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409/4-Speed: 1963 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe

The 3rd Generation of the Chevrolet Impala was sold between 1961 and 1964 and marked the badge’s transition from the be-finned cars of the late 1950s and the Coke-bottle styling that began to emerge in the late 1960s. This 1963 Impala Sport Coupe is a tidy car with minimal rust issues. It would benefit from a cosmetic refresh but is solid enough to be driven and enjoyed immediately. Located in Westfield, Massachusetts, you will find the Impala listed for sale here on eBay. A single bid of $19,630 has been submitted at this point, and the reserve has been met.

The Coupe is finished in Ivy Green, and the owner admits that the paint is showing its age quite noticeably. There is peeling and lifting, along with some evidence of previous touch-up work. However, the car remains presentable enough to be driven and enjoyed as-is. The panels are generally straight, with only some minor dings and dents. One of the great enemies of any car from this era can be rust. However, what you see in this photo is about the worst of it. There are these matching areas just forward of the rear wheel openings on both sides that will require attention, along with a couple of small spots in the trunk pan. None of these issues will require panel replacement because all could be addressed with small patches. The trim and chrome seem to be in good order for an original vehicle of this vintage, while the tinted glass looks to be perfect.

The Impala is not a numbers-matching car, which is a bit of a blow. The original 409ci V8 has disappeared, and one of 1965-vintage now occupies the engine bay. This is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission, while the vehicle also features power steering. The listing indicates that this is a solid lifter motor, and depending on any internal modifications that have been performed, should be producing somewhere around 400hp. That’s some serious mumbo and should be enough to launch the Coupe through the ¼ mile in under 15 seconds. Someone has performed some work on the Impala because it now features a newer fuel tank and newer lines for both the braking and fuel system. The car rolls on new tires and is said to run and drive nicely. The owner provides this YouTube video, and that mighty V8 sounds crisp and clean.

While the engine might have been changed at some point, the interior of the Impala remains unmolested. It isn’t perfect, but I think it could be made to present well with a bit of effort. The headliner has what appears to be rodent damage, while the carpet is looking tired and dirty. Replacing these two items would help lift the interior, and neither item is likely to break the bank. A carpet set can be found under $200, while a headliner will set the buyer back less than $150. There is also a seam separation on the front seat, but I believe that a good upholsterer could repair this. Beyond those few problems, it looks like what the interior needs is someone willing to put in the time and effort to clean everything thoroughly. There aren’t many luxury or optional extras inside this car, but it does feature an AM radio, along with the original (and very cool) factory tachometer mounted above the steering column.

It is disappointing that this 1963 Impala Sport Coupe is not a numbers-matching car, but that doesn’t need to be the end of the world. Its needs are minor and could be tackled by a competent person in a home workshop. That means getting the car presenting to a high standard need not cost an arm and a leg. Achieve this, and there is no reason why the new owner couldn’t wind up with a classic capable of commanding a value of $40,000 or more. Putting that thought to one side, the amount of power available under the right foot means that this could be an entertaining and enjoyable classic to drive. Enjoyment is supposed to be what owning a classic car is all about, and that could well justify giving this Coupe more than a mere passing glance.


  1. RoughDiamond Member

    Wow! I think that could be a great buy for someone. I love the factory tachometer. I’d take care of the rust and just drive it. I have heard there is a website for trying to locate the original GM VIN stamped engine blocks. Maybe someone else on here has heard the same thing and knows more about it.

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    $19,630? 1963 impala? funny (coincidental?) opening bid? CAVEAT EMPTOR

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    • J Pesch

      If a bidder were to put in a bid of $25000, it will only go as high as the seller’s reserve.

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  3. GeneB

    My first car was the 1962 version of this car but with the buckets seats.
    Built it in my driveway when I was 14, paid $20 for the car and $50 for the 409.
    It was fire red and quite an attention getter, another I wished I still had.
    I had many 62 and 63 Impalas, 7 all told. Still own a 2007 Impala that I inhereted from my dad, my daughter drives it!

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    • Bob

      Wow, the good old days! I bought a ’58 Ford for $25.00 in ’69.

  4. Skorzeny

    My dad had a ‘64 409/425 so I’m partial to these. This looks like an honest car to me, seller seems honest and has provided more info than most. It will need time and money but there are probably few 409’s like this left. Compare this to a lot of Mopars and Mustangs we see here… I would seriously upgrade the brake system on this though. What it has is scary. If I could, I would bring this home ASAP. She needs a good home. NOM doesn’t really bother me too much, brings the $$$ down.

