390-Powered 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible!

Now a thing of the past, the full-size convertible was a mainstay for American automobile manufacturers for a decade plus. They were the car of choice for many 1960s and 1970s TV dads, so if you’ve ever aspired to live like Mike Brady or Darrin Stephens, here’s your chance. Thank you to Barn Finds reader Jack M. for sending in this tip. You can find this 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible here on craigslist in Union Grove, Wisconsin for an asking price of $7,900.

The full-size 1969 Fords were offered in a number of trim levels and body styles, including 4-door sedans, hardtops, and wagons, as well as 2-door sedans, fastbacks, hardtops, and convertibles. That convertible was only available in Galaxie 500 and XL trim and accounted for just 1.43% of total production. The Galaxie 500 convertible was actually the least common of all 21 available body style and trim combinations after only 6,910 rolled off the assembly line.

The exterior of this Galaxie 500 shows evidence of having resided in a northern salted-road climate. There is rust around the rear wheel wells and it looks like the floor may be suffering from some corrosion too. The seller describes the paint as “dull” but having a good patina. The power top is functioning, but looks like it may be missing the rear windshield. It’s clearly not a show car, but nothing I’d be the least bit embarrassed to drive.

The interior could be described as fair, as there are rips in the seats, the carpet is faded and torn, and the driver headrest is missing. It’s easy to tell this is a 51-year old car, but nothing looks beyond repair and appears to be fully-functional as-is.

Under the hood is the optional 390 cubic-inch V8, which is backed by a column-shifted automatic transmission. Both are said to have been rebuilt. The engine photo is a bit dark, but it does look like there’s a power steering pump. Perhaps a Barn Finds reader with a keener eye can see if is equipped with power brakes. The seller describes the car as starting, running, shifting, stopping, and sounding great (or good).

Chances are you won’t be taking home any first place prizes in local car shows, but this looks like an honest car that has a rebuilt engine and transmission which will hopefully lessen some of the woes of owning an older car. The time is now for summer cruising. Is this the one for you to channel your inner Mike Brady?


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    I think the front 60/40 seats have been reversed. I don’t know but with a little work it could easily be a first place show winner.

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    • Miguel

      That is not a 60/40 seat, it is a 50/50.

  2. timothy herrod

    Don’t see a power brake booster in the picture, in the early 80’s I had a 69 merc four door that had ps, ac, power windows and a power seat but no power brakes

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    • erik in ri

      I had a 1969 XL convertible w/ a 390 just like this one (‘cept the XL had vacuum head light doors). Power windows, power top, & power steering… but no power brakes.
      That & drums all around made those brakes “two-footers” when redlights surprise you at intersections.

  3. 69XL

    Definitely no power brakes, I have a ’69 XL with a 390 stroked to a 410 with power brakes. This one doesn’t have it.

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  4. TimM

    Nice looking driver at a reasonable price!!!

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  5. Wade Anderson

    Like my 69 Gallixie the booster is painted lack it’s there you just can’t see it but if you look close you can see the round top of it and the seats are not backward the head rest on the drivers side is missing my brother kept mine pulled out most of time when he would borrow my car h be was a 69 Gallixie former detective car so it wasn’t equipped like a squad car

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    • Fred W

      No brake booster there. Very common for this era Ford/Chevy/Mopar to not have power brakes. Most up market cars (Mercury,Cadillac, etc.) did have them.

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    • Miguel

      There is no booster here.

      The master cylinder is bolted to the fire wall.

      The booster is quite large on this car and you would clearly see it no matter the color.

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  6. Stevieg

    Who is Darrin Stephens?
    Considering where this car comes from, I would be very careful of structural rust, which these are known for.
    I don’t live too far away, so I would be willing to inspect for anyone interested who lives too far away.

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    • Stevieg

      I just googled Darrin Stephens. I never seen Bewitched, which is why I had no clue. Heard of it, never seen it.
      I love The Munsters! But I like driving a hearse, so I guess that makes sense!

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    The rust around the wheel openings is concerning.But not enough that I would’nt buy it.Fresh paint…and she’s ready to make you a summer cruiser.

    • Stevieg

      This is the generation of full size Ford product where the frame snaps right in front of the rear axle. They break there from rust.
      I agree with you, all in all the body isn’t too terrible, but it is what is underneath the body I am referring to.

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      • Boatman Member

        I had a ’67 in ’79 that had rotted out then.

    • erik in ri

      A quick test to check for that is if the doors pinch when you open & close them. Any contact at all w/ the door frame you should prob walk away… maybe center console & 429 Thunderjet-equipped GT’s might be worth the repair afterward.

  8. Ken Carney

    I agree with you Stevie. My former FIL
    lost a sweetheart of a ’67 Galaxie 500
    sedan due to frame rot in that area.
    The rest of the car was perfect except
    for that. Not even Ziebart could save
    them. Very sad indeed. They were very
    dependable cars that would last you a
    lifetime– if you live outside the rust belt.

  9. Car Nut Tacoma

    Although I’m not a fan of convertibles, this is a lovely looking car. Given its condition, I’d be willing to pay $7000 for the car. That’d leave me enough money to reupholster the seats and repair, or replace any rust holes along the lower sides of the car.

  10. Gaspumpchas

    Agree with Ken and Stevieg– check that frame good, I’d bet that with all the bodt rust that its toasted. Not that it couldnt be fixed, you can fix anything with the body 0ff the frame, rare to see these especially a ragtop. If you decide to take it on, good luck, its a sharp looker!! Stay safe.

  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Replacement frames are available if you have the notion, skill and time. Nice convertible for someone with time and money with no interest in return investment.
    God bless America

  12. Bennie C Davis Jr

    After looking at the pictures I don’t know where the seller came up with excellent condition at, the seats, body and what ever else you find will need repaired. Not to say what being up north has done to the underneath. A price between $6500 – $7000 sounds about right.

  13. Mark Ricketts

    I had 69 Ltd 390 3speed on tree the only one I ever seen

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