400 Cube Family Hauler: 1968 Buick Sport Wagon

Here we have another excellent opportunity for an awesome vintage family hauler. With the stunning good looks of a Buick Skylark, and a 400 cubic inch V8 with air conditioning, this wagon is great project material. In running and driving condition, this classic just needs a little beautification. With a little over one day remaining in the auction, this wagon is bid up to a mere $1,225 with the reserve not met. Find it here on ebay out of Simi Valley, California.

With 340 horsepower and 440 foot pounds of torque this Buick can easily haul a full family with extras. Equipped with air conditioning, power brakes, power steering and an automatic transmission, this wagon is ready to cruise easy to whatever your destination may be. Under the hood is relatively clean, with minimal surface rust present. The engine itself is very tidy, with no stray wiring, hoses, or anything out of place. Also the seller mentions this Buick has all new brakes furthering its drivability.

Although there aren’t many interior shots of this Buick, from what can be seen, the interior appears quite nice. There are a couple of cracks in the dash, as well as in the steering wheel. The seller has made mention that the factory radio is present and operational. Also the power windows are all functional, as well as the rest of the electrics in this wagon.

At a quick glance the exterior seems a bit rough, but in reality, it’s the wood applique that is making this wagon look rather shabby. Overall the condition of the body is quite reasonable, but there is dent in the rear driver side door, and a small dent on the driver front fender. There is no obvious rust on this wagon, and the passenger side is nice and straight. The chrome bumpers look clean, and most if not all of the body trim is accounted for. Riding in one of these wagons is awesome due to the “skyview” roof. Before the time of cell phones, and dvd players, all of the windows in this wagon would give you plenty of views to keep the mind occupied. In fact I would love to ride in the back of this wagon on a road trip. There is a trailer hitch installed so you can tow whatever extras you may need on your journey. In driving condition, with a big block, air conditioning, and a solid body, does this wagon meet your needs for a vintage family hauler?

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  1. redwagon

    wheels keep changing. hate that it has no headrests. fake woodgrain needs to go in my opinion.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Headrests just get in the way of the rearview… :)

    • Ck

      Huh I was just saying It needs new simulated wood grain siding.Gotta replace it.But thats just my opinion.LOL.

  2. Jeffro

    While I prefer my cars original, this would be a nice Grand Sport Stage 1 wagon. Tell me I’m not alone in my thinking.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      You are not alone….there,I told You :) I’m thinking some Kenne Bell stuff ? Yea ?

  3. Rock On

    Why not Jeffro? Enough people have already done the Chevelle SS wagon! Bolt on a nice Buick ram air hood and your halfway there.

  4. Chebby

    Pull that door dent, take it to Maaco for a cheap coat of root beer brown and it would look great!

    You could replace the Dinoc, eliminate it, or do something custom: I’ve seen hand-painted “wood” done by somebody talented and it looked pretty cool.

  5. tugdoc

    Kinda odd the lower front was wood (?) and the tailgate. I could easily do without. Put 4 left side wheels clean it up and drive it!

  6. DrinkinGasoline

    Replace the DINOC and treat it to a few KB treatments with the proper rake. The Vista roof was very cool…and keep the rack while adding redlines !

  7. ShaunD

    Too big for the roads here in the U.K., but what a lovely old girl. So much style and presence.

  8. Steve

    Super cool, no wagon is complete without wood.

  9. 68 custom

    very nice Buick wagon loaded with options and looks pretty darn original. I would love to have it, then I would need to locate a GS hood and aircleaner!

  10. mike d

    I think I spotted this last night as I was meandering thru ebay, it looks pretty solid, if one doesn’t like the wood siding, you don’t have to put it back on! personally would choose a different, dark color .. and get rid of those !@$#! wheel covers! Unfortunately wrong coast, hope somebody does it good!

  11. John C Cargill

    Current bid is more than it’s worth.

  12. Pete

    Meh I would put the wood back original like a woodchuck could. :-) fix everything and have it be original as possible. That whole sky view thing was pretty cool for back in the day.

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