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    • Dave

      The original brake system is adequate, unless you plan to do more with the car than sane Sunday drives. When the front brake line on my 2001 Ram 1500 rusted through in 2016 the pedal went to the floor so, and this applies to every car and truck out there, don’t count on the second circuit to save your bacon. Here in Pittsburgh every spring brings a spate of accidents caused by rusted brake lines.
      But if you insist, 1-800-WILWOOD is the place to go. While you’re under the car, might as well get a urethane suspension bushing kit.

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      • Angrymike

        I had a 67 Chevelle SS with a L-68 427 with drum brakes, I drove it a lot, if you were driving normal and watched everyone else, they’re no problem.

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      • Paul R.

        What second circuit ? That cute little single reservoir master cylinder activates front and rear drum brakes to bring all 400 horses to a stop. If it fails —
        Those were the days !

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  5. Luke Fitzgerald

    Someone tell me that’s not a static shot of the motor running in that vid

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  6. local_sheriff

    It’s just so refreshing to see an Impala wearing a color other than red, white or black! This green is a very subtle beautiful hue rarely seen, probably because mostly old folks bought green cars in ’63. Note that its tach goes to 7k which is correct for a 409 equipped ‘pala.

    Regarding the OE brake setup – yes it is adequate IF you drive it like an antique car and you don’t plan on (who does?) bursting a line. However if you drive it like a 409 deserves then an upgrade to dual bowl + discs is a smart move. You can get quality disc kits for these X-frames for very little $. Replacing the clunky slave cylinder PS system with a tighter steering box is another neat upgrade which doesn’t hurt the overall OE impression

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  7. Howard A Member

    You know, all you see today are ’63 Chevy’s with 409, 4 speeds, when in fact, there were about 7 million basic ’63 Chevy’s, and maybe 6, 409’s. The 409 had it’s moment in the sun, thanks to a certain song, but truth is, it was a truck motor, and by 1963, GM had fallen behind, and there were much better motors by Ford and Dodge. Iconically,(?) wise, it’s a neat find.

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    • Angrymike

      Kek, you sound like my father, he always brought up it was a truck engine whenever the 348 and 409 was brought up.

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  8. Troy s

    There was an R code Ford 300 the other day, all 427 dual quad inches of it, that had the same sinister plain look to it. That would make for a nostalgic drag race paired against this 409 Impala. Neither car advertises what its hostile purpose truly was,, just big…bad…and once started, fairly authoritive in voice. It is funny how so few of these legendary cars were actually around yet nowadays they seem to appear out of thin air, frequently it seems.
    Great old early sixties iron here. It’s not that they built a lot of 409 cars it’s just what people want, or at least want to see, now. Sweet.

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  9. nelson belot

    I have personally owned this car and it runs and drives like a new car.They are only original once.This is a great opportunity to own a bid of GM history.You can restore it thaen join all the rest of restored cars.This car is a time capsule.

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  10. Super Glide Member

    My Poor Old Nine….
    Do you know how to make toast?
    Push a 409 over 6 grand.

    Nice cruiser not a racer. It’s worth the price, in my opinion.

    Unlike the 70 Chevelle SS454 LS6, They only made around 5,000 and they only have 25,000 left.

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  11. Dave Mathers

    She’s so fine my 409!! The Beach Boys said it SO well!!

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  12. sourpwr Member

    What does “open rear with highway gears” mean. (From ebay ad)

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    • Steve slader

      High rear means you can drive down thehighway at 60mph @ 2000rpm instead of 3000rpm with a low 4.11 rear

      Note low rear is a higher number as the engine needs to turn more

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      • ACZ

        And an open rear is non-positraction.

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    • nelson belot

      i broke the 3.55 i only had 3.08 non posi so i had to use it.Goes down the road fine

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  13. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heyday Member

    Im diggin the sleeper vibe this one is putting off. This color combo says everyday driver, rather pedestrian. My dad had a ’62 409/4speed Biscayne in the late 60’s. Eggshell white with red interior and chrome reverse wheels. Had 4.56’s, he’s always described it as a pretty respectable street car back in the day but who knows. I’ve always liked the ’62 best out of the 62-64 models. These 63’s always seemed popular. My dads met its fate in a icy Wisconsin winter, rolled in a ditch. Looked like an easy fix these days but back then I don’t know. I know a guy with a ’62 SS 409/4speed gold on gold that might get restored some day. If not I’d love to take it over. I think it may be one of the Chevy 50th anniversary cars but not sure. Nice “survivor” here, good luck to new owner.

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  14. 1-MAC

    409 Impala(62) is the one they wrote the song about. And remember, nobody ever wrote a song about a Volvo.

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  15. Kevin Kendall

    Buddy of mine sold one a 63 SS409 for $39,500 one of the nicest all originals you’ll see 19,000 actual miles

  16. nelson belot

    I would of took 10 of them for that price.

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