4,500 Miles from New: 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport

Jeep Cherokees are enjoying a nice spike in value at the moment, largely because their usefulness is being realized by a larger audience and because most examples for sale today have led obviously hard lives. This 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport has clearly avoided the fate of its brothers, showing only 4,500 miles from new and effectively, priced as a new vehicle. Find it here on craigslist in the Hudson Valley region of New York for $22,500. 

That may seem like a tall ask, but the Cherokee is one of those rare vehicles where buying an old model that’s new in the wrapper is almost as good as buying a new 2017 Cherokee. Why? Well, the basic reasons for owning such a truck – usability and reliability – are just as evident here as they are in a current model year example, if not more so due its reputation for off-road use and far simpler driver controls. And who wouldn’t want an inline six over some peaky 2.4L “MultiAir” mill that the new models use?

The 4.0 I6’s reputation precedes itself and needs no introduction here. To own one of these with 80,000 original miles would seem like a win; finding one with as little as this one is unimaginable. For owners of legendary trucks like this and the Toyota Tacoma lineup, it’s a seller’s market right now if your example is in immaculate condition with lower-than-average miles. While we’re certain the seller of this Cherokee is testing the waters in a big way, a sale price in the upper teens would not be unexpected.

While low-mileage survivors like these are always interesting, a late model example of such a vehicle presents an immediate conundrum: it won’t appreciate to a level with meaningful ROI anytime soon, and the more you drive it, the less possible it becomes to recoup your investment. As a long-lived vehicle with mechanicals that can take a beating, there are endless choices for a daily driver runner, so how do you use a truck like this? The seller may find most potential owners are asking themselves the same question. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Al G. for the find.

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  1. Adam

    id buy it and drive it. cars like this are meant to be driven and it will probably never be worth much more. Treat it like a new car.

  2. George

    If it were a tad bit cheaper, I’d seriously consider buying it and using it. These Jeeps are built like tanks and can take quite a beating. In addition, there are so many parts available, both OEM and aftermarket items.

  3. Akmtnguide

    My friend has one with 380,000 miles and still going. Hard to believe but with original clutch and he has only replaced the battery several times and the starter twice. The only problems are 3 of the windows won’t stay up so he uses door stops and it gets the “death wobble” above 50 mph. A few times on the Glenn highway we were wondering why the traffic was backed up and it was my buddy driving 48 mph. Interesting as he plans on driving it until it quits and drives the ALCAN once a year.

  4. Leon

    Values of old Jeeps will go up if a Chinese company tries to buy the brand. If so the new ones will be garbage

  5. OhU8one2

    With no doubt in my mind, I would drive it like it was a new car I just purchased. It’s better than setting in a museum for onlookers to look at . Sort of like Hippies back when I was a kid.

  6. Bill

    I have one and love it. They are easy and cheap to fix. Put a little money into it and keep going.

  7. Pa Tina

    I obviously am on the wrong page. How close does $22,000 get you to a brand new one under full warranty? I also see the word “reliable” in the write-up. That is not the first word that comes to mind when describing Jeep products of that era. Still not convinced they are reliable.

    • Justin

      You must be joking….The electronic gadgets in the Grands were kinda sketchy, but the Wranglers and XJs were damn near bulletproof. I had one that went well over 200k with regular maintenance and one fuel pump.

  8. glen

    I doubt these things will ever be collectible, so I don’t see any reason to treat it as an investment. I wouldn’t pay that much for it, but if it can be bought for less, use it as you see fit. Find some logging roads and back roads to ? enjoy

  9. Johnny

    I have always liked Jeeps. My wife nagged me to buy one, even though we really didn’t need a vehicle at the time. Purchased with 110,000 miles on it. Currently at 330,000 minimal repairs and motor still runs strong. Just wish it was 4×4. Go Jeep!

  10. Dan

    We just bought a 1999 Cherokee down in West Palm Beach….A 90yr old mans…..with just 54,000 miles. Only paid 3500 …..gave it to my daughter, should provide her dependable transportation thru college. I never seen one do less than 250,000 miles.

  11. Royal

    I live near where this is located is someone would like to pay me to go have a look at it. Inbox me on FB.

  12. John D.

    I was taking the inline 6 and V8 Grand Cherokees on trade with just under 200,000 miles and retailing them. The key to their reliability is/was ‘regular’ maintenance. I would love to have this Cherokee and do not think the asking price is out of line, but should be subject to negotiation. I think Jeff was correct in his write up about the transaction in the high teens.

    In my part of the country, rust was a bigger killer of these, not mechanicals. People would just patch them up and they would become trail riders.

  13. Howard A Member

    These were everything the older Cherokee’s weren’t. They addressed all the issues, except “death wobble”, which is not Jeep specific, and were great trucks. My experience with one, is not good, but I don’t hold that against it. I bought one, and the 6 cylinder puked on the way home from the dealer. ( which I think is extremely rare) Luckily, I got my money back, but it’s the same old thing, I’d never buy another ( except a CJ) While I do finally agree, the mileage appears correct, like PaTina says, the price does not insure reliability, especially on a vehicle that sat, and there’s nothing special about this Jeep, they were a dime a dozen, and I’m sorry, you’d be a fool to pay this kind of money for this. 5g’s, tops.

    • Keith

      I’ve also had a 2000 XJ, and a lot of other Jeeps. 2000-2001 were great years for these. While I think the price is rather nuts, I can’t agree with your analysis of $5g for this Jeep….there are literally XJs with 150k+ miles that are more than $5g. Seriously, I just sold my 2003 Liberty…a LIBERTY mind you, with 137k on it, rust in the rockers, AC not working, and 2 window lift motors broken, for $3750. This one….I’d say $10g-$12g would be expected (even if I still this that’s a bit nuts).

  14. grant

    This truck was written up a while ago on another site. The seller (flipper) claims to have bought it for his mother, but with such low miles she doesn’t want to drive it. Right. Wonder what he paid for it?

    • glen

      I guess she’d never buy a new car, just high mileage used vehicles.

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