390 V8 Project: 1968 AMC AMX

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American Motors joined the “pony car” war in 1968 with its new Javelin. It was based on the platform used by the Rambler American compact. But they went one step further and created the AMX, too, which used a Javelin front clip but took 12 inches out of the wheelbase and eliminated the back seat. This resulted in a GT-style automobile that competed more with the Chevy Corvette, but it was the only American-built steel-bodied 2-seater at the time. This rough project can be found in a barn/garage in Lawton, Oklahoma, and is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $6,000.

The AMX’s name was derived from a concept car called “American Motors Experimental.” It had an initial production run of three years (1968-70), after which it became a performance option on the Javelin, losing its 2-seat configuration. Production may have been low, even by AMC standards, at 19,134 copies overall. As a latecomer to the 1968 selling season, the first production year, including the seller’s car, comprised some 6,725 units. Because the performance was the name of the game, the 390 cubic inch V8 was its most popular choice at 65% of AMX builds. The seller’s car would have been 1 of 2,287 built with that engine and an automatic transmission.

We’re don’t know much about this 1968 AMX other than it’s going to take a lot of sweat equity (and the corresponding coinage) to get this in top shape again. But it has had at least three owners in the past 53 years and traveled 110,000 miles. We’re not told if the car is in running condition, so it’s best to assume not. The red paint has given up the ghost and the seller says the passenger side rear quarter is bad, either due to rust or from being hit. If the former, I’d want to know the condition of the rest of the sheet metal and undercarriage. The black interior is also going to need an extreme makeover and the seller says a lot of parts have survived, they’re just not in the photos. We’d agree with the seller that this car will only “go up in value” – but that’s after it’s restored.

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    For the right money this could be a viable project, For the current asking price it isn’t.

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  2. Jcs

    Can’t imagine why you would assume that she is a non-runner. A good clean-up and a minor detail and you’ve got a fantastic, reliable driver, rarin to go.

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    • AMCFAN

      Jcs, I would assume by finding and having/building AMC’s for over 40 years. I for one can tell what it is by looking at pics.

      You can (maybe not) tell that the car had problems prior when parked. It’s on a dirt floor. Mis matched non oem wheels. It’s had a color change and most has been ground off. The body looks ravaged.

      With interior pics I can see it’s trashed. Dash taken apart. Why?Door glass is laying inside which is never a good sign and debris everywhere. I would be very surprised there is no rust under the still in place carpet. Incorrect Javelin reflector panel laying among the debris.

      There is no description or indicator of how long it’s been parked. Safe to say several decades. When an AMC V8 locks up from sitting I have had minimal luck with freeing them. No magical oils can do what a hammer will. There are no pics or description of the engine. I see what looks like AMC valve covers and an SP2P intake (unsuitable for a 390)

      I see a car that is a miss mash of AMX and Javelin parts. Body damage with rust and a lone grinder. A car that needs everything and is only suitable for restoration by an AMC enthusiast or a person with connections. One who has access to parts cars or restoration shop that specializes or has had experience with AMC vehicles.

      Lots of luck with it being a driver after that detail.

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      • Ralph

        Ah that will buff right out.

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  3. JoeNYWF64

    Dirt floor garages are not a great idea.
    1st AMC car i seen with a Pontiac T/A steering wheel.

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  4. Dave

    why can’t these idiots trying to sell these cars can’t take an hour and clean all the crap out of the cars and take decent pictures.

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    • JeffMember

      too far gone for me……best to find a complete car, that has all the parts to take off and tag and bag. This might be a candidate for a drag car……..

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  5. Don Sicura

    I might consider it at the asking price if he includes the other two AMX’s sitting in the garage.

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    • AMCFAN

      Good eye. Missed those but saw the Jeeps. Obviously an AMC guy. That is a good thing. Possibly like has changed as it has for many. For anyone interested maybe contact him. There may be enough cars and parts not seen to make it worthwhile. I realize $6K is a starting point. There is certainly a selling price.

      When tackling such a project you will need a steady parts source or the very least something to bench mark if you are doing it right.

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  6. Howie Mueler

    Only 3 crappy photos?

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