42K Miles and a Stick: 1987 Mustang 5.0

Fox Body Mustangs are a dime a dozen, but your search can be made trickier if you demand a bone-stock survivor with the V8 and a 5-speed. Well, Barn Finds reader PS Photog spotted this low-mileage Mustang here on craigslist equipped just as I’ve described above, and the price isn’t bad either: $8,500 and it’s located in Florida, near Sarasota. 

Although I greatly prefer notchbacks, just finding this car in the first place makes it appealing. The basic recipe still works today, consisting of a no-frills cockpit, the venerable 5.0 V8 and rear wheel drive. The integrated spoiler still looks good, as do the multi-hole alloys. The paint shines nicely, as you’d expect for a car with 42,000 original miles.

This Mustang looks a bit better than “no frills” as it appears to have a leather interior. The iconic Mustang shifter may not exactly be a short-throw, but it does fall readily at hand. For a car that is frequently modified beyond recognition and often in need of significant mechanical refurbishment by this point in its life, this Mustang looks practically turnkey.

Even with the low mileage, I’d like to know more about its maintenance and ownership history. The engine bay looks a bit dirtier than I’d expect, which could be due to regular use or neglect – either way, it’s worth a call to find out more. I suspect this is a good buy at the asking price, but it would be a better deal at $6,500. How many survivor-grade Fox Bodies do you think are left?


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  1. RayT Member

    Tempting! Not quite an $8.5K car to me, but I recall these as being nice rides, with decent handling and enough power to be pleasant, if not mad road-burning, fun.

    The only downside for me was the interior materials, which tended, as was true of all U.S. cars I drove back then, to feel cheap. That includes the leather (if, indeed, that is hide on the seats), which didn’t quite have as much appeal as MB-Tex.

    It isn’t too difficult to get more power from the 5.0 without making radical changes, and I’d do that, just for fun. Otherwise, it’d be a nice cruiser.

  2. Todd Zuercher

    Looks like a clean, fun car! I don’t think that’s original upholstery on those seats.

  3. Dolphin Member

    This would be a fun car as a daily driver, and really good looking as a bonus. Having a white daily driver now, I have gotten to like white cars after not caring for them previously.

    This car is probably priced too high, and you would need to go to Bradenton to look at it since the seller doesn’t provide much information, and there seems little promise of any more info. But my guess is that he will have little trouble selling it at close to the asking.

    For someone who wants a really good 5-speed V8 Fox body fastback it might work at something close to the $8.5K asking. I have rarely regretted paying an asking price that’s even a bit over market if the car is special, has low miles, and in great condition. I tend to keep those cars a long while and use them sparingly, so when the time comes to sell they have usually at least held their value or appreciated, and both buyer and seller are happy. And in the meantime I get to drive a great car.

    This Mustang looks like it might be that kind of car.

  4. JamestownMike

    Those might be vinyl seats?? Nice car but I never really cared for the hatchback fox body, especially with a tan interior. A notchback fox body with black interior is the way to go for me! I prefer the notchback looks and it seems to have a much stiffer body (far less flex). I’ve always noticed a lot of squeeking and rattling from the hatchback area while driving down the road. I never understood why Ford made the one year only 93 Cobra in the hatchback?? .

  5. boxdin

    Bought a new 5.0 coupe in 1990. 11 grand out the door. That car was a lot of fun and for the first time in many years I got tickets. Wish I still had it.

  6. JW

    Nice clean Fox Mustang, I wouldn’t mind it sitting in my garage.

  7. Joe M

    There are a ton of survivor grade fox bodies left, I picked up a 1986, notchback 6cy auto with 44000 miles for $800.00. I bought it from a local senior who could no longer drive. There are also a ton of these coming from the donation auctions regularly.

    • JWH

      How many “surviving” fox body mustangs? Probably way more than any other model platform. How many “survivor grade” fox body mustangs? Depending on what one considers “survivor grade”, probably fewer than most think given that the cars popularity and the fact that there are soooo many mds available. I own a 1987 gt convertible with ~110k miles. Just about everything is original except service parts (tires, brakes, fluids, etc.), radio (aftermarket when I bought it), until last year had original exhaust (catalyst monolith broke loose and it sounded like a coffee can full of loose change), and unfortunately this year it needs a new top. Does this meet “survivor grade” or just “surviving”?

