44k-Mile Drop-Top: 1968 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

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The 1960s Shelby Mustang was a collaboration between Ford Motor Co. and Shelby American. It began with the introduction of the cool pony car in 1965 and by 1968 the conversions were more Ford than Shelby. According to documentation provided by the seller, this 1968 GT500 convertible is one of just two built with a 4-speed manual transmission and factory air conditioning. But we’re told little else about it and only a handful of photos are provided of what is a very rare and desirable automobile.

The GT500 debuted in 1967 as an evolution of the GT350. It came with a 428 cubic inch Police Interceptor engine that was (conservatively) rated at 355 hp. Quite the powerhouse for a compact-sized automobile! They were assembled in Ionia, Michigan in 1968 after production ended at Shelby’s facilities in Los Angeles, California the year before. As was the case with the GT350, fiberglass components replaced metal ones from the standard Mustang to reduce weight, including frontal sheet metal, the deck lid, quarter panel extensions, and side scoops.

In 1968, 402 Shelby Mustang GT350 convertibles were built, so the Marti Report provided by the seller puts this Lime Gold drop-top in even rarer territory (it is one of 50% built this way). The seller is light on photos and details, perhaps assuming the credentials of the automobile will speak for themselves. And not providing dozens of pics will thin the herd of shoppers to just the serious ones.

Located in Glen Cove, New York, this GT500 is said to have its original engine at an honest 44,000 miles. The “faleless” paint may be fine, but the photos don’t help with the presentation. And we see nothing of the interior that should match the white convertible top. It’s been freshly serviced (whatever that means) and is ready to go at $65,000 here on eBay. That’s the current bid and the reserve has yet to be met. How high do you think it will go?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    Something seems fishy here. Seems way too low of a price if it were indeed to have the pedigree and low mileage that it claims. And then there’s the amateurish photo prez…

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  2. Matt

    Not many originally in this color combo either…which was the exact color combo of Charlie Sheen’s character’s car as a reporter in the 1997 movie Money Talks. The way these cars are traded coast to coast now i wouldnt be surprised at all if this were that same car. Not that it adds any value to what shpuld already be a near $175K car

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  3. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Wow a whole 5 pictures!! Gee and looking for big bucks! People looking for big money but no pictures to back it up! 🤨

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    • Matt H.Member

      Ha, yeah and a whopping three of the actual car. Would be a shame if the minimal effort by the seller resulted in no sale. Nice looking car though!

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    • Billy

      Big Bear, please try to be somewhat more optimistic while retaining the pessimistic thoughts.
      I dare say that the owner would be happy to do a more concise photo shoot if he found a individual who showed genuine monetary interest.

      Just a thought….I believe that there are less than two handfuls of these cars remaining upon our planet.

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  4. jason

    I want the gt 500 ford $.

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  5. Howie

    $70k now, reserve still not met. No interior, or rear photos, and just one bad side photo. GLWS.

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  6. No Popperozi Pictures (Its a shy Pony)

    Are we sure its a real car for sale?

    Minimal pictures makes you one wonder ?

    Anyone live near this alleged vehicle to view?

    Hope it real as its a beaute interceptor…

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  7. Jon.in.Chico

    In the 70s I advertised a ’55 TBird for sale in Chicago (I had two) … a guy showed up in a GT 500 and wanted to swap even – I was asking $1700 for the TBird … wife said she didn’t “want another Mustang, especially one from the South Side (it had fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror and curb feelers)” … didn’t make the trade ; bottom line – don’t let the wife in on car deals …

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    • Michelle RandStaff

      Guilty! We went to look at a ratty K-code Mustang fastback that my then-husband was quite keen to buy some 30 years ago. It had every original bit with it and a list of work several pages long but didn’t run and looked horrid. My husband tried to convince me the K-code was special and I nixed it for looking horrid. Live and learn. And I even liked Mustangs – still like them.

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  8. Gtoforever

    Wow, being this is the Holy grail of the Ford lineup, you would think a few good pictures aren’t too much to ask for?
    Guess if you’re looking to drop 175-200 k on one of these you don’t concern yourself with little things like “what you’re getting for your money “!

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  9. Johnmloghry johnmloghry

    If you’re a serious buyer you either send an expert to appraise the car or you do it yourself. Pictures don’t mean much, presence is what counts. If I was selling this car I’d do it the same way except I would send out private invitations to known interested parties from Shelby clubs and collectors. Likely those who want more pictures are not buyers anyway, they’re looky loos.

    God Bless America

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    • MLM

      Yeah money talks and the other stuff walks.

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  10. Rickirick

    I dunno. Skeptical. Dire Straits comes to mind (it being what it is): “Money for nothing & my tricks for free.” Something is awrye here. Call it instinct. And I’m a Stang guy thru & thru.

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  11. Blu

    The highest speed I ever traveled in a car was in a 1968 GT 500 convertible. 1974 in Iowa, the guy that was driving was crazy and I was fortunately consuming alcohol in the passenger seat.

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  12. AzzuraMember

    Much like the GT500KR’s, people who deal in these know the where-a-bouts of each and everyone. Typically they do not come up for sale to us mere mortals.

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  13. FrankDMember

    Poor representation for such a historic vehicle. The owner probably expects top dollar. Yet, he chose to spent little time to accurately represent the vehicle.

    Car salesman, Not!

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  14. Billy

    Men, if the numbers match up this little ponytail prancer is rare in all respects.
    Have a good friend who owned one of these exact examples. His was white with blue trim and interior. He’s been offered $165k. Turned it down.

    I’m not a FORD guy but his car is as right as rain original. With ALL paperwork.

    Would be a nice start to a beautiful ending.

    These cars are becoming more rare than most people would like to admit.

    Have fun ya’all.

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  15. PRA4SNW PRA4SNWMember

    I have a feeling that the seller knows that they don’t have to put forth a great effort to sell this car to the right buyer.

    The rest who stare at every single hi-res picture are just looky-loo’s and every armchair critic will rip the car apart.

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    • Billy

      You hit the nail right on head.

      These are rare.

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  16. Howie

    Went to $120,100.00 Reserve Not Met!!!

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  17. Billy

    Ebay ad is closed.

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