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$4,500 Hollywood Midget: 1966 MG Midget Mk II


This l’il beauty is in North Hollywood, California, where I should be right now with winter coming soon to the Midwest. It’s a 1966 MG Midget Mk II and it’s on Craigslist for $4,500 or best offer.


I’m not a huge MGB fan, and I don’t know why. But, an MG Midget, that’s another story. This is a Mk II car and they were only made in 1964, 1965, and 1966 and in my mind they’re the one to have. They got updated “luxury” items such as roll-up windows (what?!), wing windows (no way?!), and even external door handles and locks! Come on, MG, you’re spoiling us! All kidding aside, these are great cars, but they are probably yet another car that I love and can’t fit in. Have any of you 6′-5″ or taller folks been able to fit in an early MG Midget or A-H Sprite?


This car looks spectacular to me. I’m not an MG scholar by any means, but I play one on TV.. I mean, but we have one here: Jamie. Maybe he can enlighten us as to why this car seems so inexpensive for how perfect it looks, at least to my British-car-amateur eyes. Although, maybe I spoke too soon, Hagerty lists a “#3 good” car as being valued at $4,100 so maybe it’s right on the money. The seller says that it comes with the soft top bows but no soft top so add $700-$800 to the price for that. But, it does have a removable hardtop and the car is supposedly rust free, my two favorite words in the English language! And, don’t forget a rear bumper, where is that? Ok, maybe there is some negotiating room on the price after all.


Other than the unfortunate aftermarket steering wheel, does anyone see another flaw in this interior? I think I may see a patched crack on the top of the dash, or maybe that’s a shadow? If a “#2 excellent” car is valued at $9,300 this car seems like a good buy to me. The hood, or top in the US, had to be put on after the removable frame was raised so it wasn’t a quick affair to raise in a sudden downpour. If it wasn’t for that steering wheel and $1,200 in shipping.. and $800 for a convertible top, and a rear bumper, dang.


This is Chrysler’s 426 V8.. no wait, it’s actually BMC’s 1.1L A-Series inline-four with 1,098 CCs of goodness and it put out 59 hp. For a 1,600 pound car that’s not horrible and as they say, it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast than to drive a fast car slow. The seller gives a tiny bit of info on this car: “4spd stick. Starts, Drives (no smoke ) Stops, Clean Title on Non Op.” So, there ya go. I have been looking for a super nice Midget or Sprite for a while, what do you think about this one? Right on the money, too much, or a decent deal?


  1. Staab

    Seats are not original or at least have had the headrest added. Had a 66, fun car but scary on the highway among soccer moms in suburbans.

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  2. carguy

    The seats are definitely not born to this year! I am not 100 percent but the grill is from. Later model( 72 I think) as well. But overall for the price it looks like a sweet little ride. My buddy had a 72 in which I fell in love with, one winter (when the Lucas gremlin were out) he got frustrated and offered me the car. While I scrambled to sell my 68 mgbgt ( I was eve poorer back then), I got my money from my gt and proudly took over my money to my buddy. Unfortunately we had a string of nice winter weather days , my buddy( ex) decided he wanted to keep the midget .URG! No midget for me and no transportation. My lesson always have cash in hand when you are buying a classic. Time kills deals.

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  3. rdc

    Nice little car if good mechanically. Just looks good in green.

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    • Mark-A

      The A-Series engine is a really strong unit, even if it is shot they definitely aren’t Rare so if you want to rebuild it parts shouldn’t be a problem (I’m in the UK so might be a wee bit more difficult in the US but I wouldn’t know!), if you didn’t want to bother with the rebuild it should be easy to get another motor for not too much cash. Just my tuppence worth.

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  4. Howard A Member

    This, I feel, is true British Racing Green. And it looks great on the Midget, trouble is,,, it’s still a Midget. This is a great example of one, but I think people find out, while fun for motoring down the twisty turning roads of, say The Catskill Mtns. ( where there isn’t a straight stretch of road for miles) driving one in traffic, or on an interstate, is not the most fun. With no O/D, the engine will be turning 3500 rpm’s at 65, and that get’s old after a while. Just not a big call for small sports cars today, and for good reason, they are down right dangerous compared to what’s out there today.

