442 Clone: 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass

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The most often cloned muscle car in the General Motors fold is probably the 1969-72 Chevelle SS 396. But others pop up from time to time, like this 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass. It wears 442 badging (or 4-4-2 if you prefer) but mechanically is still a Cutlass S. We’re told the machine runs and drives well, but there is a bit of rust, and has some issues with the paint. And it doesn’t have a 455 cubic inch V8, which was standard in the 442 that year.

Pontiac wasn’t the only GM competitor to gain a performance car in 1964 (the GTO). Using the new F85/Cutlass platform, the 442 moniker came from the car having a 4-barrel carburetor, a 4-speed manual transmission, and dual exhaust. But it also could stand for the 400 V8 engine, too. In some form or another, the 442 would remain in the Oldsmobile portfolio through 1987 (as a rear-wheel-drive automobile).

In 1970, to help promote the car, Oldsmobile’s new 455 became standard fare, though a couple of versions were offered. When the seller’s Cutlass S (fastback coupe) was “converted” to a 442, the owner opted to make it just a cosmetic change (or at least that’s the way it appears). The automobile’s original (probably) 350 V8 lies under the hood, paired with a TH-350 automatic transmission. The interior, in nice condition, features a bench seat where you might expect to find buckets and a console.

No history is provided for this car, but we know it has traveled at least 110,000 miles. The photos don’t help in terms of presenting the vehicle in its best light, but we’re told that mechanically it has no ills. And the undercarriage is solid, but there is some corrosion behind the rear wheels and the clear coat is peeling. If you want to see the “442” in person, you’ll need to trek to Killen, Alabama before it’s gone. The current bid here on eBay is $8,100 and there is no reserve.

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  1. Mike76

    I don’t see many old schools driving the freeway these days. To my surprise I was checking my rear view mirror and I noticed a Nordic blue 71 Supreme coming up behind me several cars back. I merged to the right so I could get a better view as they drove past. A younger guy was driving it, maybe late 30’s, early 40’s, Nordic blue, white top and interior, body color SSIII wheels, whitewall tires and no cut out rear bumper that’s so common now. Looked very original and it was super clean. Really, really nice car. I was trying to grab my phone to snap a pic of it but I fumbled it between the seats. Doh! You just don’t see many like that anymore, so definitely nice to see and especially cool to see so close to how it probably left the factory. I’ll take a “plain Jane” Cutlass or Supreme over a faux faux two any day of the week.

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  2. TRUTH

    That’s a great buy under 10k. A few K to take care of the body and paint issues and it’ll be fantastic.

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  3. Old greybeard

    Stays under 10k and it could be a good solid southern car buy. I complain about Cutli not being valued as much as Malibu’s despite being better looking, but when buying a solid car its a good thing.
    Mine sure was.
    Buy for $9k and drive as is if you want. You’ll get comments and that 350 will still get up and growl a little.

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    • Old greybeard

      Btw, go price one of those hoods, if original. $$$

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  4. SS

    That’s a vehicle that will really be enjoyed,cars like that are what keeps the muscle car era alive. Bring it home mend what’s broken, add some personal touches drive and enjoy. Phooey on rich guys buying up mint cars that cost more than a house, that’s just another way to show off!

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  5. Wademo

    Pretty weak clone. Sell the hood and 442 badges, reinvest that money into the car.

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  6. Leo C.

    One of the poorest looking 442 clones I have ever seen! Badges & a hood! what about all the other items its missing to be a true clone!

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  7. 19sixty5Member

    Virtually every 442 clone I see, from low dollar to higher dollar cars all seem the share one common mistake, the kerning or spacing between the 442 numbers is always too wide.

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  8. Nelson C

    Not a fan of clones but a decent looking Cutlass just the same. Maybe return it to an “S” and make it a sleeper. Of course, they’ll hear you coming, but whatever.

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  9. Philbo427

    Eh, calling it a clone is giving it too much credit. I would call this a 442 wanna be. I would keep the hood and take off the 442 emblems and drive it and enjoy it.

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  10. PRA4SNW PRA4SNWMember

    SOLD for $9,300.
    Clone or not, someone got a deal on a very nice driver.

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