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46K Mile California Car: 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider

Whenever I see a classic boat-tail Alfa Romeo Spider, it reminds me of one of my saddest and fondest junkyard finds of a near-identical specimen that has sadly rotted past reasonable salvation. This Alfa is a much better car, combining low mileage with long-term California residence which helps to keep the pesky tinworm at bay. The seller has listed the ’69 Spider here on craigslist for $29,888 with its stunning headlight covers in place and 46K miles on the clock.

Oh, mama mia! The hind quarters of this car are as good as it gets. The Spider went through several renditions, and there is little doubt in my mind this was the best version of the long-standing recipe. The Spider I’ve seen in a western Massachusetts junkyard has been there for decades and not many usable parts are left, but you’ll never mistake it from the rear. This example looks spot-on with its slim chrome bumpers and svelte tail lamps.

While Alfa didn’t deviate much over the long-term production of its Spider, the early cars are distinctive in numerous ways. Besides the back end with its “boat tail” appearance, the ensconced headlights were another tell-tale sign. The interior may have been refreshed but it never was substantially re-designed, at least not until the 90s model appeared. The gearshift was always in its familiar location, jutting out high in the dash. Through and through, this Alfa looks the part of a California survivor.

The seller notes the Alfa was owned by a California song writer named Dino Fekaris and then by its last owner since 1998, so it’s had a pretty quiet history as it relates to owner turnover. Those are usually cars worth owning, and this Alfa is no exception. The seller notes it was parked for a while due to owner illness but has since been recommissioned and is running well. I suspect these have hit their peak in terms of value, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not a wonderful car to own and preserve for the long-term.


  1. John Eder

    “I’ve got one word for you, Benjamin: plastics.”

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  2. doug

    What did this thing cost new? Maybe $4000. It’s not a hot market for a car that didn’t sell when new.

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  3. Bick Banter

    Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson.

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  4. ccrvtt

    The car may not have sold well when new, but its place in what became one of the most influential movies of its time makes it an iconic ride. Dustin Hoffman was just starting his own iconic career. Bick and John get it. Perhaps doug is of a later generation.

    But back to the car itself – the headlight covers, the elegant tail end, and those gorgeous dohc covers are indeed what make this one special. As for the price – it’s not going to get any cheaper any time soon.

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  5. Euromoto Member

    Now we’re talking. Little Euro is a Porsche boy, but I’ve flirted with pretty Italians (a Moto Guzzi snuggles up with the 911 in the garage as I type). The ivory paint is a refreshing departure from Rosso Corsa and the interior is nice, but not overdone, this is a sweet spot car, respectable presentation, but just tatty enough to drive without worry. Wish I could.

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  6. Stu

    These cars are a delight to drive. I have one residing in my garage. Not as nice as this one, but I love it still.

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  7. t-bone bob

    Located in Buellton, CA

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    • John Eder

      If you buy and pickup this vehicle, be sure to stop for some split pea soup at Anderson’s on 101 in Buellton (and don’t forget nearby Solvang-yum!).

      You might have to slide the driver’s seat aft one click afterward to clear the steering wheel…

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  8. matthew grant

    I was given one by my big brother (who had inherited a ton of money at age 20) for high school graduation. same year, different color. other than it’s finicky nature and oil pan 2 inches off the ground which I sheered off twice, I loved the car and yearn for one to this day. but I live in mexico now in a town of cobble stone streets and it would not do well. so, alas, I fantasize. nice little car, the most lovely design and the rear to this day still, to me, is the most amazing looking rear fascia of any car of the 50 I have owned.

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  9. Frank Barrett Member

    The best of the Spiders, a fun driver, and sure to appreciate. The price is way less than the cost of restoring one, so just buy it.

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  10. Michael Kevin Costello Member

    I love this car!

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  11. Richard

    Those of us who are older will always associate these cars with Dustin Hoffman, and “The Graduate.” It’s one of my favorite movies.
    You’d have a hard time finding a nicer example.
    Back in the day, it was a competitor to the MGB and TR4.
    Having owned a Fiat, I would expect it to be a high-needs car with respect to maintaininence, but surely a blast to drive.

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  12. V12MECH

    Looks good, needs inspection, caly car, that’s good, alfa’s , pre 1970 were a good as gold bet a year ago, but there is some softening in prices, depending type and condition, this is in the ballpark today, projects seem to have hit a wall currently, at this condition, buy , enjoy, and hold on to it.

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  13. Clayton Mitropoulos

    Great 1750 swap out replace with twin webers put in a higher lift cams headers and a stiffer suspension and you can kick the tail out feather the throttle and blast around town
    I’ll keep mine until I am dead

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  14. Greg in Texas

    Trunk line is suggesting damage. Wavy hood as well. Respray might have Bondo under there. It’s probably minor but look at it in person. Learn what to look for. Still a valuable car. The bad door line is normal sagging hinge most likely, a common affliction and correctable. Not bad actually. But the respray and wavy hoodline and trunk fitment at pics taken at a distance suggests caution on price. That said: if all metal is good, you can get it corrected and these are going to always appreciate in value. The right buyer will not take a hit.

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