42k Mile Survivor: 1977 Ford Bronco

The last year for the first generation Bronco, 1977 marked the end of the first chapter of what would be a 30 year run for Ford’s iconic SUV.  Reportedly a 42,000 mile original survivor, the ad states that this Bronco “began life at a dealership in Indiana where the dealership owner took this truck and stored it in his barn with the dealer plates all the way up to when he decided to let it go.”  Found here on eBay with an opening minimum bid of $35,000.  This Bronco is located in Hamel, IL and hopefully hasn’t seen too much snow in it’s life.

This particular Bronco has some very desirable features including rear seat delete from the factory putting more of the “utility” in this SUV. It also appears to be in mostly original condition with un-cut fenders.  Since their debut, Broncos featured their trademark small rear wheel openings.  This added a unique design feature but limited the size of tires that would fit without rubbing.  So, most Broncos today have had their rear fenders cut to accommodate larger tires.  It’s certainly refreshing to see an original example that hasn’t had power saw customization.

Featuring the original 302 V8 with a three-on-the-tree manual transmission, this Bronco will go anywhere you want to go.  The seller doesn’t say anything about the running/driving condition.  It does look unrestored, original and maintained, so this should make a great driver.

Said to have original seats and radio, I’m guessing the carpet has been replaced.  Unsure about the door panels, dash and other items.  They appear in very good shape and if they have not been touched up or replaced, this is a true clean survivor.  With the factory rear seat delete option, you won’t be taking too many passengers, but it will haul a good amount of cargo and a dog or two.

Like the engine bay, the underside appears unrestored but maintained.  This appears to be an honest low-mileage Bronco that would be a great candidate for restoration or a great daily driver.  It’s not going to win any shine contests but you just might win a best survivor award.  Would you restore it or leave it alone and just drive?

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  1. John M.

    Aside from performing usual round of maintenance after obtaining the Bronco, I’d keep it as is.

  2. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    I love these old Broncos! That is a pretty penny to ask especially with no eBay history. I know these are popular, but IMO $35K should be more like the BIN price. The new flooring material looks odd considering the worn look of the rest of the vehicle and while the listing talks about the no rear seat rarity, there’s not even a picture of the cargo area.

  3. Paul Hudson

    I’m pretty sure that is rubber flooring not carpet. I wish I knew how valuable these would be when I saw them years ago at Carlisle and Hershey in the 1990’s they could be had for 5K in excellent/new condition. I imagine the Bronco II will rise up next. The full size Broncos are already on the climb.

  4. Todd Zuercher

    Correct – that’s original rubber floor mat and in very good condition, at that.

  5. jdjonesdr

    Whoa! All I’d do is change the oil and fill er up. What a sweetheart!

  6. will roberts

    35K is tops for these,much rather have my old Scout,1969 for half that.

  7. Todd Zuercher

    If you look closely in some of the pics in the ad, you can see the “Prince Philip” Bronco in the background that was featured here on Barn Finds a few years ago.

    This truck belongs to Seth at Gateway Bronco in St. Louis. I’m surprised to see that he’s trying to sell it.

  8. Dan h

    Wow! If your in the market for a clean original Bronco, this could be it! Lots of hacked rust-buckets out there. Nice to see one that’s clean and untouched!

  9. JW

    As a ex owner of a modified 73 that was immaculate condition when sold in 1995 for $5,500 I can’t justify musclecar money for a first generation Bronco. I love them but this is ridiculous, my wife and I have been wanting another but there is no way I’ll pay that kind of money for one so we will keep dreaming/

    • TRW

      Unfortunately for you prices have gone out of sight. That Bronco you sold for for $5500 now would probably bring $20-$25k or more if it was a clean rust free one. I could have bought just about any 1967-69 “driver” Camaros back in 87 for $3500-$5500, now look at them. Just because these aren’t muscle cars means nothing to the people who are buying them right now

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        I have to agree with JW, back in 1995 that was probably a fair price, We all could have bought cool cars back in the day for squat. Why did we not then? Because they they were just old cars. I agree, 4 wheelers are collectors also.

  10. elad

    Yea 35,000 is way to much for 77 bronco, especially 2wheel drive.i seen one about 4 years ago at pomona swapmeet superclean sold for 16,000.

    • Todd Zuercher

      Ummm….this one, like all Broncos, is 4 wheel drive.

      • Rocco

        All except mine. I have a ’96 Lightning Bronco 2WD.

  11. stillrunners lawrence Member

    yep….he must have found another 1-owner who watches the stock market as well….

  12. chad

    disc up frnt too (’76 & 7).
    Softer rear springs, 1 inch BL, F150 ster linkage’n G O !

  13. Mike

    Weird to see that it’s a ’77 and still looks from the 60’s.

  14. Troy

    its a 67 not 77

    • al8apex


      a 67 wouldn’t have the 68 & later side marker lights

      plenty of other things that confirm that this IS a 77

  15. Howard A Member

    I’m sorry, and I’m sure people know what I’m going to say, but this truck no way has 42K miles. It is a very nice example of this model, but again, the sellers “detailed” photos of the underside give it away. I doubt it has 142, but it was so easy to disconnect these speedo cables, or they broke, I’ve driven many older cars that the speedo didn’t work. Price? That’s up to you, but I wouldn’t get all flustered it’s a low mileage Bronco, when I don’t think it is. Worn pedals, torn weatherstrip, rust in windshield corner, engine oil leak ( pretty good one too), rusty brake lines. Just doesn’t add up, sorry.

    • Rocco

      I see the oil leak all over the front diff. right under the eng.

      @ Todd Z,
      What is a “Prince Phillip” Bronco?

  16. Todd Zuercher



    Looks like I had an extra ‘l’ in his name.

    • Rocco

      Thanks, Todd.

  17. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    US $35,000.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 0 bids ]
    Bidding has ended.

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