440 Equipped: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

In the world of Dodge Challengers, more often than not it seems like the majority are either in over-restored or basket case condition.  It’s so refreshing to run across an example that is billed as a very nice driver, such as this 1970 R/T model.  Located in Mineral Bluff, Georgia, it can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $32,600 and a little over 3 days to go.

This Challenger came from the factory with a 383 engine but is now equipped with a 440, which the seller claims has only about 500 miles on it.  He also goes on to say that the 440 was rebuilt at the time the car was re-painted by the previous owner, which was 6 to 7 years ago, and that there are no receipts for the re-build and the prior owner was taken at his word for this.  In any event, the car is said to fire right up when the key is turned and there is no smoke coming from the engine.  The engine compartment was also re-painted while the motor was out and presents very nicely.  Why the engine block was not repainted during the re-build is anybody’s guess.

For a driver-quality car, it’s pretty hard to find much fault inside or out.  The seller says that the body is showing no rust and is nearly flawless, and judging from the photos provided this does seem to be the case.  He also adds that combing over the body with your glasses on will reveal only a very few minor specks or imperfections and that the black vinyl top is pretty much perfect.  The interior looks to be uniformly in reasonably well-preserved condition, and while not flawless it does look really good and seems to be just right for a driver quality vehicle.  Unfortunately, there are no photos provided of the underneath side of the car and no mention of the chassis, so I’d probably at least inquire about it.

I’m just really liking what this car has to offer, but I’m also partial to cars I can sit down in and turn the key and not be afraid to go cruising.  This Challenger looks like it would be a blast to drive, and although behind the wheel I’d rather be pushing in a clutch instead of dropping it into drive, there’s just not much I can find not to like about this Mopar as a driver.  What are your thoughts about this 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T?  What do you think is a fair price to pay for what you are getting here?


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  1. Charles Sawka

    Rather have a new Hellcat

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      I couldn’t agree more! 👍

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      • Desert Rat

        You two are on the wrong web sight…

    • Dave

      I had the opportunity to drive a V6 Challenger for a week while my wife’s Patriot was in the garage and thought that it was a nicely balanced car. All the power of the legendary 340 (compare 1/4 mile times), none of the low RPM aggravation caused by big valves relative to bore size, and easy on gas to boot! If I had a truck or minivan as my other car I’d trade my Patriot in on an AWD model.
      This car…what can you say? It’s a great starting point assuming that any rust hasn’t been painted over. The E-body was designed for the 426 Hemi so the 440 is just what you need for Cars and Coffee.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        But what did the v6 chally exhaust sound like? – i have YET to hear ANY v6(short of something wildy exotic), let alone a 4 cyl anything, with a performance factory or aftmkt exhaust that did not sound terrible. Midasize em all! lol

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  2. BA

    Air conditioning that’s what it needs to be a driver ! It’s hot down south & the summer has just arrived better believe heat barrier to isolate the engine compartment would be needed to keep that 440 from ruining your fun with excessive heat.

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  3. PetertheGreat

    A little steep for a non-numbers matching car! And, what’s with the painted front and rear bumpers!?! Not to mention the black paint on the hood! That was added later! It would show better with the original chrome bumpers. I had one that I bought brand new in September 1970 as a 19 year old. My dad’s insurance agent had a coronary! And, I ended up being a main cause of his stress over the course of several years! Lol! I’d love to have another one… but, I’ll pass on this one!!

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    • JoeBob

      Chester, I don’t know about PetertheGreat, but when I was 20 in 1967 I bought a 63 Impala SS. Since I wasn’t 21, and I financed part of the purchase price, I had to have a co-signer. And I believe it was for a similar reason that I was carried on my dad’s insurance for an extra premium.

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  4. Troy s

    It reminds me of the purple 440 Challenger I went for a ride in back in ’86, 440 and all but not necessarily showroom stock. I didnt like the color at all back then but it had plenty of grunt. This red one here looks really sharp, why not a 440 over the 383, and I like automatic transmissions.
    It’s all about bucks these days it seems,
    especially when I see the prices here….like this one.

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  5. MikeB

    I ordered a new 70 R/T 440 Magnum, auto,a/c,all power, black hood decal,rally wheels, Sublime paint,black interior. Took ten weeks to get it !!
    Seems the new 60 series tires were in short supply and held up production. Anyway, it was a great car except for two things – hard plastic interior, and was a real handful in wet weather, like a pig on ice !

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    • JoeNYWF64

      A heavy cast iron V8 engine + 70’s a/c compressor up front does not help!
      I know someone who ordered an sd-455 & waited 6 months & at the end was told there would be no more built. lol
      The wider the tires, the worse the traction for sure – in snow – bad even on the wide tire FRONT drive 3000gt!

  6. Ed

    It’s not a 70. It’s a 71. The 70s had a backup lite in the center of each tail lite, one in each, not between them. I know because I owned one.

    • LN

      it is a 70

      • Edward

        So you are saying there were two different sets of tail lites then, because , as I stated, I owned a 70, and those are NOT the tail lites that were in mine.

  7. Desert Rat

    What a great looking Challenger! I love every thing about except the auto trans, needs a 4 speed. I really like this style rear spoiler (go wing?) that came on Mustangs and Mopars, wish they would have come from the factory on 69 Camaros I’d have one on mine. Any way, once more great looking car!

  8. L N

    That is a 70. 71 had the back up light in the center of the tail light. You are mistaken . I had a 70 western sport special center back up light, all stock.

  9. JoeNYWF64

    Sherry Jackson was driving an orange 1970 challenger R/T WITH WHEEL COVERS on the 1970 tv show, “the Immortal” episode 1(“Sylvia”)
    starring http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_George#Death

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