    Thanks, Adam.

    • Rj

      I doubt anyone will drop $20K on this Camaro without a little homework.

  4. Stevieg Member

    Good, solid base for a project. Probably a better base than my Firebird lol. I wonder what I can get for the bird as it sits…..

  5. Kurt Member

    About twice what I’d pay for it given this presentation imho. Will look great once restored however.

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