454 Four-Speed! 1970 Corvette Stingray

Novice enthusiasts may bracket all C3 Corvettes into the “forgettable” category on the basis of the mid-’70s low-point that crippled the Corvette and other cars with sub-200 horsepower V8s. Anyone who disregards this 1970 Chevrolet Corvette in a stop-light showdown won’t make that particular mistake again. Equipped with the monster 454 cid (7.4L) LS5 and a four-speed manual transmission, this shiny classic packs a wicked right hook. The listing here on craigslist asks $37,000 to own this big block ‘Vette. Thanks to reader rex m for spotting this sweet Stingray.

Only the big block hood interrupts the subdued styling. What looks like Donnybrooke Green paint has clearly been refreshed at some point. When folks talk about “a real Donnybrook,” they’re describing a crazy out-of-control situation, something that can happen anytime you bury the pedal and unleash 390 HP and an even 500 lb-ft of torque on the poor unsuspecting ’80s touring radials. Thanks to wikipedia for some details. Chrome mirrors and bumpers tattoo this ride as an early C3.

Corvette owners rarely praise the lack of a trunk or any exterior access to the stylish rear of the fiberglass-bodied C3. Call me a cynic, but this listing could have been thrown together by anyone who had 20 seconds to walk around this polished classic and snap four mobile phone pictures. Maybe Corvette shoppers don’t mind paying nearly $10,000 per picture. Sadly we get no view of the LS5 or the saddle leather interior.

My next project car will be some sort of big block four speed, but I hadn’t considered the ’70 Stingray until now. Sadly this one’s too nice for my budget. I’ll take one that looks like it just clawed its way out of a bar fight with a swollen smile on its face. Can you see yourself piloting this high-powered green machine?


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  1. George Mattar

    I owned a Brands Hatch Green 71 LS5 4 speed coupe in the mid 70s. Very fast, but not as fast as this car. Like Brands Hatch Green, Donneybrooke Green is a one year only color. This car is beautiful and fairly priced. 454s are rare. I own a 73 coupe now, but would dump it for this one.

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  2. gbvette62

    Looks like a nice, well equipped Corvette, at a reasonable price. It’s a shame the seller didn’t put a little more effort into telling us about, or showing us the car.

    Donnybrooke Green is a great color, and very close to Pontiac Verdoro Green. A few years ago, a friend of mine was restoring a 70 Doonybrooke coupe, at his shop. Before rubbing it out, the paint looked like military olive drab, so for some laughs he cut out some white stars, taped them to the doors, and took some pictures.

    Donnybrooke Green was named for Donnybrooke Speedway in Minnesota, now Brainerd International Raceway.

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  3. alphasud Member

    The green LS5 gets a big thumbs up! I will take green over yellow.

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  4. ruxvette

    Good looker based on 4 pictures. Priced a tad high but if it is what it is…a great weekend driver.

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  5. Mark

    Who wouldn’t want to tool around in a Vette like this, especially in green?
    But first swap out the wheels….a Kingswood Estate this ain’t.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      I like the PO3 optional wheels. There were some Corvette folks back in the day who thought of them as Grand Touring cars. The optional wheel kind of reinforced that image in my opinion. I am surprised there is no luggage rack, and that is not meant to be a BF cheap shot . Both Corvettes currently listed are amazing cars.

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  6. Tom

    Nice car . The 454 of course makes it more desireable.Seriously ,any old corvette in good shape would be fun to drive.200 horsepower or not.To take one of these older cars and run it hard is (or should be) a crime.Soon,most if not all will be gone.Lets take care ,enjoy and treat them as the treasures they are.As with any car this age.It would have to be gone over with a fine tooth comb.By someone who knew whats what.I would pay an expert for good advice

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  7. Frank Sumatra

    I like the PO3 optional wheels. There were some Corvette folks back in the day who thought of them as Grand Touring cars. The optional wheel kind of reinforced that image in my opinion. I am surprised there is no luggage rack, and that is not meant to be a BF cheap shot . Both Corvettes currently listed are amazing cars.

  8. Ed Jennings

    I had a 71 LS5 4speed. It was silver with red interior. Very fast and fun to drive. It was my daily driver for several years.

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  9. Mike F

    1973 was the first year GM detuned the engines and used EGR. I bought a ’73 Oldsmobile and, unlike my friend’s 1972 Oldsie, mine ran like crap the entire time I had it. Acceleration was, as per another friend with a 74 version, was like stepping in a bucket of @#$/. I personally would avoid mid 70s cars.

    • Eddie.bolt@simplot.com

      My Uncle went from a 71 GMC 4×4 (350) to a 74 Chevrolet 4×4 (350). The 74 was a complete dog! So weak he traded it in 13 months later on a 76 Chevy 4×4 (400). A little better, but not much.

  10. A.J.

    I’d take it in a heartbeat. Every time I see one of these come up, I think of the first time my grand daughter got in my ’71, Bridgehampton blue coupe. She sat for a minute, silent, then rubbed her hand over the dash and said “it’s beautiful”. She was right, and also about four years old.

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  11. Super Glide

    Handsome car with a fine motor and trans.

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  12. Ed Jennings

    1970 was the apex of factory muscle cars. In 1971, compression was lowered to levels that allowed operation on regular grade fuel. In 1972 the horsepower rating started being expressed in net HP, vs gross HP. These engines would still run on leaded fuel without issue. 1973 saw more pollution controls with a resulting loss of power. More if the same in 1974. In 1975, the catalytic converter pretty much choked horsepower into submission. The Corvette got a steel floor pan to resist the heat. In some states you could get away with removing the cat and running regular leaded gas. Others, not do much. That was the end of Corvette performance until the late 80’s with TPI.
    Within 10 years, HP was up over 345 NET HP. Now it’s double that figure.

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  13. socaljoe

    For the asking price it should already be gone

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