38K Miles From New: 1991 Acura Legend

We don’t often have reason to feature survivor-grade mid-90s cars, but this 1991 Acura Legend demands an exception be made. These were from the wonderful years at Acura when they sold over-engineered vehicles that were both fun to drive and reliable as hell. This Legend shows just over 38,000 miles from new and is listed here on Autotrader.com – for $9,000, you could do far worst for a comfortable daily driver. 

This is an interesting car not only for the low mileage but also the way its equipped: I saw a fair amount of first generation Legends with cloth interiors, but not often in the later second generation models like this one. The sleuths at Autotrader.com/oversteer did some VIN digging to discover this Legend hails from Buffalo, New York, making its impressively clean condition even more amazing considering how much snow that region gets.

The Legend in both coupe and sedan form came standard with a silky 3.2L V6 making around 200 b.h.p. Speaking of the coupe, that’s one of my ideal project cars that I’ll absolutely snatch up if one falls into my lap – preferably with a six-speed manual and the more powerful Type II motor with 230 b.h.p. The Legends were successful not only for their overbuilt quality but also because it existed before V8s became more the preferred choice for upper level luxury sedans.

In my opinion, that fact made life difficult for Acura in the early 2000s, along with killing the much-loved Integra line. The lack of a flagship with an S-Class capable V8 seems to be the point at which Acura lost its guiding principles of creating fun-to-drive luxury vehicles that didn’t feel like a warmed-over Honda product. If I didn’t live in a climate with snow, I would gladly get rid of my car payment and drive this to work everyday. Anyone else agree?


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  1. Steve M

    My dad owned this exact car. It was very nice when new

  2. Coventrycat

    How the British could take this car and make it totally unreliable as the Rover/Sterling I’ll never understand.

    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      Coventrycat, the Sterling was the 1st Gen Acura Legend with the 2.7 transverse V6 (terrific engine…Honda resurrected it for the Accord 6) Beautiful interior but everything else they built around the engine was rubbish. I remember in 1990 looking at the 827 5 door and the Legend Sedan. I’m a sucker for 5 doors and would have been on it except for the foot shuffling at the Acura dealer when I asked if they worked on Sterlings. Happy I went for the Legend though

      • John b

        I had that 2.7
        V6 in my accord. Great engine!! 400k on it when i sold it and still ran strong

    • Jon Pankin

      Actually the Sterling was a much better car than its reputation would have you believe. I had one around 1998 – got it for $3K, which, considering the original price, was a complete steal. Only had around 20K on the odometer too. After a few years I gave to my mother (huge mistake), but during my ownership I never had any problems – just routine maintenance. And it was nice! Tons of features and accessories, plus a great driving experience. An undervalued sleeper if there ever was one…

  3. SAM61

    Agreed, great daily driver. $7,000 would be a deal. I see a few 2dr Vigors occasionally. I kick myself several times a year for selling my 2001 Acura CL S type navi in sundance gold. Honda/Acura had quite a list of 3.2 NSX performance parts…wanted lower/stiffen and tweak to 300hp.

    • carsofchaos

      Wow I haven’t seen a Vigor in probably 15 years, always wanted to get ahold of one as a spare car. Definitely hard to find over here on the East Coast.

  4. Gregwnc

    These were nearly indestructible if maintained properly. I owned a coupe that I sold far to quickly. A good friend owned one that almost took her to 400k miles. Acura truly lost its way and lost a ton of a foothold on the Japanese luxury market, which it owned for awhile.

  5. Sparkster

    Acura please bring back names for your cars. Bought one of these with a manual back in the late 90’s. What a blast to drive.

  6. Vintageant

    Had one for 17 years and 211k miles, still on 1st clutch. But this one, an automatic? Pu-lease! No thanks!

  7. Buick Fan

    I’m a big fan of Acura’s, especially the TL and TL-S, great machines!

  8. JohnD

    Perfect airport Car! Or what I should’ve bought my daughter for her first car.

  9. JimmyJ

    No 2 dr vigors only legends or integras
    Vigor was a straight 5 cyl sedan in between the integra and legend.

  10. David Miraglia

    Honda’s better idea. Acura.

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