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406 Actual Miles! 1978 Chrysler New Yorker

The seller, who is a dealer, believes the mileage on this beautiful land yacht from the 1970s to be just 406 miles. But there is no clear-cut documentation to back it up. But even if the milage is higher, it’s a distinctively beautiful machine. All 231 inches and 4,870 pounds of it. This Chrysler can be found in Worcester, Massachusetts and the asking price here on Facebook Marketplace is $12,900.

Between 1940 and 1996, if you wanted Chrysler’s most opulent property and didn’t want to spring for an Imperial, the New Yorker was your automobile. It competed directly with the upper-level models offered by Buick, Oldsmobile, and Mercury. It has the distinction of being the longest-running American car nameplate at the time of its retirement. The 7th generation of the full-size New Yorker was produced between 1974-78 and had the disadvantage of being introduced at the same time the country was facing its first oil crisis. That event caused buyers to flock to smaller, more fuel-efficient cars and auto manufacturers found fewer buyers for their boats on wheels. This generation would be the last full-size cars that Chrysler would design from the ground up. And the ’78 New Yorker Brougham would also be the last U.S.-built true pillarless hardtop model that featured frameless door glass and fully opening windows. Thanks, Wikipedia, for some New Yorker intel.

The seller of this fine 1978 example says the car has been under wraps since 1981 and traveled less than 500 miles before being shut away. We don’t know why this car became a recluse for nearly 40 years, but it doesn’t look as though it’s any worse for the experience. The body looks straight and the paint excellent except for a couple of small chips. The interior, with its expansive seating capacity, looks as though no one has spent any time there.

Under the hood is Chrysler’s 440 V-8 (185 hp net), which was making its last appearance in 1978. The seller believes this could be one of the last New Yorkers built with that motor although we don’t know why that assumption has been made. The engine and automatic transmission are said to work as they should. We’re also told that the buyer may want to consider giving the car a tune-up upon acquisition as the wires and related components are all original and thus 42 years old. Don’t expect to get much more than 12-13 mpg around town as these cars were built during the days of gas that was under $1.00 a gallon.

Don’t buy this car if you’re looking to make an investment. NADA considers these as used cars and ones that are not terribly in demand, so the seller’s price is a good deal higher than NADA’s recommendation. But if you’re looking for a virtual time capsule and have a garage big enough to house it, the car could likely impress the crowds at Cars & Coffee. Thanks to johnny C for this great tip!


  1. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    I love these big boats. And they aren’t Camaros or Mustangs or GTOs or Corvettes. So at any given classic car show or cruise-in, I’d pass by the same old stuff and go right to this car.

    This particular car is really amazing. Lately I’m seeing a lot of Lincolns and big Caddies and C-body Chryslers up for sale, and the prices are reasonable for very nice cars. Here’s a basically brand new car for just 12K. Wow.

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    • Avatar photo Jim

      Rex…you’re a man after my own heart. I get tired of looking at the Camaros, Corvettes, etc. at car shows. These are the kind of cars I always check out first!

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  2. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    Good write-up Russ. And I’m with Rex, this would be something at Cars & Coffee I would definitely take a look at.

    Back in the day, I had no interest in something this ponderous and over-the-top. Now I think they are quite interesting, when viewed in the context of their time.

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  3. Avatar photo Moparman Member

    I’m sorry, but for a car allegedly having only 400 miles, the engine compartment is very rough. There is rust and corrosion present, and the missing cool air ducting to the air cleaner. This engine simply does NOT look like one that isn’t even broken in (IMO).The external and interior appearance are stunning, and I love to see these magnificent cars in such condition. GLWTS!! :-)

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    • Avatar photo Stephen Miklos

      Moparman .. the best color setup I remember was bright white with red leather interior and red roof. But they drove like tanks!😂

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    • Avatar photo John

      Agree 100%…I was thinking the exact same thing when I was looking at the photos!

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    • Avatar photo jack lattie

      I agree, I was a tech at a Chrysler dealer at that time & under the hood looks like it has more miles than that . Also looks like a 2 speed wiper motor that is odd as well. The rest of it looks great & well worth the asking price.

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    • Avatar photo ImperialLover

      I absolutely agree with you. All of a sudden in the last couple years you see all these low mileage cars popping up. I think 90 % is bull.

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  4. Avatar photo Dave

    You need a captain’s license to drive it!

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    • Avatar photo Robert White

      And a crew too if you want to clean it inside and out in one day.


