Only 4,500 Miles? 1979 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

It’s possibly due to some mental deficiency, but after looking at this picture the Beetles song “Yellow Submarine” won’t stop playing in my head. It must be a sixties thing? This subm… I mean Caddy, just looks new, even in the pictures of the underside. It’s listed on craigslist in Sayre, Pennsylvania for $19,500. The fellow who owned it passed away, so it sat in a garage for many years. It runs and drives like new on its fresh Coker tires. Everything works, including the AC. This is the fifth series DeVille and the last of the rear wheel drive DeVilles.

It looks almost new in here too. There’s not much else to say except “what an ugly color”. There’s not even wear showing on any of the levers or knobs.

There it is, in its original splendor. This engine could be anything from a 250 V8 to a 425 V8. All we are told is that it runs smoothly.

It certainly looks convincing under here.  There’s just surface rust and even a little original paint.

Even the vinyl top is in great shape. Do you think there’s really any chance this has only been driven 5,000 miles? It certainly doesn’t look like it has very many miles on it. I don’t think there are very many people out there who would actually consider buying it at the current asking price. It’s yellow and it’s a 1979 Cadillac, so not the most desirable of Caddys. At a more reasonable price, this would be a nice driver. In that case you will likely want to just ignore the mileage and try to keep it as nice as possible. Whatever the case, it’s a wonderful survivor!


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  1. Andrew not amember

    David with all due respect, the engine should not be a 250 ,stock thank year should be a 425 .You must be young .

    • David Frank David Frank Member

      I didn’t say it is a 250, I said it could be. (And I would assume it is a 425, but you never know) Tthere were other options available, including a diesel.

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      • Steven D Visek

        I am no Cadillac expert so I wasn’t familiar with a 250 V8 so I looked it up and realize it is the 4.1 V8. Online sources indicate this engine became available in the DeVille for the 1982 model year. Apparently the 4.1 V6(Buick 252) could be found in the 1981 DeVille, but I can’t find anything other than the 425 and the 5.7 diesel for ’79.

      • Bob

        David, I don’t understand your reply. A 250 was definitely not available on a 1979 Deville series Cadillac. I bought one new with the 425 engine.As to Pete’s comment about build quality, I drove mine 180,000 miles and never had a squeak or rattle or any problem what so ever. One of the best cars I ever owned including two Mercedes,a BMW and an Audi all of which were trouble prone. I still have the shop records on these supposedly superior cars showing the number of times they were in for repairs. The Mercedes were the worst from electrical problems to brakes on both.

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      • John

        The 425 was standard. The 81 caddy had the 6 liter with V8-6-4. Also rear wheel drive stayed with deville until the 85 model year. Cadillac offered rear wheel drive Fleetwoods through 1996

      • Hayden Houghtalen

        It is a 425.

      • Manley

        David Frank, you better do some home work. only motor available in 1979 is a 425 ci

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  2. sunbeamdon

    Me thinks “Das Boot” when I see it – time to sink’er; although it appeals to my more basic road rage fantasy – everyone will get out of my way when they see this deranged old fart coming at them!

  3. Madmatt

    For $19,500 I’d rather have a vintage much
    earlier,but these are really nice drivers,we have 2,
    a 78,and a 79 both low mi appx60 thousand but
    there aren’t many buyers for these later models,that
    will pay much for them,but the audience seems to be growing!
    I like the yellow/butter cup paint,but the inside is an ugly shade
    that doesn’t seem to fit.These are known to like fuel with
    a 425,but likely do better with some of the other choices.
    Very nice car,will only grow in value if stored well.

  4. TriPowerVette

    During this time period (1978-1980), there was a version of this car that I was told by a Cadillac owner, which GM named the “Sunshine Edition”. It was Yellow, with a Yellow Leather interior. Believe it or not, it is one Cad that I have secretly wanted for years. They came in both Deville and Seville versions (I was told).

    • Kevin W La

      In 1980 I sold one of those; triple yellow, paint, leather interior, vinyl top. And it had a sunroof. The gentleman that bought the car paid full sticker with cash!!

    • Nrg8

      Neighbor has one, triple yellow, fwd, 2 dr coupe, sunroof to boot. Couldn’t imagine the eye strain on a sunny day

    • Mike

      I owned a 78 Fleetwood Brougham in the triple Yellow with Leather with the 425. on the highway I consistently got 20 MPG with the cruise set. It had everything but the Sunroof Loved that car I like the exterior of this one same color yellow but I don’t know where they got the interior color from (frog snot green?) why not do Saddle if your not doing yellow.

      • TriPowerVette

        Couldn’t agree more Mike. What the hell were they thinking with that interior color? Gave you a big thumbs up.

  5. Paul

    I am amazed that this car has not been restored. What is the definition of stored for many years? There was no mention on where it was stored. Even when stored correctly, they do not come out looking that good. Maybe it was detailed, but would figure a few more signs of sitting… Maybe I am wrong.

  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    I mean, I hate these late model things – but the condition……..

  7. Alan

    2 years ago I bought All original 78 Coupe Deville bronze ext with brown leather int all original 16K miles with all documentation & owners manual. Asking price was 17K I got it for 15K.

    • Andrew not amember

      Alan I appreciate your collection . I hope I didn’t offend you with my last comment a while ago. All the vehicles you had attained where low low mileage . Thank you for saving them

  8. jw454

    Very nice condition but…. once again, if you drive it you ruin it’s value.

