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401/4-Speed: 1966 Buick Skylark Gran Sport

When an enthusiast is contemplating spending their hard-earned cash on a classic car, there are many factors to consider. Although price, condition, and desirability sit at the top of the list, potential buyers should never discount a long-term ownership history. Cars with that type of a past have generally been treated with respect, maximizing the chances that the buyer won’t face an automotive black hole that sends them to the edge of bankruptcy. That is one characteristic that makes this 1966 Buick Skylark Gran Sport attractive. The seller has been its custodian for more than twenty years, and it retains its original drivetrain combination. All good things come to an end, so the seller has listed this classic here on Craigslist. The GS is located in Grants Pass, Oregon, and it could be yours by handing the current owner $50,000. I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder Pat L. for spotting this stunning classic for us.

There’s a bit to unpack with this beautiful Buick. The seller has been its custodian for over two decades, treating the car to a repaint in its original Code F Blue Mist (Marina Blue) in the late 1990s. It is virtually impossible to fault its presentation. The paint shines richly, with no patchiness or other problems. It cloaks original Buick steel, with this car having no history of accident or rust repairs. The listing describes the chrome as excellent, and it is hard to argue that point. The car rolls on a set of Cragar wheels, but purists will be pleased to learn that the original 14″ steelies and spinner hubcaps are included. The glass appears flawless, and this GS seems to have no cosmetic or panel needs.

The Buick’s interior is trimmed in two-tone blue vinyl that appears in excellent condition. There are no signs of wear or other problems on the seats; the same is true of the remaining upholstered surfaces and dash. The supplied photos are inconclusive, but the pad may exhibit some fading courtesy of UV exposure. If this proves the case, it could pose a headache for the next owner. Reproduction pads are made from “unobtainium,” meaning that the next owner may need to locate a restoration service if they crave perfection. It is also possible that this may be nothing more than color inconsistency in the supplied photos, making it a question worth posing to the seller. There is an aftermarket wheel, but with the seller retaining most of the removed factory components, the original wheel could be sitting in the trunk for the buyer to reinstall. They also include a collection of new parts: a carpet set, shifter boot, weatherstrips, door bumpers, and other items.

This Gran Sport is numbers-matching and is 1-of-2,199 Hardtops to roll off showroom floors equipped with a four-speed manual transmission bolted to its 401ci V8. The motor should produce 325hp, which is enough to launch this classic through the ¼ mile in 15 seconds. Unfortunately, the seller supplies no specific information on how this beauty runs or drives. However, its overall appearance, condition, and ownership history give cause for quiet confidence. They appear approachable, so they may be willing to supply information or negotiate an in-person inspection. The engine bay wears a wide selection of cosmetic updates, but the original parts (valve covers, air cleaner, etc.) are included for purists seeking a factory-fresh appearance.

Some classics inspire greater confidence in potential buyers, and this 1966 Skylark Gran Sport is one such vehicle. Its relative rarity helps its cause because while Buick built 9,934 examples of the Gran Sport in Hardtop form, only 2,199 rolled off the line with a four-speed manual transmission. This car presents superbly and seems to need nothing. My only qualm with this classic is the asking price. It isn’t cheap and sits above the market average. However, its overall condition and ownership history set it apart from mere mortals. The seller may need to be patient because they indicate they are firm on their price. It has only been on the market for a few days, so there’s plenty of time for someone to pop out of the woodwork with the cash. If you found yourself in that position, would you pursue this Buick further?


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Lets see. Similar coin for this or the green Camaro…not exactly an IQ test; Buick all day long…

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    • Terrry

      you’d have something someone would actually notice. Too bad however, that this car doesn’t have the original rally wheels it came with.

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      • Rufus

        “The car rolls on a set of Cragar wheels, but purists will be pleased to learn that the original 14″ steelies and spinner hubcaps are included. ”
        Am I reading that wrong?

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Bought a black top over silver grey with black interior and the full trim package, standard V8, automatic. Great car, no problems at all except for a rattle in the left rear passenger area, which turned out to be a Coke bottle and an empty lunch bag. Second time for the lunch bag from GM as there was one painted over under the rubber mat of our ’72 Blazer. Nice smooth lines and nothing over done inside or out. It was a B pillar car but hard to tell at first glance with the chrome trim pieces on it. Solid, fast and comfortable.

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    • alphasud Member

      Interesting to hear first hand accounts of items left behind during the manufacture back in the 70’s. I have read of such but never heard in a first person account. I was always amazed that the nailhead engine produced the claimed HP figures. They do make a lot of torque down low where the consumer likes it.