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    • Avatar photo Bill D

      I’m surprised it doesn’t have an engine room telegraph in place of an accelerator pedal.

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      • Avatar photo nlpnt

        And a Dodge Colt “Mileage Maker” as a launch/instead of a spare tire.

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  5. Avatar photo Mitchell Gildea Member

    The size of this car confirms the B-52 lyric “I got me a Chrysler, it’s as big as a whale”

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  6. Avatar photo Dusty Rider

    100,406 miles, look at the radiator, it’s been leaking at the neck for a while now.

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    • Avatar photo Tom

      need’s a new cap.

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    • Avatar photo Will Fox

      I think that’s a cap leak from a dry seal in all the years it sat. Once it got up to op. temperature, it seeped.I’m thinking this is the real deal. Look at the carpet on the driver’s side. No matter how hard you scrub carpet on a 100+ mile car, it NEVER comes out without that aged, brown stain from wear.

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    • Avatar photo Steve Douglas

      New carpet, new aluminum radiator, 11-12K, I’d do that all day long. In fact, I DID do that, with a 72 Cad CdV, 35K original miles. Pristine, my daily driver (why not? Most everything’s available), and judging from reactions, universally appealing.

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  7. Avatar photo Robert White

    I had a French girlfriend from Quebec that had one of these New Yorker Chrysler products. The seats are as comfortable as they look, and they are adjustable electronically too. Tilt steering and air conditioning is excellent.

    Never have I driven a better ride long distance. Never have I had a better drive-in theater ride to go to the drive-in too.

    I’ll let your imaginations run wild on how much FUN we had at the drive-in before the drive-in was sold for the land to a developer.

    I’d buy it if my bank account would play along.

    Super nice car IMHO.


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    • Avatar photo Robert White

      She had to speak English because I could not speak French.

      She was a nice girl too.


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  8. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    100 400, no question

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  9. Avatar photo David Beal

    Very clean for 140k

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  10. Avatar photo Stephen Miklos

    What a car!!! I drove these when they where new. The interior is the best I ever sat in I never wanted to get out of the vehicle love how comfortable those cushions are with the leather. I believe the mileage could be correct because the outside of the car is in great shape the interior is in great shape as for the engine the markings are still there. Things get dry over time then leak. The radiator cap seal dry rotted and that’s what causing that leak that you see there. The air cleaner hose they always seem to disappear I don’t know why . Unfortunately the vehicle itself is slow as a slug . That usually came with a 2.71 gear ratio in the back. The poor engine it’s choking so much from the emissions and that spark control box which never worked right from the beginning period. If I had the time and the money I would buy this vehicle in a heartbeat. Pull the engine redo it to 1970 specs. Get rid of the spark control. But in electronic ignition it has the hundred amp alternator that’s that very large one that you see. Put dual exhaust on not too loud nice sound change the gear ratio on the back to 3.55 and there you go great looking car and it will move. 😊

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  11. Avatar photo Doc


    Similar shared bodied Chrysler … went for huge $34 k last week.

    Less than half price of that .. not a bad deal …

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    • Avatar photo Mike Adams

      Look at the engine compartment on that one compared to this one. That looks like a low-mileage car. This one, no way. Like others have said, it’s a good deal and a nice car. It stands on its own as a very well cared for 100,000 mile car. It’s just a shame these sellers can’t be honest.

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  12. Avatar photo Steve-O

    I’m no car expert at all (like none lol) but, there is no way that engine has 406 miles on it…..

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  13. Avatar photo DETROIT LAND YACHT

    Put some Barry White on and take your babe to some swanky velvet lounge…like what my dad did. Of course I love it.

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  14. Avatar photo Chris

    I love this Bad Boy at rue anchor who wouldn’t be honored to drive this ..

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  15. Avatar photo Chris

    I love this Bad Boy ,a true anchor ,who wouldn’t be honored to drive this history .

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  16. Avatar photo Ralph Paine III

    The reported mileage is off. Just went out to the barn to look under the hood of a 65K survivor truck and it gleams comparatively.
    The old Chrysler needs 1 or 2 more zeros on the odometer.

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  17. Avatar photo George

    Only down side I see is that Lean Burn garbage you can see hanging on the side of the air cleaner….nice one otherwise. It was no good when it was new.

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  18. Avatar photo Lee

    I agree that is not a 406 mile chrysler…Take a close look at ac compressor and power steering pump with grease and dirt on them ,,plus grease on valve covers also…Why no photos of undercarriage????

