UPDATE: 40 Years in a Barn: 1924 Renault NN1

UPDATE – After featuring this 1924 Renault NN1-6CV last fall, it’s for sale again here on eBay in Monticello, Maine with a much lower opening bid price of $5,000.

FROM 9/4/18 – If you’re looking for something that is almost guaranteed to be the only example at any car show, you have to check out this rare 1924 Renault NN1, better known as a Renault 6CV. This would be a fun car to own, or I think that it would be. It’s listed on eBay in Monticello, Maine with an unmet opening bid of $9,500 and there is no reserve beyond that.

It’s hard to believe that there was a time, even into the 1920s, when having front brakes would be an update. This NN1 was a recipient of that upgrade from Renault’s previous Type MT. I absolutely dig this front end treatment with a big spoon! Not having a front radiator is such a departure from what most of us are used to seeing on cars of this era. The Type NN1 was made for the 1914 to 1928 model years and 150,000 of these cars were sold before its replacement, the – yes, you guessed it – Type NN2 replaced it for the 1929 model year.

The seller of this gorgeous car says “Built in France as a simple family car this example out of 40 year storage. Found in a garage a couple of blocks down the road from MIT in Cambridge MA. We cleaned it up and got it running.” I’m normally enamored with vehicles decades newer than this Renault 6CV but I would love to have this one to add to my sizable Renault collection (of exactly one other car). Here is a YouTube video showing a restored 6CV – beautiful.

Yes, it’s right-hand drive. It’s not like this is a car that anyone would drive on a regular basis in commuting or freeway traffic, is it? I didn’t think so. They just drove it to a car show where it “Won 3rd in pre-1950’s and so much interest as most have never seen one. Tires real good. Real canvas top-OK. Interior OK. Brakes fair. Body very solid. Paint is weak in spots and better in others-check the photos. Seems very original and we have kept it that way. Instrument panel is new, the original gone when I bought the car. Fits and looks well.” It needs work, there is no question about that but it looks much nicer than the majority of cars from this era that I have seen, and it’s much more unique.

This French four-door is powered by a 951CC inline-four which would have had 17 hp. The radiator was in the back of the engine, which is why there was no grille on the front and why there were cooling fins on the sides of the engine shroud. It’s not an ideal cooling situation. The seller says that it’ll cruise at around 25-35 mph and the upper end of that is the top speed. I could pass this car with several of my oddball minibikes/scooters which is a weird thought, but I would trade them all in for this car. Have any of you heard of a Renault NN1, or 6CV?


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  1. Doyler
  2. Vance

    It’s nice to know that the French were able to build an ugly car 94 years ago. That they continue the trend to this day is nothing short of amazing. Vive la France !

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    • Al

      Touché !!

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    • CapNemo

      That’s hilarious!!!

  3. Dirk

    I had one of these NNs many, many moons ago but mine was a very sporty boat-tailed two-door with a “dickie” seat in the rear for one person and with no door. It also had a “V” windshield and no top at all. The thing was amazingly reliable but very slow. It always started, never overheated, and just trudged along seemingly forever. That massive round thing on the front of the motor is a starter/generator. The thing I love about French cars is they always look like they’ve been designed by someone who had never seen a car in his life and had no clue what they were supposed to look like. All this one needs is a large wicker lunch basket stuffed with baguettes, cheese, a nice bottle of red wine, and a charming mademoiselle with chapeau extraordinaire, et moi. I think it’s lovely.

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    • Dirk

      I think mine was a 1923. It looks bigger in this picture but it was the same except for the body style.

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  4. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    The distributor is not attached to the engine block or head. You could move to France on that principal alone.

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  5. Beatnik Bedouin

    Mon dieu, that’s quite a find!

    Hope the buyer actually drives it…

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  6. Derek

    I agree; it’s lovely. Babararacucudadas are ten a penny in the U.S. but where (apart from France, obviously) could you find one of these?

    (sez he from the relative safety of the People’s Republic of Scotland…)

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  7. John m leyshon Member

    This is the design AMC was looking for when they merged with Renault in the early 80’s. Always on the cutting edge. Chrysler took over and it became the PT

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  8. hatofpork

    From the era when a car was a small improvement over a horse and cart. I think it’s adorable. Vive la France, indeed!

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  9. Mariposa

    Mine, actually just took it out last week end. Torpedo style with rumble seat.

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  10. Dirk

    Very sweet. I always loved that they included a little round grill right in front of the horn as a place for the sound to come out.

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  11. John m leyshon Member

    Very nice car to be sure ! Seeing a strong effort and I guy who cares about his car is why we’re here !

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  12. h5mind

    I didn’t realize the French were such avid gardeners- this particular example is equipped with not one but two hose reels.

  13. Chuckster

    Just watched that movie with jack lemon and shirley maclaine where he climbs out the jail window and his buddy is waiting with this car. Forget the name of it

  14. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Funny thing, the front end of these always remind me of the front end of a period Mack truck. It’s unique to say the least, hope this one sees some parade time at a minimum.

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