4-Speed 440 V8! 1976 Chrysler New Yorker

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Chrysler temporarily retired the Imperial nameplate in 1975, so the New Yorker Brougham became the most luxurious car you could get from Mopar in 1976. Just 30% of buyers opted for a 2-door hardtop when they got 440 cubic inch V8s with an automatic transmission. That’s how the seller’s car left the factory, but it was later converted to a 4-speed manual with some performance upgrades to boot. The black beauty here is in Daytona, Florida, and available here on craigslist for $16,900. Eagle-eye Pat L. found this tip for us!

The New Yorker was not a muscle car. It was big and bulky. And yet someone decided to create what may be a one-of-a-kind hot rod out of 9,748 coupes built in 1976. This one now has a Hurst shifter, a Zoom clutch and pressure plate, an aluminum radiator, and loads of bling, just to name a few items. These big block engines were only rated at 205 hp SAE net when new due to detuning for improved emissions. So, you must wonder if this car is appreciably more powerful than before the changes.

Since two hood scoops have been added, does that mean that the black paint on this car is a re-do? It certainly looks good from what we can tell for a 47-year-old car. Unfortunately, half the photos the seller provides are blurry, serving as a reminder for posters to check the quality of their work before clicking the send button. This Chrysler has a matching vinyl top which seems to have no issues and the maroon velvet interior passes muster from what we can tell.

The seller shows the mileage at 999 which we assume is a placeholder. We’d recommend a more accurate portrayal of how much use this car has seen. We’re told this New Yorker was built for street use, so we assume it’s still quite civil to drive. I’d like to see the look on the face of a Cadillac Coupe DeVille owner when you pull up next to him at a traffic light and left him in the dust.

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Remember the time you walked into a room and saw a beautiful girl but when she turned, looked at you and smiled she had a big chunk of something green in her front teeth? That’s how this cat struck me when I saw the hood scoops. From the back and sides, it’s kinda cool but when you get to the front your first instinct is “who puts huge rhino nostrils on the hood of a car like this?”

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      And they likely do not function, also leave the original wheel covers on and hope that it can move fast enough to call it a sleeper.

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  2. HoA Howard A ( since 2014)Member

    Okay, couple things, it’s an awesome find. Again, it never ceases to amaze me, and probably most Europeans, what someone will do to the most unlikely of candidates. If there ever was a car with a split personality, this is it. As production numbers show, it was never intended to be a neck jerking, clutch chattering, gas hog. It was a Gentlemans Cruiser, and was designed to be anything BUT this. One of Chryslers last REALLY nice cars, I thought, apparently, this person felt they had to take it up a notch in their eyes, for what’s trendy today, I think they ruined a fantastic car, sorry. And no, a Cadillac driver wouldn’t even look at you.

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    • Art Engel

      Well that’s about as crazy as a screen door on a submarine, but there’s just something about a full size or super size with a four speed, I like the earlier long shifter too. The hood scoops look all wrong on this car, just ruins the whole view of that long hood. I could do without the wheels too!

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      • Gary

        I like the four speed wagons that I was told where common place in the Rockies back in the 60s-70s. Plymouth/Dodge wagons with pistol grip shifters!

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  3. DavidH

    I am trying to imagine how this happened. Did someone get a great deal on a couple of mopar hood scoops and just had to find something to put them on. Has someone’s grandfather just not been out to the garage lately and doesn’t know the New Yorker has been stolen? Well that just happened.

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  4. mikeh

    Looks like someone recreated the freaking Batmobile.

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  5. Tony Primo

    This looks like the white one that was featured July 21st 2020. Same wheels, interior, hood scoops and shifter. If you are going to look like a hillbilly, this car should really have chrome side pipes and the rear end jacked up high.

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    • Steve

      And fuzzy dice.

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    • Jason

      I came here to post this. It looks like the same car to me. Was expecting white door jambs and engine bay.

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  6. Jim in FL

    I personally like the wheels. Gives it a cool 80s vibe. I would hope the hood can be returned to stock without a lot of bondo.

    Otherwise, I like the build. Fun to see something out of the ordinary. You have to wonder if the builder set out to create this or if his Pop’s New Yorker was collecting dust in the driveway and they decided to roadkill it. Plenty of cars like that in my high school parking lot – of varying degrees of success. You would see everything from 4 door Catalinas with a 350, headers and Cragars to well done 289 mustangs. You could tell which kids had the technical ability and support of the parents.

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  7. MoparDoug

    I agree, get rid of the scoops and wheels. A set of old school Torq Thrusts with black wall tires would look much better. Otherwise, I like the concept and car.

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  8. Melton Mooney

    Gotta hand it to the builder. Looks like everything is hooked up and probably still functional. The shifter install could almost pass for factory which is pretty remarkable since the carpet set would not have been molded to go around the floor extension necessary to get the shifter boot and trim to lay flat…not to mention that he likely had to fab up the clutch pedal/linkage/bracketry. Seller states it has an aluminum flywheel, which seems like a terrible idea on a 5000 lb car though.

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  9. CopperPaint

    I like the car, to each their own. For me I would have ran more on the 300H theme; at least the hood scoop would be different.

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  10. Louis DiLeonardoMember

    Tony Primo is correct this is the same car, only now painted all black. Same wheels, radio, and stickers under the hood. Neat car, but she has been passed around often and I’m sure played with hard!

    Below is the link on You Tube from the original owners add in 2013:


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    • MoparDoug

      same car, so they either replaced the white top or dyed it

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  11. RexFoxMember

    I’m not a MOPAR guy, nor do I like big boats, but if we’re and did, I’d like this car. It could be a fun cross country cruiser, but plan on buying lots of gas.

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  12. steve

    There will be very few true muscle car guys who will look at this and say “cool”. It will take a very specific buyer, if that person is even out there.

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  13. Gary


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  14. DGMinGA

    IMO, it looks slightly less ridiculous in black than it did in white. Some better wheels might improve the look further, but it is still a car for a very narrow target audience.

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  15. Gary Gary

    Absolutely bad-ass! Big cars, big engines, and 3 pedals!

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  16. Big C

    Not a “muscle car guy,” but I’ve owned a few. And I think this thing is freakin’ cool!

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  17. Richard MartinMember

    Why doesn’t somebody take a Chrysler wagon and put a crate 392 hemi into it?

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  18. Mark

    Mopar version of a hotrod Lincoln, I like it.

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  19. Gtoforever

    Looking at this brings to mind that saying,
    “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.!”

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  20. Grog

    I’m liking it!

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  21. RetiredstigMember

    If Huggy Bear or Superfly built a hot rod, it might look something like this…

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  22. Mead Carlson

    we had a 76 New Yorker black with red leather. Nicest leather I have ever seen. 440 no lean burn removed catalytic converter. Car was fast and very dependable. 440 and torqueflite are really durable.

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  23. AL

    This ’76 New Yorker Brougham, is for sale, in Daytona Bch, FL – as-of February 25, 2023. Asking price: $15,900. Owner states will not take less than $14,500. A/C does NOT work, & owner says he never used the A/C in the 2-1/2 years he’s owned it. Says there are vacuum lines missing from the plastic vacuum pods. He also stated he can’t read the odometer, to see the mileage…?!? :( CHEERS!

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  24. J.D.

    I wonder what was so bad about these cars that made Chrysler go under in the ’70s and ’80s.

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