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  19. Avatar photo Bill McCoskey Member

    When I looked under the hood, it appears to have low mileage, in my opinion it’s not a 406 mile car, and I’m sure it’s not a 100,406 mile car. I’m guessing the original speedo was noisy and replaced under warranty, and the car put in storage soon afterwards. Probably has between 15k miles and 20k miles. A well cared for, garaged car of the late 1970s, will not begin to show signs of wear to the interior until about 20k miles.

    I also see a battery cable terminal that is a replacement style; someone cut the old battery terminal off the cable & bolted the cable to a new terminal clamp.

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  20. Avatar photo Maestro1

    It doesn’t matter I think Stephen had the right ideas about waking the thing up.
    It’s a good price if you have a barn to keep it in, and a lot of fun out there once altered so you have some grunt off the green lights.

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  21. Avatar photo JP

    Great lookin luxury car by MOPAR!

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  22. Avatar photo Craig

    When I was 12, my parents decided we were going on a 3 week driving vacation. My Dad traded in our powder blue/black vinyl over houndstooth 73 Newport in on a 77 New Yorker Brougham 4dr in Light Green Iridescent with matching vinyl top & velour interior. I loved that Baby. I hope I can find one eventually.

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  23. Avatar photo Mopar junkie Member

    Imo this could certainly be what the seller claims it to be – look at the steering wheel – definitely not looking like a 100k+ car -no way has it rolled over. Obviously it wasn’t stored in a temp. controlled environment, thus the rusty a/c compressor. Car is in Mass. – cold winters and east coast so plenty of damp corrosion causing weather there. I think this is the real deal – one way to tell would be to see if tires are original equipment but no way to tell from photos. If I had a spare boat slip, I’d scoop this one up to keep with my ’64 Imperial Crown and ’64 Newport sedan. Nothing quite like an old Mopar!

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  24. Avatar photo George Louis

    . The 1994 and 1995 model New Yorkers were not this body style. This Body style was first introduced as the 1974 Imperial it continued as the 1975 Imperial, for1996 Chrysler reBadged the former Imperials as New Yorkers, They built them as New Yorkers for the Model Years 1976, 77, 78. After the 1978 Model Year run at the Jefferson Avenue Plant they turned Jefferson into a Truck Manufacturing Plant and transferred New Yorker Production to the Lynch Road Assembly Plant for the 1979 /81 Model years known as the “R” Body New Yorkers. I would also replace the valve cover gaskets on this engine as the heat coming off the exhaust manifolds really does a number on the sealing capability of these gaskets. I have replaced alot of them over the years.

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  25. Avatar photo YourSoundMan

    Those seeeeats! So wide they’re literally like driving your sofa to work, the stores, etc! Might actually be more plush than the early ’60s GM buckets I admired.

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  26. Avatar photo 1-MAC

    We had a 76. It had no leasn burn and was like a tank. My wife said she never felt safer than when driving her New Yorker. Indestructible 440 and Torque flite trans. Had the nicest leather interior. This car will last a very long time if cared for And even if it has 100k no problem. Also Lean Burn can be removed and a lot of problems vanish. And a 74 factory dual exhaut will really help. Great highway car. These handle well because of the torsion bar front suspension.

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  27. Avatar photo David K Sebben

    Love these Chryslers with the waterfall grilles. And a two door!!

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  28. Avatar photo George Mattar

    I agree with Mr. Fox. I have detailed cars, motorcycles and RVs for 40 years professionally. Once a light colored carpet gets stained and it goes untreated since Jimmy Carter was the dunce in the White House, it is not coming out. I have seen 20 mile 1978 Corvettes with the worst and ugliest color carpet ever, OYSTER get so stained and worn , it looks like a dog took a dump on it. This car was not properly stored. Still way cool. Price seems low. A 13,000 mile example like this in blue just sold for about $8,000 in Levittown PA. My neighbor drove it and numerous things did not work and suspension worn from sitting.

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  29. Avatar photo Michael L Gregory Member

    Always one of my dream cars to own. I had a friend with an all-white one on the outside and a red leather interior. Gorgeous. I hoped I could buy it from him someday, but he died in it. Literally. In the driveway. I knew I couldn’t deal with that.

    I had my fair share of land yacht Cadillacs, but a big New Yorker was always on my wish list.

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  30. Avatar photo Kenn

    More than 406 miles for sure. Less than 100406 though. Probably a 12,000 to 20,000 mile vehicle. Still a great car and so far a great price.

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