427/4-Speed: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette

If you ventured outside the United States and talked to even the most casual enthusiasts, there are two silhouettes that they would recognize immediately if you showed them a picture. One would be the 1st Generation Mustang, while the other would be the C3 Corvette. Today, early examples of the C3 are highly sought, especially if the engine bay houses a big-block V8. That means that this 1968 Corvette ticks two of the right boxes for any enthusiast, while the 4-speed manual transmission should seal the deal. The Corvette’s owner has decided to part with it, so he has listed it for sale here on Craigslist. It is located in Ladera Heights, California, and all you need to do is hand the owner $35,000 OBO to drive away in this classic. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder Pat L for referring the Corvette to us.

The Corvette is finished in Silverstone Silver, and while the photos that the owner supplies aren’t the greatest, piecing them together provides a positive overall impression. The paint shines beautifully and hasn’t fallen victim to the patchiness that can afflict this color after exposure to harsh UV rays. The fiberglass seems to be in good condition, with no noticeable cracking or issues around the bonding strips. The owner provides no information on the state of the frame or birdcage, but if the Corvette has spent its life in California, that is usually a good thing when it comes to the question of potential rust problems. The wheels, trim rings, and center caps all appear to be in excellent order, while the same is true of the remaining trim and chrome. There are no apparent problems with the glass, and I can’t tell you how tempting it would be to pop out the T-Top and hit the road in this beauty.

If the Corvette has a weak point, then it is probably its interior. There’s nothing horrendously wrong, but there are a few minor issues that the buyer might want to address if they’re going to take it to the next level. Some splits are starting to develop on the driver’s seat, but if they were tackled by an upholsterer now, they wouldn’t deteriorate further. The console plate also has its share of marks and scratches, which is pretty typical. It is possible to source reproduction plates, but some companies can offer a restoration service for around $200. This would be worth considering if originality is a concern to the next owner. The original radio has made way for a retro-look stereo, but the rest of the interior remains unmolested. Apart from the minor issues on the driver’s seat, the remaining upholstery, dash, and carpet all look to be in excellent order. Making this Corvette even more attractive is the fact that the original owner ordered it as a big-block car with air conditioning. Throw in the power windows, and this interior is quite nicely equipped.

There’s nothing as great as a big V8, and this Corvette comes equipped with the L36 version of Chevrolet’s 427ci big-block. This monster pumps out 390hp, which finds its way to the rear wheels via a 4-speed manual transmission. When a car tips the scales at 3,265lbs, 390hp should be enough to satisfy most people. It is enough to allow the Corvette to blitz the ¼ mile in 13.7 seconds before winding its way to 150mph. Those numbers all sound pretty good to me. The owner doesn’t indicate whether the vehicle is a numbers-matching classic, nor does he provide any clear insight into how well it runs or drives. However, he does claim that it has covered 97,000 genuine miles and describes the condition as good. Add those two things together, and the news should be positive with this beauty.

While it may not be perfect, I would class the condition of this 1968 as being above your average driver-quality car. Its drivetrain combination is one of Chevrolet’s more desirable in that model year, and the fact that the original owner ordered it with air conditioning is the icing on the cake. If it stands up to closer scrutiny, the asking price would appear to be very competitive. Of course, if it can be bought for a little less, that would be even better. If you are interested, it might be worth asking the question. After all, what’s the worst that they can say?

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  1. ChingaTrailer

    That is not an original 1968 California “Black Plate” license on this Vette.

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  2. Ed Casala

    It looks really un-molested as well in the engine bay. Has the original AIR pump still and all the AC components look to be intact. GLWS, nice car and not out of range with price.

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  3. Steve Clinton

    Where you consider how much a new Corvette runs, $35,000 is a bargain.

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    • Tom Waugh

      And you can work on it. I had a 71 454 roadster. Wish I still had it.

  4. TimM

    Great car!!!

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  5. jokacz

    When the last vent on the front fender (the fake one) isn’t black but the color of the car, it’s a sign of a lazy repaint. Also, who comes up with these performance figures? I had a new 68 400hp 427 vette so I have a good recollection of the Car and Driver road test which said it did 14.1 @ 100 in the quarter with 3.70 gears. So this car will not do 13.6 if it’s geared to do 150 mph, which I also doubt it is capable of even with a 3.08 rear end.

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  6. Jcs

    Pretty Corvette. 427 4spd with air, whats not to love?

    If you Google the vin, there is an informative video from 2013 that pops up. Seems she has been in CA for a while. Three of my cars are CA originals, birdcage most likely just fine.

    This one is pulling my heartstrings. Would have to pay for storage until I could make room in the stable. Plus shipping 2,000 miles. Hmmmm. She is a 68, I wonder if the headlights and the wiper cover all work properly.

    Lord, here we go again. Wish me luck.

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  7. jokacz

    That’s not a 68 steering wheel, 69 or newer.

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    • Gordon

      I was wondering about the steering wheel . . I had a 69 . . The 69 wheel is 15 in . . . The 68 is 16 in , if I remember correctly .

      • jokacz

        68 was pretty much a carry over from previous generation, larger diameter came in handy if you didn’t opt for the lousy power steering of that era.

  8. George Mattar

    Steering wheel from 69 to 75, but a minor detail. Repo wheels available for $199b but are slightly incorrect. Big plus is the AC is still hooked up as is the A.I.R. Silver is my color. My current C3 is a silver 73 coupe. As was mentioned here when you consider the price of a POS 2020 computer controlled C8, this is a slamming deal. If it was a 67, it would be more than twice the price.

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  9. Action24

    Jimi Hendrix being a Corvette man would appreciate this car.

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