40k Mile Firebird: 1979 Pontiac Trans AM


For a long time, these Pontiacs were mostly overlooked by collectors, but it seems people are starting to take notice. I’ve actually been on the hunt for I can afford, but it looks like I might be too late to the party! This Trans AM might only have 40k miles and a 4 speed, but I’m surprised that it’s already bid up to nearly $10k given it’s condition. It is a 10th Anniversary car with the 400 V8 and just about every option you could get. It doesn’t look great, but is solid and could be a fun project! If you’d like to take it on, you can find it here on eBay in Metamora, Illinois.


I’ve been studying about these cars quite a bit lately and I have to say, they really have potential. We often think of cars built in the late ’70s as being slow and terrible to drive, but with the right upgrades you can bring these things to life! Strap a new intake, carb and exhaust to the engine and you can unlock a nice chunk of power. And for even more power slid a more aggressive cam in the block and slap on some performance heads and you’ll have something to be proud of.


Whether you upgrade it or not, these are fun to drive. Parts are readily available, you can pick most things up right at your local parts store. I hate to see values go up even more for these cars, as I really would love to have one, but obviously more and more people are discovering (or remembering) just how much fun they are! If this one were cheaper, I’d be sorely tempted to buy it, how about you?


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  1. Mike G

    I’d like to believe the mileage but even if it sat in the sun all those years that doesn’t explain why the hood top is worse than the trunk the sagging seat belts reflects use from more like 140k than 40k

  2. 68 custom

    the right engine and transmission, wrong with the T-tops. want I want to know is it a WS6? looks like it was ran hard regardless of the mileage!

  3. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    This would be fun to terrorize the streets in!

  4. Bobby

    I had the very same car in 1986 when I was a Senior in highschool. I purchased it after selling my 76 Trans Am with the factory 455, 4 speed. My Tenth Anniversary had every option. It came from the factory w/ the 400 four speed, T-tops and it was WS6 suspension.

    • waldon herdman

      I had the same car also! She was a blast! If I wasn’t elbow deep in a 67 Camaro Conv. restoration, I’d be all over this!

  5. RoughDiamond

    Owned the same car option wise except Y84 S & B colors. This is sitting on a car lot and obviously has not sold. It would be nice to know what they have it priced at. I doubt the mileage claim.

  6. Doug Towsley

    Love-hate. Now a classic but living with one is another matter. Just like camaros the doors weigh over 250 lbs each (or sure feel like it) Sagging hinges are the least of your issues. As they age they clunk and rattle badly. Good factory brakes, and plenty of potential and no lack of performance brakes, suspension and powertrain out there.
    I never had one but a friend did. Blew the small block. We went and got a Pontiac tuna boat I knew of in Oregon (Stationed in another state at the time 1980s). It had a 455.
    We put in a mail order cam, Edelbrock intake and holley, recurved the ignition and headers and swapped into the TA. One hot beast.
    Nothing says the late 70s and early 80s like this. Put in the Linda Ronstadt, Ted Nugent, Boston, or Doobie Brothers 8 track. Gold chain, tinted sunglasses and Bell bottoms and relive the past.

  7. Ross Ketelboeter

    There is no way this is a 40k vehicle.

  8. Rustytech Member

    If this is real I would not be surprised to see this hit $15 to $18k before it’s done. Nicely equipped.

  9. Prowler

    This car looks way to rough for the 1st owner to have it 30 years with those kind of miles….keeping it low miles (he or she) obviously cared about the car so I can’t see it turning into the Roach coach that it is.
    I know these silver interiors I’d not age well but this one seems way off.
    I bought one like this in the late 90’s and it was a fun car to drive…not a rocket but still fun.
    With the out of sight numbers these cars pulled at the auctions last year (for basically in the wrappers cars) this car is worth doing but I really doubt the mileage

  10. Andrew

    Too much of a led-sled for me. Big and heavy is just no longer in vogue.

  11. Ck

    HORSE HOCKEY This car has been rode hard and put away wet .There is no way this car has 40 thousand miles on it .Ok it does have quite a few options and it is a 4spd .It also looks pretty solid,but its already over 10K. Some of you guys will argue that its worth more .I say no way I’ve seen cars that are in much better shape than this one go for less $. These cars pop up on craigs list all the time.There are still good deals out there ,but this aint one of em.

  12. Philip

    Agreed. Way over priced. These cars are 15grand or better to restore thanks to places controlling parts and costs like Year One. 15 grand with the expected 15 grand the cars owner will drive the price to is 25-27 thousand more than these are worth anniversary and 4 speed be damned. Ten years ago these were 50$ up to 3000$. Now thanks to the internet and the boomers with full pockets you get this. In another decade these will be back to 50$ and up if you can give them away at all, the millennials have no interest in nostalgia of muscle cars ( which this isn’t) and the rest of us will be old or dead or both. There are no shortage of these anywhere, 3 Rd gen F body’s are rare in the rust belt which is why when they were still popular most were auctioned and moved to the dry and salt free parts of the country where they languish in large numbers today. The other place they can be found in great news numbers is on the internet list of every rip off wanna be dream car dealer there is on the net, of which each has at least one 79 Trans Am, with the others from 74 to 78…all of which are overpriced as well.

  13. Philip

    Oh, one more thing, those” in the wrapper cars sold on TV at the “auctions” are dream cars sold for and bought for entertainment purposes. Every auction has a few just like it and I’m telling you the buyers are shills. How many people out there really interested in cars would spend 30k or could for a car like this today?

    Many of the 0 mileage cars are restoration pieces mileage unknown. It was easy to buy a spare speedo before digital speedo and Carfax (which is a joke) and put the original away then reinstall it when it is time to sell. Horse hockey is right. eBay has transformed from a smart market place where real world prices are had to dream land where the stupid or rich pay anything but for nothing. And it’s a rust belt car in Illinois,, OMG I can here the yellow toothed dealer laughing as you guys are bidding..counting his money…for all we know this was a donated or junked car. Sure looks like it..the only thing to make this better would be the buy here pay here scam….hahahhaaaaa!!!

  14. Oingo

    I would not pay that much for it, I don’t like the 79 front end and the color combo either

  15. Luis

    The 10th anniversary car is a rare bird. Last year for the Pontiac v8 and only 1800 made with the 4 speed. It was the only model to be equipped with leather, and a rare color at that. They came loaded with options as standard. One in original numbers matching condition can fetch a good chunk of cash. I sold mine 3 yrs ago for 4 times the current bid amount when the market started climbing for these cars.

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  16. Rolf Poncho 455

    Yes I like I am the Pontiac man and enny poncho
    will do with the fuel paddle under my shoe

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  17. Ck

    Hey Rolph Poncho ,NICE FREAKIN CAR!!!!! The round headlight Firebirds are the best looking by far I would take one of these over a Bandit T/A anytime .Again NICE!!!

  18. waldon herdman

    They only made 1800+ of these in 79 with a 4 speed.

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  19. ccrvtt

    The 10th Anniversary T/A is in my top 10 Dream Car Fantasy Garage. This one would be ok after a paint job, new decals, a 455 SD transplant, coil spring rear conversion, etc., etc. I would willingly put far more $$ into it than it’s worth, but that’s just me.

  20. ccrvtt

    The 10th Anniversary T/A is in my top 10 Dream Car Fantasy Garage. This one would be ok after a paint job, new decals, a 455 SD transplant, coil spring rear conversion, etc., etc. Those polished turbine wheels are so much cooler than snowflakes. I would willingly put far more $$ into it than it’s worth, but that’s just me.

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