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37k Mile Drop Top! 1990 Ford Mustang ASC McLaren

I’ve never been one to take big risks in uncharted stocks or bet the farm at a Blackjack table, but for what it’s worth, I’m feeling really good about the future of Fox-body Mustangs in the muscle car market for the future.  It’s taken a while, but even the basic models in good condition are consistently fetching a respectable amount for the seller these days, and throw in a GT package and the price usually gets even higher, plus they all make fun daily drivers.  But the limited-edition models like this 1990 Ford Mustang ASC McLaren seem like an exceptionally strong bet when it comes to long-term investment potential, and if you’ve been in the market for an uncommon Mustang this one would be worth a look.  It’s located in Baltimore, Michigan, and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $9,300.

The seller says this pony just came from an owner who had a collection of cars in Florida for the past 20 years, and he refers to the car as a time capsule.  We’re told there were only a total of 65 McLaren Mustangs built for 1990, and that this particular car wears the rare Aquamarine color paint.  But the finish is not original, as it has had one repaint about 10 years ago, and although there are a few blemishes it does have a nice shine and is said to be in overall great shape.

Things inside are all original, and the interior is equipped with Recaro seats, which have only minimal wear.  The carpet has no stains and the door panels are said to look great, plus the dash has no cracks and the car is loaded with power options.  Just 37,000 miles have passed since the car was new, and it still has the factory Goodyear tires, which are a little shaky from age but preserved because of their originality.

The factory 5.0 liter under the hood is all stock and has never been modified.  It’s stated to run great and accelerate with strong power, plus the automatic transmission is said to shift smoothly through all the gears.  The seller says the car drives well, handles roads nicely, and rides smoothly.  Braking is straight, the A/C blows cold air, and the original convertible top functions properly.

We do get a good shot of the underside, with everything we can see appearing to be well-preserved and looking in line with the claimed low mileage.  A clean and clear title comes with the car, and the seller thinks it’s a great investment that you can enjoy driving while the price continues to skyrocket!  What are your thoughts on this 1990 Ford Mustang ASC McLaren?


  1. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    Good write-up Mike. Fox Bodies have become very desirable and popular in the collector car market over the past several years. These McLarens do show up, but for whatever reason don’t seem to bring extra money. Maybe because the stock versions, especially the aero-nose low-trim LX models, were so “right” as we look back on them with fondness. This does look like a good example in an unusual, period-correct color.

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  2. Avatar photo markp

    Definitely a period correct color. GMC Typhoons and the Indy GT Beretta were available in similar shades. The Typhoon being the closest. The Beretta was a little metallic.

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  3. Avatar photo Sebastian X1/9

    Miami Torquise, just like the 1988 Leyton House March F1 car.

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  4. Avatar photo Tom71Mustangs Member

    Hmmmm…. that color. It DOES scream “Miami Vice period correct” , but it would be the first time I’ve ever seen that color on any Fox body. Unless ASC McLaren gave the option of painting it a custom color (maybe?), I’d guess that a prior owner took creative license with a re-color.

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    • Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

      Your comment prompted me to do some research. I’m familiar with an original condition ASC McLaren Fox which was painted by McLaren in a different shade of red. I found some info on the internet which showed that McLaren apparently had a list of colors they would use to (re-) paint the cars. Some of the colors were from other manufacturers. In this case, this looks to be “Sea Foam Aquamarine” which is noted as being the Ford Festiva color “Aqua.” And in fact I kind of remember the Festiva in this color.

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      • Avatar photo Buddy

        Most McLarens were repainted as part of the ASC conversion. My ‘88 #1587 that I purchased new has a alteration label in the door jamb from when it was repainted using Sikkens paint.

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  5. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Nice car. After the bomb Mustang 2s Ford really rebounded with the fox body cars.

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  6. Avatar photo Rob

    Why would you do a repaint on a car, 10 years ago, that might, at best, have been worth $6K? The repaint would cost what the car was worth.

    Sorry, red flag.

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    • Avatar photo sYc

      There are a number of reasons to have to repaint a low-mileage car, but that $6,000 repaint is probably now closer to $15,000 today. That was actually a wise investment given the car’s nice appearance today, plus the current auction price of $13,400 (with more than 2 days left to go).

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  7. Avatar photo Motorcityman

    Horrible color, I’d have to repaint first thing……

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  8. Avatar photo Howie

    $12,700 now, has 9 other vehicles listed, so must be a dealer.

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  9. Avatar photo Philip Lepel

    The repaint may have been necessary depending on location, sun fade etc. These cars were in the same league as the Chrysler Maserati/LeBaron cars. Big name but mot much else different. But its good to see prices rising. A high tide lifes all boats. Not that I’ll be selling my 83.5 Gt Turbo any time soon.

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  10. Avatar photo sYc

    I just looked up my ASC Block reports and the seller is correct in his listing: For 1990, Aquamarine was a legitimate color, and only 5 ASC/McLarens were made by ASC in Aquamarine. Not my personal first choice, but it is original, rare, and certainly not a shade one will see frequently (even at a Mustang show).

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    • Avatar photo Motorcityman

      Some things r better rarely seen.😁

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  11. Avatar photo Tom71Mustangs Member

    You da Man, Bob_in_TN, great info. I’ll bet the custom color cost someone a pretty penny. I recall that Saleen did (does?) offer custom colors on their Mustangs, and it was really, really pricey… memory serves that it was something like $30K for their super-pretty “Lizstick Red” color back “in the day”. Would be a great option if one had the spare change to do so.

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