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      • bobhess bobhess Member

        Re. the Blazer: Bought new but always thought the starter didn’t sound right. As we were moving cross country didn’t get to for a while. When I did I found a triangular shaped 3/16 thick piece of painted steel with holes drilled in the outer ends sandwiched between one side of the starter and the engine block. Turns out it was used to install the engine with the hoist on the assembly line and is normally removed. Took it out and it now serves as the hook point for the rear chain on our race car engine hoist. Two of the holes matched exactly to the two upper holes on the block and we drilled the 3rd out to take the hook.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        When I was a kid I worked at a V Dub dealership prepping new cars. It seemed that every other car I prepped had a large empty German beer can rolling around inside. I wish I would have saved one.

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      • Rick

        I worked in a Buick dealership in my younger days. A customer brought a Regal in for service and for tracking down a rattle in the passenger side door. The cause was an empty wine bottle.

        It happens.

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    • Buddy

      As an Olds dealer in ‘75, we sold a 98 coupe with a nagging “clunk” in the LR quarter panel when accelerating and braking. We finally found a Coke bottle wedged in the inside quarter panel with a note in it that read “finally found it, huh?”

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  3. Jerry

    Wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick❓

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  4. Gunner

    It needs a “Star Wars” air cleaner on that beautiful 401. This year of the GS is one of my favorites. A 4-Speed? As the day is long!

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    • local_sheriff

      Perhaps, it’s just that the Star Wars air cleaner was never atop Nailheads OE as it came ’67 but I get your point. The Skylark GS is my favorite GM offering for the ’66 model year too, only surpassed by the Riv of course…!

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    • mick

      That “Star Wars” air cleaner was what tipped me over the edge when I was looking to buy a classic car back in 1988. I had never seen one before, did not even know Buick made and air cleaner like that! Mine was a 67 Gran Sport, same blue with bench seat and automatic.
      Seller definitely should have included a pic with that air cleaner installed.

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  5. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Buick offered two 4 speed transmissions at that time, a close ratio and a wide ratio. I wonder which one this is, probably the close ratio as they were more popular I believe. I was in the Army in 66 and I remember seeing a full page ad for these cars, the one in the ad was yellow with black vinyl top. It was stunning to look at and nearly caused me to re-enlist for the money, but I came to my senses as the idea of jungle duty didn’t really fit my plans for the future; I was in Germany for my entire enlistment and no desire to go to Viet Nam. Two of my brothers were already there and letters from them made me know that was not the place to go. One ended up dying, the other made a career out of it with 26 years of service. I don’t regret my decision as it turned out I’ve had a long and happy life since.

    God Bless America

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  6. RC Graham

    In my opinion, this GM mid-size is the best looking of all the BOPs (+C) produced that year. The front view gives a hint of Rivieras past, as does the rear roofline. No mistaking the Riviera-ness of this beautiful mid-sized.

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    • SirLurxaLot

      This is a gorgeous car. I love it. But, IMO, the best looking of all the BOPs is the GTO all day long. No knock on 442s, either, but the GOAT is the GOAT.

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  7. Tim

    I had a 65 Impala SS ragtop with a painted over Timex watch under the back seat. Just for a laugh, I cleaned it and it worked fine.

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    • Dennis Young

      Shades of John Cameron Swazie, it takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!

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  8. Pete k.

    I had one in the early 70s. Silver with black interior. Rebuilt the 401 motor with a mild cam. Had a 2-speed automatic ( turbo 300 I think ) It kept up with the big boys on the Street. Sold it because of the gas crisis in 73′. It was a Pig on gas, but did it fly !

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  9. Dan


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  10. man ' war

    I like this car. I have it, but in a very reduced size. That is – I have it as a dealer promo plastic model car on my shelf. I noticed mine has a 3rd brake pedal (clutch), but no stick shift like this one on the floor nor the steering column. Probably because that is a small skinny plastic part that isn’t easy to install on a small plastic dealer promo car which would make it undrivable. And I do have those original 14mm wheels. lol

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  11. Charles carlini

    I want to thank everyone on this forum for all the positive reviews, on my 66 g.s.,,, and believe it or not, I was offered my 50-k asking price. But decided to keep it until my last breath, I’ve owned just about every muscle car available, but I realize that I can’t replace this one! I own a 70 GSX in saturn yellow, AS WELL, AND I’D RATHER SELL THAT THAN THE 66,,,, the pictures I took look washed out,, it’s more vibrant in person! Best wishes to ALL,, MR BUICK..

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