36,800 Original Miles: 1978 BMW 633CSI

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BMW’s E24 platform, otherwise known as a 6-Series, has been a conundrum value-wise for years. Really, it should be a fairly collectible car by this point, but it was only recently that the decent M6s started to fetch a fair price. Non-M cars like this 1978 633CSI still tend to be fairly attainable price-wise, despite the fact that nice ones are getting harder and harder to find. Find it here on eBay just out of long-term storage with a $14,900 asking price or best offer.

This particular car isn’t perfect, but a lot of the often-wrong details are right. The black trim on the huge U.S.-spec safety bumpers is in very nice shape, and the center-exit exhaust appears perfectly straight. All of the chrome trim – around the front grill, taillights, windows, etc. – looks quite fresh. Most of these cars by the time they reach this age have faded bumper trim, tarnished chrome, and the exhaust is inevitably askew.

The interior looks quite handsome, with its Cherry interior (I believe that was the actual name of this shade of red.) There are a few things I’m not crazy about, namely the cheap replacement carpet. I had what looks like the exact same kit in my E30 years ago, and one of the best things I ever did was find the best used carpet I could track down out of a ridiculously clean junkyard car. I’d do the exact same thing here. Also note the missing trim over the seat adjustment mechanisms.

The M30 engine is one of the most long-lived in the BMW lineup and should provide years of dutiful, affordable service, especially at the claimed mileage of just 36,800. The seller doesn’t provide too many specifics on the health of the engine, but does report that the transmission and clutch function as intended. With original paint and supposedly just some loose ends that need tidying, this is potentially a good foundation for modest refurbishment – but I still think the price is a touch high at the moment.

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  1. H5mind

    It’s always a puzzler when sellers can’t be bothered to take care of a “few minor details” but still ask top dollar. Can’t flip it fast enough?

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  2. Superdessucke

    Hard to believe that rusty 1969 307 Camaro bid up to nearly as much as what you can buy this for.

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  3. redwagon

    “Also note the missing trim over the seat adjustment mechanisms.”

    All I have to say is yep, also note that the missing piece is in cherry red and so where are you going to find another? Seriously, I had no idea that the 635 came with red interior as an option. All the rest I see will be defined by this one.

    If it is as nice as it looks and everything checks out and you’ve always wanted one with a 5 spd and a cherry red interior then close to $15,000 may not be too far off.

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    • Rod444

      This is where new technology and a nerdy nephew could be your answer. A red plastic piece like that can be 3D printed by said skilled nephew and his reward of a $100 Amazon gift card is still far less than what you’ll spend on gas trying to hunt one down.

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    • Turk McFadden

      Please note: to the best of my hands in knowledge those side seat mechanism trims were black…way too easy to break if any one got in and out of the back seat 💺

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    • Ralph

      I’m gonna blow your mind here……

      vinyl paint…..red.


      3dr printing? Please…….

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  4. redwagon

    There’s a lot to like here but for 36,000 miles I would have expected less wear on the driver’s bolster and original carpet.

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  5. Russell Casey

    I like but would not buy as I have an old BMW already that needs constant work.
    The BMW enthusiast community can help you find almost anything you need for this car. :)

    I believe I would have listed it on Bring a Trailer if the mileage is this low.

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  6. KevinR

    Just a couple of corrections to some comments made. A ’78 is a 633, not a 635, and it has a four speed, not a five speed transmission.

    The price is up there and you can easily buy a cheaper one, but how much will it cost to bring it up to the level of this car?

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