440 6-Pack! 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

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Plymouth introduced the Road Runner, their budget-minded muscle car, in 1968 and had an instant hit on their hands. The crazy car with the “beep beep” horn would have its best year in 1969, the first of three outings where the 440 V8 was offered with triple 2-barrel carburetors. This is one of those machines, although the engine isn’t original. The beauty wears an older restoration but still turns heads and wins awards (according to the seller). Located as part of a collection in Mount Vernon, Ohio, the rare Mopar is available here on eBay for $103,000 (although you can make an offer).

In 1969, only 615 Road Runners were built as a 2-door post coupe with the 440 triple-deuce setup. If you drill down to those with an automatic transmission and you end up with just 227 cars. However, the seller says it’s only one of two that are mechanically the same painted Jamaica Blue (with the other being a hardtop). In its early days, this machine saw a lot of use at the New England Race Way, which is where its original engine was blown and replaced with a 426 Hemi. Eventually, a period-correct 440 went back into the car with the A12 hardware. This car even has the factory option of a fiberglass lift-off hood.

The seller refers to this as a 1969 ½ Road Runner, but that’s because the 6-pack was a mid-year addition to the sales brochures. After serving as a race car for many years, this Plymouth was restored in the late 1990s to the condition you see it in today. So, it’s not perfect, but still good enough to collect some trophies and appear in at least one national magazine. The dark blue paint is offset by a contrasting white vinyl top and interior, so it stands out nicely in a crowd.

We’re told this is a well-documented vehicle and on the A12 registry for 440 6-Packs. It comes with two sets of rims and tires, with radial redlines touching the ground at the moment. The interior was re-restored in 2018 with new materials and we’re told it’s a comfortable cabin in which to conduct your business behind the wheel. The odometer reading is 40,000 which we’re told is correct and the seller has only added 250. The seller is in the market for other classic cars, which include hot products like a 1970 Superbird, 1969 GTX Hemi, or a 1967 Shelby GT500 “Eleanor”. You can check out the seller’s enviable harem here.

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  1. sakingsbury20

    always lusted for one of these A12 cars since the summer of 1969. I was 15 at the time and my parents had moved our family to conn. from Maine so my dad could work at Pratt & Whitney, 2 yrs earlier. We lived walking distance from my school and on the way, there was a hemi orange 6 pack Rt sitting in a driveway…..It was love at first sight….It sat there that whole summer before we moved back to Maine that fall. I never saw it move from that driveway, I’m sure it did though. On another note, we lived on the second floor of a two family home, my aunt and uncle lived on the first floor. We had a porch overlooking Carter Chevrolet that abutted our house and back in them days my mother took lots of pictures and then had them made into slides for our projector, well several yrs ago I decided to organize all the slide by year as best I could. When I got to the years in conn. I noticed that the pics with the chevy dealership in the background, the lot was full of Chevelles, Novas, Camaro’s, Impalas, both new and used. The vettes were inside, and that second summer there, which would of been 1968, there was a LeMan’s blue L71 in the showroom with the hood up. Me and my buddy were not allowed in the showroom so we had to drool all over the window as we looked inside at the chrome triangular air cleaner…I know this is rambling on but when I see cars from my youth like the one featured here all that boyhood excitement doesn’t seem like 54 yrs ago…..BTW Plymouth was 6 BBL , Dodge was 6 PAC….yah I know, we go over this every time, Also I’m pretty sure the fiberglass lift off hood was what you got on A12 cars, not an option…

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  2. Terrry

    They may have been a budget-minded pony car in 1969, they sure aren’t today. A rust bucket brings five figures.

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  3. Randall

    B7 Jamaica Blue against the white is beautiful. Expensive yes.

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  4. John EderMember

    I spent 1975 in NE Thailand in the USAF. Several co-workers and I rented a small mansion off base for $300.00/mo. It was in a fenced compound (wall with broken glass embedded in the top and a 24/7 armed guard) with another house belonging to our landlord- an American guy. He was supposedly an ex-Air America (CIA) helicopter pilot who had made a lot of money in the “neighborhood” (Laos was nearby- ammo in/heroin out?). He had an immaculate Plymouth Road Runner in his garage- an expensive car, as Thailand had a 100% duty on imported cars in those days, I was told. I only went with him for several rides, but it was pretty funny to see the expressions on the faces of local citizens when his RR showed up in traffic, surrounded by Toyotas and Datsuns, especially while revving it up if he was first in line at a stop light prior to it turning green and launch time. It likely looked like a flying saucer to them. I wonder what ever happened to him and/or the car. Beep-beep…

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  5. Eddie Fortna

    I’m not nick picking. I own an A12. I still race mine as well. But why can’t you people get Plymouth is 6BBL and Dodge is six pack. It just be nice to see the correct wording. Great article.

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    • Reid McQueen

      Absolutely 🥺 know I ah wanah .
      Hear it Run ,…from da words …
      Word umph…braumth..cadumth….
      Lol McQueen

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    • Jay E.Member

      Six Pak just sounds cooler…. And it it is PAK not pack or pac.

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      • The Other Chris

        Then why is it always “SIX PACK” on the side of the scoop and their advertising of the day?

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  6. Joe

    So a gorgeous A12 car for sure….the fiberglass 4 pin lift-off hood was standard on all A12 cars whether RR or Superbees….the BIN price looks like it could be negotiated, which is only fair….the resto is somewhat old, and the original engine is long gone…..I’m sure many other #’s on the car aren’t going to match either……very nice Mopar for sure, but for the right price……

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  7. TorinoSCJ69

    A beautiful A12.

    What a great combination, the blue & white.

    So…That high 3,500 stall torque converter listed in Ad – that a leftover from the racing days or needed to help an overcammed race motor get moving ?

    A stock 440 6bbl would not need anything like that, especially with the 4.10 in the Dana.

    Engine details needed, of course.

    Lot of beautiful here – (white) hats off to the buyer!

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  8. Jeff

    Very eye-catching color combo. But the tiger stripes and splotches on that decklid (un-missable in the pic above with the decklid open) suggest that whomever was wielding the spray gun when this car was painted needed a bit more practice with metallic paints …. That or they’ve buffed through different coats of paint in the years since it was painted.

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  9. Wayne

    Came back from Nam in 69. Bought a 69 RoadRunner from a friend of mine . He had bought it in Kansas. We live in Mass. He hated it. It was 383 four speed ,white interior, bench seat, green paint. I took it to California for a year and a half. Put Hurst comp plus ,installed traction bars ,w/high jackers. Factory limited slip differential and fresh air package. Hated changing spark plugs unless you had an open ended wrench. Started dating my wife in 71 who couldn’t drive a standard. Sold it in 72 to buy a 72 factory ordered Gran Prix. All memories now but still remember cruising in California. Especially getting”Exhibition of Speed” from CHP. Thanks!

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  10. John M. Stecz

    Always favored the post cars. This is a beauty but out of my price range,love the color combo

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