      • JWH

        Trying to upload an image, first time lets see how it goes…

  8. Boss351

    I agree with Dolphin that it may be priced a little high but putting your eyes on it could be worth the trip because it is getting harder to find these Fox body years in great shape and with low miles.

    This would make a nice daily driver that would be fun to drive.

    The seats don’t seem correct but maybe I am remembering the GT seats with vinyl instead.

    • SSPBill

      Those are the base, 87-92 vinyl seats. I have said it in another fox body thread, when the 2004 model came out it killed the value potential for the foxes, at least at the time. It created a choice between paying the skyrocketing price for your favorite ’60’s model or rolling out the door for $25k or less in a brand new car. Someone has to buy this. My SSP has been nearly flat lined for 10 years now. Yes there are still plenty of foxes out their but very few unaltered LX’s and GT’s.

  9. z28th1s

    Definitely a very low option car. It has the base vinyl seats, manual windows, manual door locks, manual mirrors, no cruise control and doesn’t look like it has tilt wheel or rear window defrost. Air conditioning may be the only option and it could possibly have the optional 3.08 gears. Would have to see the data sticker in the door to see the axle code. ‘M’ code was the standard 2.73 traction-loc and ‘Z’ code was the optional 3.08 traction-loc. Very nice car and should sell for close to the asking price.

  10. Tom Member

    I would write a check right now and for more than $8500 if it were just about ANY other color AND an LX. White on white and no options. UGH!!

    • JamestownMike

      It has a tan interior. What’s wrong with an LX 5.0 5 speed? I prefer the LX over the GT.

      • boxdin

        The LX was a bit lighter than the GT because of the bodywork etc.

  11. NotchNut

    When I was looking for a foxbody, I couldn’t find one that hadn’t been modified. I eventually bought a one owner, 135,000 mile, 1990 notch that had been wrecked. It was completely bone stock. Even has the air baffle inside the fender (that was the first thing I took out when I got my first foxbody). I’m currently in the precess of painting.

    • JamestownMike

      Looks like a Copart car. I’m assuming with a salvage title? May I ask what you paid with fees? Looks like a really nice car (expect for the front end damage). Is it a 5 speed? I REALLY like the notchback! Looks like it has a light gray interior. Please post after pics.

      • NotchNut

        Yes it is from copart. With purchase price, fees, and delivery from S. Carolina to Nashville, Tn, I had just under $2,900. I used a friend who owns a dealership to buy it ($400 fee). Then $600 to ship. It does have a salvage title, but I’m building it back mostly stock except wheels and exhaust. I used all Ford parts, and it’s currently in primer (waiting on me). Unfortunately it’s an automatic, but works great for me as I plan on driving it everyday (21 miles to work, one way).

  12. Bill Z

    I ordered my ’86 GT 5 speed from the factory and it was my very first “brand new” car. At this point it has less than 8800 miles on it, is completely factory original except for battery and fluids and has never seen any inclement weather. I had and have other cars and motorcycles, so it never saw much use. It shares garage space with my ’26 T roadster and ’30 Model A Deluxe rumble seat coupe, both restored to factory condition. My GT was featured in the June 2013 issue of Hemmings Classic Car magazine.

  13. angliagt

    There’s an older woman here in Eureka
    that has one that looks just like this (from the street).
    It’s kept in her garage.
    I’d go talk to her about selling it,but what would
    I do with it,& just where could I park it?

  14. Adrian C

    I own an 89 Gt I bought brand new in December 1988. 61000 miles The factory paint is in bad shape even though it’s been garaged since new

  15. Rob S

    Nice clean LX. $8500 is about median price though, not a smoking deal. 5.0 like this are starting to become a little rarer and the prices will start to climb. 85’s are the big hit now and if you find a low mileage GT prepare you self to pay in the 20’s!!
    Wouldnt mind rolling around in this one!
    Ave always been fan of the notch, especially SSPs’

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