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4,000 Original Miles! 1993 Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wranglers rarely show up in tidy condition after a few decades on the road, largely because of the lives they tend to lead: on the trail or by the beach, neither of which is conducive to the long-term health of the body panels or general cleanliness of the vehicle. One way to avoid such issues is to never drive it, as a previous owner of this 1993 Jeep Wrangler with just 4,000 original miles has done. Find it here on craigslist with an asking price of $32,500.

The YJ series Wrangler is perhaps one of the most widely recognized eras of the model, and well-loved by enthusiasts for combining classic Jeep looks with the un-killable 4.0L inline-six engine. The YJ also harkens back to the era when the Wrangler was truly a utilitarian vehicle owned by enthusiasts, rather than yet another SUV built to appeal to the mall-crawling masses. If you want a Jeep that delivers an authentic experience in spades, this generation is the one to own.

Now, the TJ – the generation that followed this one – is also faithful to its roots, but those are still fairly easy to find. YJs rarely pop up for sale in good condition, and have unfortunately become a case of either-or: total rot-buckets or incredible specimens like this one, going for all the money. Looking at this interior, it’s safe to say this example was cherished from new, and never used as a throwaway beach cruiser or trail rig.

The engine bays were simple affairs, with little to get in your way, but also not much to be worried about given the legendary reliability of the inline six. This is one is hooked up to the preferred five-speed manual gearbox, and it will likely outlive the next owner handily. Not only does it look great, but it wears one the lesser seen paint codes which gives it way more eyeball appeal than the typical reds and blacks. A big price tag, but likely one of the best left. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for the find.


  1. nycbjr Member

    In high school I really wanted one of these! This one is exactly what I wanted, just the things you need, nothing you don’t!

    But $32k is an eye watering sum lol

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  2. Howard A Member

    Hmm, well, one thing, if anyone would like to see what a real low mileage vehicle looks like, here it is. I suppose the seller seems to think the price is justified, because it’s the only one in existence that didn’t rust in half. Nephew had one like this, still ran great, but the frame broke and they had to junk it. The ones that aren’t rusted have a jillion miles on them, like trying to find a low mileage Subaru. I’d like to know the story on this, as sitting isn’t good and it obviously wasn’t pulled behind a motorhome. Nice Jeep, but not exactly rare.

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    • Bob McK Member

      I have a nearly perfect 92 Sahara addition in my garage with 53K miles on it. The frame has zero rust which makes me wonder where your Nephew’s Jeep was located to get so trashed.

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      • James Akemon

        doesn’t take much to trash the frames of CJ, YJ, and TJ’s because they have boxed frames with poorly located drain holes. The frames will rust from the inside out, even if it is DD on the street.

  3. Skorzeny

    Wow, this is beautiful, and a great combo with the manual and the 4.0L. I just love these motors… The only thing I would change here is the grille, I would paint that body color. I wouldn’t leave it in the garage either, just give it some gentle miles. Too nice for the trail, I would have another for that…

    • Houseofhotrods

      If you look close around the headlights, the grill likely IS body color. The chrome grille is an overlay in stainless or chrome that should unbolt. I have one hanging on my shop wall that was promptly removed from my YJ when I got it. :-)

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  4. Stangalang

    I’m waiting for someone to blast the square instead of round headlight thing..

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    • Howard A Member

      That’s been a long standing gripe with Jeep followers. IDK, I like square headlights myself. We went through that when Peterbilt went from round to square.

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    • Houseofhotrods

      I have an ‘88 YJ and love it. We hear about the ‘Jeep wave’ where Jeep owners wave to each other? For the most part ‘they’ won’t wave if you have square headlights. I’ve actually been told that “a Jeep with square headlights isn’t really a Jeep”. Whatever. I enjoy the heck outta mine, it’s got a 4.7 stroker, 5 speed, spring over lift, 35’s, original black paint, 90k miles, no rust and it’s a blast. Square or round, I still wave even if they don’t. :-)

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    • JMB#7

      My son had a ’95 (that is the odd end of YJ year). Along with the square headlights, the YJ included better springs and a few other minor improvements over the previous generation. Appearance wise, I would have agreed about the square headlight thing. But it grows on you, and it is that in-between generation that makes it unique.

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  5. CJinSD

    This is great, but you can get a brand new manual Wrangler 2-door with a warranty for 10% less. I personally find the TJ Wranglers to be the most appealing of the bunch, but I’ve seen enough to know that they all age like milk if you use them.

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  6. Bikefixr

    I’ll never understand JEEP people. They pay ultra-premium prices for vehicles that are so poorly made that they exist only to make Range Rover feel better about themselves. $32k for a bucket full of 50 year old ‘technology’ with an engine that overheats and cracks it’s cylinder head. Yeah, they don’t show up often because they started rusting the min they drove off the lot. Only FIAT/Chrysler/JEEP would think that saving $2 by using cheap mild steel brake lines was/is a good idea because nothing says fun like having a line rot away and blow out with no warning. The worst of America joined with the worst of Italy redefining terrible. What a match.

    • Mr.BZ

      How much DID the whiners at CR pay you for that rant?!

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    • JMB#7

      The only head cracking issue that I am aware of would have been from 1999 to 2002.

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    • Alan Robbins

      You forget to mention the “Jeep Death Wobble” C’mon if you’re gonna rant cover all the bases.

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    • JMB#7

      All good points.
      Don’t forget to comment on the Range Rover Wallet Wobble too.

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  7. Azplumber

    I have a 94 Wrangler 34,000 original miles at my place in Mexico no rust, no rot, 2nd owner, bullet proof engine. runs like a top, bar to bar I’d take $10,000 for mine!

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    • Bob Mck Member

      It is worth more…

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