$4,500 & Stored For 26 Years: 1951 Cadillac Series 62


Thanks to Pat L. for tracking down this great find! This hidden gem is a 1951 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan and it’s in Granby, Colorado, about 85 miles northwest of Denver. It can be found here, on craigslist, for $4,500, less than 1/3 of what the average sale of a 1951 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan has been over the last several years!


Wake up, sleepy head! Here’s the beautiful, Corinth Blue Caddy being stirred out of its resting spot where it’s been for the last 26 years. It hasn’t been started in a decade but the motor is as free as a bird, it just needs to have the carb rebuilt and a new carb kit comes with the sale. There are no interior photos at all, unfortunately, so I’m not sure what shape it’s in or what color it is. The seller says that the interior and glass are both good, so hopefully that’s enough for you to jump on this one sight-unseen. I think this is a killer deal, with a little work on the brakes, new belts, hoses, fluids, tires, maybe exhaust, etc, and a few fun weekends of cleaning and detailing you’d have a great car and a very great investment on your hands. Sure, a two-door sedan or convertible would be the way to go, but you’re not going to find one of those in this fantastic condition for $4,500. It’s not going to happen.


As you can see, this is a rust-free car, and that’s exactly what the seller mentions. You can also see a small crease on the bottom of the driver’s door, but maybe your preferred paintless-dent-removal technician can take care of that for a couple’a hundred bucks. It would be a shame to mess with the paint on this car, other than maybe a light cut-&-buff and a nice 1950s-style Simonize wax job. You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout! This Corinth Blue color would have been the wheel color, too, but red was an option. I love red wheels on a 1950s car so I may go that route, even though I’m a purist by heart and soul. But, it could always be changed back to the original blue. There’s something about seeing that peek-a-boo of red on a rim under the wheel cover that gets to me.


Let’s see a show of hands of those among us who wouldn’t want to dig into cleaning and detailing this beautiful 331 cubic-inch V8?! I thought so, the vast majority of us do. This beast only has 160 hp on tap for moving this two-ton couch-on-wheels but you’re not in it for speed when you buy a 1951 Cadillac Series 62, you’re in it for the ride, the quiet, serene ride. Not to mention the thumb’s up and the questions at the gas station and being asked to drive when you go out to eat with friends, etc. This car is going to go fast, there is no question about that. It’s a bargain at this price. Have any of you ever owned a 1950s Cadillac? It would be rare for a four-door Series 62 sedan to be restored, but it has happened. I would love to get things working perfectly, clean it up, and just enjoy it, how about you?


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  1. Norb

    Nice find, but at the top of the craigslist ad it says it was posted 2 months ago??? Surprised it would not be snapped up by now.

    • Brad C

      Makes you wonder if dozens have emailed that link… only to not get a response because the seller used an email address they never check.

      This has happened to me, I reply with serious and fervent enthusiasm, phone numbers, photos of my firstborn to prove I’m real… and get no response, with the ad still there weeks later. : (

      • JCW Jr.

        most likely it goes to a spam folder and they do not think about looking there. Then they wonder why no one has inquired about it.

      • Steve H

        Bingo! Spam folder. My craigslist replies to items I sell constantly go into my spam folder and I have to check several times daily. I’ve even added craigslist.org to my whitelist and they still go there, don’t know why.

    • Steve H

      Apparently a nice Caddy but the listing posted 2 months ago is a red flag as is the lack of interior pics. If the interior is “good,” that should be a selling point and shown in the pics.

  2. Oingo

    Love it., love the price but get real any vehicle stored this long is going to need a lot of work and a complete inspection of most every component and overhaul on many. The reason for it being parked is unknown which is always a great concern. I am thinking exhaust repair/replacement, carb rebuild, tires, radiator refurbed or replaced, gas tank cleaned, fuel pump, core plugs, belts hoses and filters, thermostat, battery (if newer one shown is not included) ignition wires, distributor cap, spark plugs, some wiring, all fluids, most brake components. Personally would do a conversion to an electric booster and at least front disk rather than replace OE system.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      I totally agree, Oingo. But, you’ll have $10,000 to spend on it before it gets up to the average selling price for a ’51 Series 62.

