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440 V8 4-Speed! 1965 Plymouth Fury III

In 1965, the Fury was a full-size automobile again after the downsizing debacle of 1962 when Chrysler thought Chevy was going to put its big cars on a diet. Four models were offered, based on the level of trim: Fury I, Fury II, Fury III, and Sport Fury (they aligned with the Chevy Biscayne, Bel Air, Impala, and Super Sport). This ’65 Fury III has both a 440 cubic inch V8 and a Hurst 4-speed manual, meaning it should be quite the performer. Located in Wagoner, Oklahoma, this Mopar is available here on craigslist for $25,000. Thanks for quite the find, T.J.!

The new Plymouths gained stacked headlights in 1965 (Ford did the same thing). The Fury I and II had a minimum of chrome and trim and only two taillights on each side (just like Chevy). Fury III came with more bling and more taillights. The Sport Fury went one step further and had bucket seats as standard equipment (like the Impala SS). So, were the new Plymouths trend-setters or simply copycats? You decide.

The seller refers to this machine as both a Fury III and a Sport Fury, but the badging and VIN confirm it’s the former. The badging also indicates that the car came with a 440, but that could have been added later. The engine wears far more goodies than the stock 440 would have had. So, it’s possible this car started with a lesser engine, but that’s conjecture. The seller provides no such information so we should take it at face value.

The body, paint, and interior all present well. Is it all original or has the car been restored? These are good questions that the listing does not answer. The Hurst shifter is said to have come with the car new. The wheels are aftermarket and add a more muscular look to the Plymouth, one that matches the power under the hood. Whether stock or not, this is one sharp Mopar that should hold its own with any Ford or Chevy from the mid-1960s.


  1. Avatar photo Moparman Member

    As one who owned a ’66 Sport Fury, I prefer the mild updates from 65, which in my eye made the car appear longer and lower; but I’d NOT kick this stick shift one out of my garage! GLWTS!! :-)

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    • Avatar photo Stan

      Nice Fury Moparman 👏
      Looks sinister in the dark color.

      As for this rocket 🚀 lookout on the old 1-2 shift… see ya 😲

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    • Avatar photo RSparks

      I had a 65 sport fury in the same paint but gold is green shiny vinyl interior. Loved that car. Regrets for not keeping it.

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  2. Avatar photo jrhmobile

    Just like an F-4 Phantom, this beast proves that with enough engine you can make anything fly.

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    • Avatar photo Dan H

      Too funny!

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      • Avatar photo Brad chipman

        Nice find. Good price for this one.

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  3. Avatar photo Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Nice fun Mopar here .. The 440 call out on the fender never came on the Fury. V8 badge yes. I can’t break down the vin number. It could of had 318,361 or 383. I am going with a 383. So the seller or someone else drop a 440 in it. The seller said diesel carbs. Ok . I am stump what are diesel carbs? Looks like Carter’s carbs. This Fury must fly. I wonder what gears are in the rear? If that the correct mileage then the price is fair. It’s clean looking. I would love to take this to the Bear Mountain car show in NY which started today 6-9pm And ever Wednesday till Labor day. Sorry I wanted people close by to know… Anyway good luck to the seller. 🐻🇺🇸

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    • Avatar photo MikeinAppalachia

      I had a white ’65 Sport Fury with the 426 wedge and a 4-speed. That was another engine option. Mine had buckets and a console with the Hurst, nice set-up for shifting. Not sure that bench seat does. ’65 Sport Furies had additional weight compared to the ’64s. Not as quick.

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    • Avatar photo RSparks

      I would guess that diesel was an auto correct for dual carbs. Probably fat fingered the I when reaching for the U and the auto correct did the rest. Stupid auto spell check anyway!!!

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    • Avatar photo mjones

      My cousin had a 426/4 speed in a 65 Fury III.

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  4. Avatar photo Maggy

    Nice car. Lots of goodies.Bet this is one fun ride with the 4 speed.The boogered Phillip’s screws for the VIN tag look kinda fishy.Lack of info in the description too.I’ve sold lawnmowers with better descriptions.

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  5. Avatar photo Todd J. Member

    I’m not a Mopar fan per se, but I would be happy driving this around town.

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  6. Avatar photo Bob Washburne Member

    I owned a ’65 Fury III convertible for about ten years; paid $650 for it in 1985.

    Mine was a 383. Gave it up when I couldn’t find rear quarters. Trunk was rusty, too.

    This one? Never seen a 440 badge like that. the “V8” on mine had “commando” in a lozenge that was part of the casting in front of the “V8.” This could be something unusual & rare, or someone cut the “commando” part off.

    It’s missing the edge chrome that runs around the headlight openings & across the front of the hood.

    I think he meant to say, “Dual 650 carbs”

    It’s in great shape, especially if it has no rust. With a 383/Torqueflite, it would still probably top $15-20K.


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  7. Avatar photo Rtdreep Member

    Wow, gorgeous vehicle. Those rims & tires set that beauty off perfectly.

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  8. Avatar photo Ian Seth Carlton

    The 440 was not introduced until the 1966 model year. This car could not have left the factory with a 440. More than likely, it came with a 318 or if someone was adventurous, might have ordered it with a 383. The probability that it left the factory with something exotic like a 413 or a 426 wedge is extremely thin. So the questions that remain are where did the motor come from and who did the swap? Overall the car looks nice and is probably worth the money. But I am always leery of an engine swap because unless you know who did it, you can’t be sure it was done properly.

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  9. Avatar photo Leslie Martin Member

    Old school and badass. But if I had a Sport Fury with a dual quad 440 and a Hurst 4 speed, I wouldn’t advertise it. I’d lose those badges and go back to dog dish steelies to make this the ultimate sleeper.

    Then I’d go “release the Fury”!

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  10. Avatar photo Paul

    Really like the 65 Fury, I had one of these as my first car. Nice body and interior but mine had a 318 Poly engine with an automatic. That Poly engine in mine was a “piece o crap”, it burned about 3 quarts of oil or more to every tank of gas.

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  11. Avatar photo Jeff Rozen

    I would have no problem driving this around! Nice car.

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  12. Avatar photo Just Me.

    Just Me, This is not in any way a all original car but it would be a fun and great car to really enjoy. I like it just the way it is. I ordered a new 1965 Sport Fury back in October of 1964. I was working at the dealership at that time. It came in on December 24th. 1964 Christmas eve. The truck driver and I had a little bit of a difference. I climbed up on the truck and got into the car and refused to get out. Then I told him that it was my car that I have been waiting for it to come in from the factory. Well you guess who won !! When I was backing down the ramps off the truck the car shut off. Out of gas. Then I looked at the gas gauge and the odometer it showed over 3 miles. I guess when they took it out to there parking lot at the factory they had some fun with it. I ordered it with the 426 STREET WEDGE , 4 SPEED, SURE GRIP REAR GEARS. I spent that Christmas eve installing the out side mirrors, antenna the skirts and other accessories that were in the trunk that I ordered. It has been one of the greatest cars that I have ever owned and lots of fun. I am one of the lucky ones. You guessed it. I still have the car and it looks better than when I bought it new. I have been TRULY BLESS TO STILL HAVE IT!!

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    • Avatar photo RSparks

      What a great story. I would love to see pictures of the car. I guess it’s okay if you are in the pictures too lol.

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    • Avatar photo Bob Washburne Member

      Post photos please!

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      • Avatar photo Just Me

        I am not a member ,so Ican’t post any photos.

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