427/4-Speed: 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

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I can’t imagine owning a desirable classic, only to leave it languishing in a garage for years. That has been the story with this 1966 Corvette Convertible, although it should be ready to hit the road as soon as sunny weather appears. Its engine bay contains a desirable power plant giving the car performance to match its good looks. The Corvette is listed here on Craigslist in Merrick, New York. It could be yours for $62,500, and I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder Pat L. for spotting this beauty.

The seller indicates this Corvette underwent a restoration around thirty years ago. It continues to present well, with its Milano Maroon paint retaining a lovely shine. There are a few minor chips and scratches, but if considered a high-end driver, the condition is definitely acceptable. The White soft-top is free from rips and issues, while the seller includes a factory hardtop in matching Maroon. The fiberglass has no visible cracks or signs of fatigue, and the seller says the frame is rock-sold. The chrome appears excellent, as does the glass. The Convertible rolls on its correct wheels with spotless hubcaps, but the optional factory side exhaust hints that this classic could be more than a pretty face.

Lifting the Corvette’s hood reveals the L36 version of the company’s 427ci V8. This big-block sends 390hp to the road via a four-speed manual transmission, allowing the Convertible to storm the ¼-mile in 13.7 seconds. That figure looks competitive against modern classics, but it made this car’s original owner the king of the kids in 1966. That V8 also represented excellent value, adding a mere $181.20 to the sticker price. It is little wonder that nearly 19% of Corvette buyers in 1966 ticked that box on the Order Form. The seller doesn’t expressly say this classic is numbers-matching, although they also don’t deny it! They parked the vehicle in their garage in 2017, and it only recently emerged. The big-block starts easily, and the brakes are strong. It is unclear whether it is roadworthy, but the indications are that getting it there should be straightforward if it isn’t.

Turning our attention to this classic’s interior brings more good news. Its overall condition suggests it has seen little use in the three decades since the restoration. The Black upholstered surfaces show little wear and no physical damage. The carpet is spotless, as is the dash. As a driver-grade classic, the condition is above-average. There are no aftermarket additions, nor is the interior dripping with optional extras. The car retains its factory AM/FM radio and power antenna. Like every gauge and light within this beauty, they work as they should.

C2 Corvettes have become one of the strongest performers in the classic market, with big-block examples the most highly coveted. This 1966 Convertible looks like a gem, presenting well as an older restoration. With summer closing fast, the idea of hitting the road behind the wheel of this classic could be irresistible. If you feel that way, would you consider pursuing it further?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    If I had the kind of money to buy this car I’d be all over it. Beautiful car.

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      What he said. I admit to not being a BBC fan but this one looks tempting.

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  2. 19sixty5Member

    I’m not a Corvette expert by any means, but this car *seems* and appears reasonable to me. Missing the ignition shielding, has a chrome dual feed fuel line at the carb, a fiberglass flex fan, all seem minor to me. Not so perfect you are afraid to drive it. I would only add a set of rally wheels and drive the snot out of it, enjoying every minute of it!

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    • Mike Morgan

      But Rally wheels didn’t come around until 67. I would probably still run them.

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  3. Robert West

    If it’s the 427/390 then the carb is wrong. The 427/425 used the center hung dual inlet float bowls but the 427/390 carb used the single inlet side hung float bowls.

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    • moosie moosie

      The tach shows a low red line so it is probably the 390 horsepower motor. Never the less it’d be a fun top down summer fun cruiser. I’d absolutely love to own it.

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  4. 19sixty5Member

    Yep, exactly. It’s a 4150 series Holley under the air cleaner.

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    • Stephen

      This car is a bargain with these faults present. Do chime in!

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  5. ACZ

    What I’ll never understand is that someone will have a car this valuable and unique and put that crappy rubber hose and plastic fuel filter between the fuel pump and the carb. Do they want this to burn to the ground? The factories have used steel inverted flare fuel lines in that location for years precisely for that reason. Safety! You can buy reproduction lines from multiple sources for just about any car. I just don’t understand it.

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  6. Jerry

    I had the same corvette, this one needs minor changes to make it correct.. has the wrong carb on it. Daytona Carbuerators in Florida would have the correct carb… even Holley contacts them for hard to get parts.BUT make sure you thoroughly check the complete frame/ chassis, these were known to have bad corrosion up north… particularly where the trailing arms bolt up.

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  7. Robert Liivoja

    The only thing keeping me from pursuing this is $.
    Love everything about it, especially the color.
    White soft top looks good, but the hardtop is amazing.
    Performance would be more than acceptable as well.
    I envy whoever winds up buying this beauty!

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  8. FrankDMember

    I don’t see where the owner states its a NCRS car. So at $65K its a pretty good deal if your a BBC fan. I think it’s reasonable to expect having items changed or missing. Overall its all there and the owner took very nice care of the car.

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  9. PRA4SNW

    I can see why this one languished in the garage for years – too many awesome rides to choose from.
    “Hmm, should I drive one of my many Vettes, the Viper, or the ’70 Mach 1.”

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  10. George Mattar

    Doubt the claim of an NCRS car is valid. It could be a Second Flight car, but is missing some minor things. Ignition shielding can be sourced and a correct fan. The price is very reasonable for a 427 convertible. An NCRS Top Flight 66 427 car is worth north of $90,000 today. Yes, at this age, make sure and check the frame and birdcage for rot. If my 401K wasn’t in the crapper, I’d be driving to NY to buy this today.

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