      • Oingo

        Agreed, that is why I love it and the price, love the color too. Just saying that I think that “a little work on the brakes, new belts, hoses, fluids, tires, maybe exhaust” is a touch optimistic. The fact it still has the air cleaner is a good indicator of it not being monkeyed with. Worth mentioning is that the chrome appears to be good which is major $$ and it would appear mechanical parts are available and at reasonable prices.

  3. Brad C

    Deliciously original. Fantastic find, hope it finds a good home.

  4. Larry K

    Love it!

  5. Chris

    Awesome car. This would be so fun to get running and drive around. I love the snow tires on the back. Funny the stuff people used to do with these cars when they were worth very little. My GSX had a trailer hitch on it when I got it…

  6. Woodie Man

    As a boy in the ….cough…. cough early…very early sixties, my Dad inherited from my Uncle a 1952 Caddie Series 62…. Identical to this but in a somber tone of grey. My favorite past time besides sitting behind the massive wheel was popping
    the rear light to get to the gas filler. My dad was a simple guy….owned a stripper ’61 Chevy so the Caddie went bye bye.

  7. Rock On Member

    Brad C., I found a set of wheels online. They were priced very reasonably. I e-mailed the seller and left numerous phone messages. I figured that they were probably long gone at that price. Two months later I came across the same add and my car still needed wheels. I called the number and the guy finally picked up. He still had the wheels! I scooted right over and got them for 80% of his asking price. You never know why some sellers are so lackadaisical but it pays to be persistent.

    • Brad C

      Absolutely – I’m currently re-reaching out… to a previous attempt to contact… a prior salutation… for a well-priced project with a largely complete spare parts car. We’ll see what happens, it’s been months but dammit if that little Craigslist ad is still there each time, waiting for me! : )

  8. roselandpete

    I wouldn’t buy a new car sight unseen much less an old, used, one. Every old car I ever bought far from my house, I flew out there to see it first. I’ve heard too many horror stories about buying old cars sight unseen and I figured the airfare, motel, and car rental was a relatively cheap investment.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      That’s very good insurance against ending up with a junker, roselandpete. I’ve had good luck with vehicle inspection companies, that $250 is a bargain compared to the nightmares that you mention.


    I had a ’49 4-door Caddie when I was at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in 1966. It was black,red wheels and black and white upholstery! Had the 4-speed Hydro which was a blast on dirt roads, power braking! Had some problems with rotten exhaust and rusted out front floors. Sounded like a gasser! Going done the highway it would catch the carpet on fire when you let off the gas! Didn’t need a hotel, it was big enough to sleep in! Backed it up in Lake Michigan, stood on the hood and hung 10, took a picture! Yes, they did surf on Lake Michigan to my surprise! what a car!!!👍

  10. Ck

    Rite now at this verry minute I have a 1947 series 62 for sale on my front lawn it has a flathead V8 (that doesnt run ) the color is grey and surface rust .Its a very very solid car but needs alot of work .I actually pulled It out of a barn about 8 yrs ago and moved it into mine.i was in the process of rebuilding my nova so there it sat because i didnt want to have another car in pieces while i did the nova. Well now the nova is done,But I did somthin crazy I bought another car .Its a 1970 Buick Electra Deuce an a Quotaa drop top .So Out goes the Cadillac to make room for the buick . Haven’t put it on craigs list yet (i have a hard time letting things go) but I supose i will have to at some point.I’m asking $2500 obo only had one guy stop so far maybe I’ll just keep it.LOL

    • Steve H

      Cool is it a 4 door? Do you have any pics? Post em up if you got em I’m sure we’d all love to see this bad boy.

  11. Ck

    Hey Steve,the caddy is a 4dr. i don’t hav any pics on my phone I’ll try and take a few when I get out of wrk tomorrow.

  12. Ck

    Sorry steve for some reason I cant post the picture of my caddy

    • Steve H

      Maybe you can’t post pics of cars you have for sale, as it might be considered as ad?

  13. Ck

    Here is a pic of my 47 caddy series 62

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