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440 Six-Pack: 1969 Dodge Super Bee

Both Plymouth and Dodge gained a mid-size muscle car in 1968, Plymouth had the Road Runner while the Dodge got the Super Bee. The Super Bee was based on the Dodge Coronet two-door coupe and would be produced for just three years, while the Road Runner would stick around through the 1970s. The seller’s car is from the middle year of production and remains in original unrestored condition, although the engine has been disassembled. It came with a 440 cubic inch V-8 with a Six-Pack carb set-up, making it the second-lowest production Super Bee (the 426 Hemi, of course, being the lowest). This car is in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and available here on eBay where the bidding has reached $20,108, but the reserve has not. Thanks, Patrick S, for seeking this one out for us!

The A12 option on the Dodge Super Bee materialized in early 1969, so it was not a full-year offering. Checking that box gave the buyer a Six-Pack 440 V-8 engine which was capped off with an Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold and three 2300-series two-barrel Holley carburetors. Under most driving conditions, only the center carb was in use, but when the driver gave it the gas, the remaining two carburetors kicked in. This gave the car 390 hp and 490-lbs.ft. of torque, so there was nothing shy about that! Over three years, the Super Bee would see production of just over 51,000 units, while nearly 28,000 were 1969 models. The A12 option was found in 1,900 or so Super Bee’s that year.

Cars that have a story are usually the most interesting. The seller tells us this Super Bee was sold at “Mr. Norm’s” Grand Spaulding Dodge performance shop/dealer in 1969. The original owner only kept the car for seven months, then it remained in the second owner’s family for the next 47 years. The seller/current owner has had the Dodge in his possession for about three years. We’re told the Bee is in unrestored condition, which would mean that the Bright Green paint – which is one of only four colors offered on A12 Super Bee’s that year – is original. Given that we can see the trunk and interior floors, that seems to add up. There are no noticeable issues with the body or paint except that perhaps the driver’s side front fender’s color may be a tad off. And the headlights are missing.

Documentation is another strength of this car. It comes with paperwork from the original purchase in 1969 along with two build sheets, the window sticker, and the owner’s manual. The fender tag is still in place, all the body numbers are said to match along with the engine, which has been taken apart but not shown in any of the photos. The laundry list of date codes is rather extensive. We’re told the Dodge comes with a 4-speed manual and the claimed mileage is just 25,000.

The interior pieces are all said to be original date coded to the car as well (I didn’t know that was a thing). The carpeting has been removed, which we assume will need to be replaced after the driver’s front floor pan is exchanged. That along with the inner fender panels are the only pieces the seller says have not survived the passage of time well. The windshield had a crack in it and has been removed.

In looking through recent resale prices, the Dodge Super Bee seems to eclipse its corporate cousin the Road Runner. Exceptional examples can easily go for mid-five figures, and the A12 option would definitely add a premium. This can be an incredible car when everything is put back together or replaced as suggested.



    Nothing in the ad says he even has the drivetrain……

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    • RNR

      Actually he does, but the sentence structure could use some work (like the car):

      The car retains its original fender tag, all body numbers match, and complete numbers matching engine (currently disassembled).

      An older kid in my high school owned one of these as an immaculate two year old car. Some friends and I did valet parking for the senior prom that year – he wouldn’t give us the keys to park it!

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      • Dave

        nope….just pieces……I have the following all date codes to the car. Carburetors, Dana 4:10, radiation, distributor, exhaust manifolds, starter, wiper motor, and alternator. Also have the original air cleaner and lid, 4 speed pedals, bell housing, 4 speed mechanism- shifter handle, 4 speed trans cross member, and a 4 speed trans case which came out of another a12.

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  2. Gunner

    The A12 cars are in a class by themselves in arguably the best year of the musclecar. The Bee and RR started the 6-Pack Mopars. This one is already at 35K with 8 days still remaining. It is in very good orginal condition and the Seller provides that all so important paper trail. Still, before bidding, I would have someone check out the car who specialized in these. There are many pieces that were unique to A12’s. Considering also that it still has the orginal engine and is a Mr. Norm’s car, I believe it will go north of 55K before auction ends. Right in the top 5 for desirability. I will be watching it. Great find.