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  5. Mark S

    I don’t know much about these midgets but I do know when I see a car that’s in half decent shape. If speed is your thing than 65 mph is not going to be very much fun. But if all you need to do to get more speed is put in an overdrive attachment then it doesn’t sound to hard get this thing moving. In these times of run away inflation $4.500 doesn’t sound that bad to me I wouldn’t mind having a car like this if had a place to put it. Nice find.

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  6. RicK

    I had a ’72 Midget non-o/d for several years and for awhile it was all I had for daily transportation, and yes it does get old going 65 when everyone else is going 75-80, especially when it feels like you are in a go-kart. But is sure was fun to drive on curvy back roads. And since you asked Scotty, note that I’m 6’4″ with long legs and there was plenty of room in my Midget , even for my legs, although the toughest part was getting in and out – it just couldn’t be done quickly When I brought it home for first time, my wife saw me get in and out of it the Midget, and her comment was that it was like watching a spider. Many years ago I had a ’57 T-Bird, and would you believe it had less leg room that the Midget? Anyhow, this one in N. Hollywood looks like its in pretty good shape esp for $4500.

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  7. ccrvtt

    Howard A is absolutely right. Burned valves are the Midget’s legacy if you try to turnpike cruise in one. One of the all-time cute cars and surprisingly roomy.

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  8. Black Cat

    Cute car. Looks like a good starting point for someone to have some fun and make some easy improvements. Regarding the several safety concerns raised about tiny sports cars in this SUV-crazed world, one just has to go motoring in the right state of mind. If running a Midget, Sprite, Spitfire, Fiat 850, etc., one has to regard the car as a “4 wheel motorcycle”. Approached from that perspective, one has no illusions, recognizes that one could be erased in a moment, but can take solace in knowing that one will at least never lay it down. All good reasons to stick to back roads and avoid the soul-sucking interstates.

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  9. Paul B

    British cars are crazy for today’s world. They were really made for British country lanes, and if you have ever driven there, you know what we’re talking about. It does not surprise me that a BMC’s legacy of the highway is burned valves. The U.S. is vast, and fast. Still, this looks like a great ride with a little fettling, as my British friends put it. I’d love it, but my garage is full, and we’ve agreed that nothing comes home that won’t fit into the garage! Price I think is about right for a large amount of fun in British Racing Green. Find the older grille, deal with the top, ignore the wrong-year seats, and have a blast.

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  10. Bob Hess

    Put one of our 110 hp 1275s with roller rockers and a 3.7 rear gear in it and you have no valve problems and 75 mph cruising speed. Believe me, compared to the stock steering wheel you’ll love the one that’s on it…

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  11. pfk1106

    engine bay should match exterior color. This car has had some front end body work. Grill is mid ’70s. MIssing exterior mirrors either fender mounted or door mounted. Seats aren’t original either. but, considering its 50 years old, and from experience, a blast to drive, I would still like to have it. these cars were never meant for the interstate. I owned one in high school and the first time I drove it on the interstate was the college freshman orientation day. I got trapped between 3 semis at 65 mph. I could clearly see the bottom side of the trailer. OMG.

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  12. steve

    Looks like either the head has been replace with a head from a 1275, or it has a 1275 inplace of the 1098. The head appears to have plugs for an air manifold, and the thermostat housing is also setup for an air pump. (I’m 6’5 and 224lbs and have had Midgets and Sprites since 71 no problems gettingt in! Maybe since I’ve been doing since I was MUCH lighter.

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  13. Anthony M.

    Definitely not a ’66 grill. Missing a few odds and ends, but this is a car you buy to drive and enjoy, not trailer it or hide it! Absolutely love ours despite the maintenance headaches and constant attention they require…

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