    • Alan

      V true jw454. I have collection of low mile example classic cars that are in my opinion also Cant be driven more often to stay kind of preserved

      • jw454

        That’s great. I wish I could because I like low mile originals. If could have more than one hobby car, I might consider having a very low mile survivor to preserve. As it is, I have room for one classic at a time due to space constraints and I love to drive my old rides so they don’t make sense for me.
        There is a collector in the southern states somewhere that has several cars with extremely low miles IE. A Boss 429 Mustang with 4 original miles on it. He has the space and the cash. I’ll just keep buying a lottery ticket each week and maybe someday…..

  9. Pete

    Too bad that most these things were slapped together on the assembly line with about as much care as your average eastern european making your subway foot long sammich. I could only imagine how many half-way secured or cross-threaded phillips head screws would be apparent inside upon closer inspection. As you can probably tell, I am just a *bit* skeptical of US auto quality build standards of this era. Clean sled though. Yeah and that color… Oooff. :-/

  10. Rustytech Member

    I’d rather have a 60k mile car for $10 to $11k than this ultra low mile show piece. At least I could drive and enjoy it. As for engines, I think there were only two options 350ci Olds diesel, and the 425ci.

  11. Rich

    Who are the Beetles?

    • Buddy Ruff

      They were a Beatles cover band that toured in an old VW. They never really caught on because English was not their first language. They sang songs like “Jello Submarine” and “I Wanna Hold Your Ham.” Kinda sad now that I think about it.

      • Steven D Visek

        I especially like their car-themed songs:
        Hey Sube
        Park Lane
        Here Comes the Sunny
        It’s Only Luv
        Dig a Pony Car
        Every Little (VW) Thing
        Old Brown Shoebox
        Dizzy Miss Tin Lizzy
        All You Need is (a) Bug

      • Alan (Michigan) Member

        That had me laughing out loud!


    • BigKahuna13

      Yeah that was the first thing that I noticed. “Meat the Beetles?” :)

      It’s BEATLES young man!

      Beautiful car, too bad about the color.

  12. Joe P

    Who are the Beetles.Wow!

  13. Jay C Calk

    I think it’s going to be the 403 engine. Many GM cars of the late 70’s shared this I believe Chevy platform engine.

    • Andrew not amember

      No Distributors are in the rear on Oldsmobile , Pontiac , Chevrolet .

    • duaney Member

      All Cadillac’s received Caddy engines except for the later early 80’s Fleetwood Broughams with Olds 307’s and later Broughams Chevy 305’s and 350″S.

  14. David Miraglia

    Always wanted one of these Coupe De Villes

  15. Bob

    1979 Cadillac did not share an engine with Chevy or any other GM division.

    • Steven D Visek

      Bob, was the 5.7 diesel option a Cadillac engine or was it made by another division?

      • Bob

        Steven, I’m not sure. When I made the above remark, I was thinking only of gas engines. To be honest I didn’t know that Cadillac offered a diesel until 1980

      • duaney Member

        Diesel produced by Oldsmobile, an option for Cadillac’s.


    Rich must live under a rock. I was born near where this car is and a lot of homes have nice garages to store a car in. Had a 73 Caddy that was enough for me.

  17. Andrew not amember

    Bob 79 seville had olds 350 , 425 was standard with regular ie coupe rwd

    • Bob

      Andrew you are right about the Seville. We were discussing the DeVilles.

      • Andrew not amember

        Not meant to rile ya sir

  18. Andrew not amember

    P.s I did apply to be a contributor , however with regular good stuff I am well versed. Acura smacura

  19. JLBucky

    I bought a 1979 Coupe DeVille in 2001 with 65,000 miles (425 engine). Drove it from Iowa to Las Vegas on vacation and got 25 mpg. Still have the car. Every time I think of selling it, I drive it , and still love it more than it’s monetarily worth. Good luck getting it away from me! Of course mine is red not yellow.

    • Rod Dean Member

      Where in Iowa is this beauty and you? I am in California living but back in Iowa once a year if I am lucky. Just bought the same yellow 79 with about 95, 000 miles and attempting to pass these stupid CA regs for smog. Hope to drive it back there next year.

  20. Jay C Calk

    350 diesel was available

  21. Denny B

    I have always liked this ‘last RWD design’ of the Coupe De Ville, which was offered from 1977 thru 1985. My preference, would be the 1980 thru 1985…the 1989 because of the awesome one year engine offering, and 1980 thru 1985 had some nice, updated styling touches 👍
    As for this rare beauty, my thought regarding the exceptional low mileage, is the disgusting brown leather interior…you go out to the garage, and you see your beautiful pale yellow Coupe De Ville, that you purchased to enjoy in your retirement years, your all set for that Sunday drive, and Bamm…and you remember the Cadillac Master Salesman, saying you’ll learn to like the Saddle leather…besides, your getting an additional $1200’00 off!!
    Then you shut the door, hop into your old pickup, and go for a drive 🙈 forty years later, you’ve passed away, and your last Cadillac sits their with only 4,500 Miles!!

  22. Denny B

    Please Excuse my Typo…My Preference for the 1980 ( Not the 1989 ) is for the awesome one year only, V-8 engine available…

  23. Manley

    What in the heck did you just say> nothing good to say keep it to your self.

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