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  3. William

    When our kids were very small, a kid in our small town had a new one of these. Just a teenager, but his Daddy owned the local mill that employed most of the town. He was a terror with that thing. And to add to the problems, he decided the stock exhaust wasn’t loud enough, so glass packs went on. He woke up many of the young kids in town from naps, at all hours of the days and nights. My friend next door got tired of it and had the police out to discuss it. He just reminded him who the rotten kids old man was and just shrugged his shoulders. That memory might be part of my distain for cars like these. Of course, most people who bought them were better citizens. One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole barrel, at least not usually.

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    • William

      That is a good idea, but in this situation, the local cops would have investigated that, for sure. This family ran the town. The brother of the mill owner kept driving drunk. The cops never arrested him, just drove him home. Beating up the number one son would have gotten someone in a heap of misery. Though, the little snot deserved it, royally.

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  4. doug adams

    these cars restored or original bring big $$$ its the right color 4 speed and look at the build sheet and paperwork looks to be a easy resto

  5. Mark P

    That’s one pissed off looking car in the second photo down.

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  6. John Wilburn

    I need a mop for the drool.

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  7. jerry hw brentnell

    how come this car is only got 25,000 miles on it, needs floors, motor is taken apart! something don’t add up here, why take the windshield out? same with the master cylinder? what difference where it was bought who cares? its like saying johnny cash owned it, your 40 mile from nowhere and the motor quit! there you are! is johnny cash going to help you? yea right! enjoy the walk!

    • Al costa

      Something. Is off about the way it’s apart with the miles it’s said to have. I mean. Most lickely. It was beat on from day one and the motor could have been blown. That fast. But as you said the master. Cylinder and other parts. Said to be there. Why would you not take pics and show ???? Very odd

  8. George Mattar

    Paperwork is key to top dollar cars and this car has it. I believe it will sell north of $50,000. Still needs work, but far less than most Mopar rust buckets on here that sell for $20,000 and up. I drove a 70 Super Bee 440 3×2 car once. 4 speed Dana. What a rush. Someone is gonna have quite a car. I remember these brand new as a car crazy 14 year old. I eventually bought an FE5 70 Road Runner from the orig owner.

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  9. 433jeff

    I would pay more if Cash owned it. I’m probably feeling like most who missed on the black one for 1200$ 35 years ago, or the one for 2 grand that needed a motor 25 years ago ect. This is one sweet car.

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  10. gaspumpchas

    This Bee is in amazing shape, I’d have an expert looker over, think thats the original paint? Somebody rattle canned some black under the hood. Easy to go back to the green under the hood at this point. I’d leave the outside as is. Would love to have been able to rip thru the gears with that 440 six pack; IMHO the 383 4 speed RR’s and Bee’s were no slouch in these cars! Anyhoo, good luck and stay safe. Happy thanksgiving!

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  11. Troy s

    The rides got wild in ’69, my own opinion of course, compared to earlier muscle. All brands had a good hand of cards, looking to oust the other guy both in performance and “visibility “. The Mach 1 and Boss ‘Stangs, Cobra, the crazy Dodge Daytona. Even AMC was in it. It goes on and on. To me, the six pack Road Runner and Super Bee were the most deliberate factory built street machines ever made.
    Nice car here despite partial assembly, very desirable stuff.

  12. Paolo

    Interesting and funny. The seller deals in Disney tchochtkes and other collectables. 101 Dalmation figurines and an A12 Super Bee. Go figure.

    I agree that the description is not clear. Important facts are buried. Takes a careful read to discover that it has the original engine. Somewhere. Disassembled. Why no photo of it? Lists some date code items but no photos. Does not include original transmission but doesn’t come right out and tell you. Says it has a replacement case from another A12. No mention of original Dana 60 rear end.
    Some wondered why this car only has 25,000 miles and is disassembled. I am pretty sure that those were 25,000 hard miles possibly done in 1/4 mile increments. I suspect that the drive train has received possible catastrophic damage. Worst case scenario might be a damaged and unusable block from a transmission explosion? NP A833 transmission cases don’t just wear out.

    As for the rust in the floor; after 51 years most of us have a little rust here and there. The brake and clutch pedals have been removed. That’s a PITA job done only when necessary. The windshield is out. The photos don’t show the pinch weld for the windshield trough but I suspect rust out in that area.

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  13. ellen dyer

    My 69 roadrunner is a one owner (me) bought new, 383 4bbl, 4 spd, all matching numbers. runs and looks good, no dents or accidents. 120000 miles and in lots better shape than this rust bucket.

  14. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    Ebay listing pulled. Probably got a very nice phone offer from the new owner.

  15. Joe Machado

    Chevy guy painted engine bay black. Like all cheebies were

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