472 Cubic Inches and FWD! 1969 Cadillac Eldorado

Marketed as part of the Fleetwood line from 1965 through 1972, Cadillac’s Eldorado appealed to people who valued style, luxury, and power over anything resembling economy or thrift. Driving an Eldorado is like saying “Money is no concern to me.” This 1969 Fleetwood Eldorado in Asbury Park, NJ will only set you back $7999, so it’s perfect if you refuse to pay $8000 for a car. That’s a lot to ask for a car that doesn’t start, run, drive, or stop, but the listing here on Facebook Marketplace, describes a classic in decent original condition, and it shows well.

Like Cadillacs of the 2000s, this Eldorado appears to have been designed using only a straight-edge. Engineers on the project experimented with square road wheels, but ultimately bowed to convention with the round wheels and tires you see here. Joking aside, I’m a big fan of this design, though I’d prefer a ’67 or ’68 for the hidden headlights.

Not to be outdone by muscle cars, or any car for that matter, Cadillac installed the gargantuan 472 cid (7.7L) V8, touted in sales literature as “the largest production V-8 to ever power a passenger car,” and mated it to a three-speed automatic transmission powering the front wheels. The 1967 Eldorado began Cadillac’s belief that front-wheel drive’s advantages in traction (engine weight on the drive wheels) and packaging (nearly flat floor with minimal driveline “hump”) made this configuration a logical choice for high-tech luxury cars. With 375 HP and 525 lb-ft of velvety torque on tap, *not* igniting the front wheels requires more effort than doing so.

Standard features on the Eldorado included power windows, air conditioning, and automatic climate control. I remember checking out the temperature wheel on one of these decades ago in Florida and the owner told me “I can drive to California and never touch it.” The two-tone black-and-white interior is one of my favorites, perfectly complimenting this car’s Palmetto Green paint, or any color for that matter. Used Eldorados of this vintage are plentiful in the market. You could probably find a nearly perfect specimen for this one’s asking price, but you might get lucky and discover after some tune-up parts and a thorough cleaning that this “as is” special is nearly perfect itself. What would you give for the chance to find out?

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  1. RedBaran

    I’m thinking this is about a 7-8 mpg car…? God Bless ‘Merica!

    • Dave

      Gas was 20 cents a gallon back then. If you could provoke your muscle car driving opponent to light ’em up and you didn’t they’d have a lot of trouble catching up.

    • jerry

      heres another thing ,good luck finding front wheel drive parts for this ,such as cv joints there was a woman in town had a car like this, high millage , needed a complete front end rebuild, gm dealer told here no parts to fix it ,all obsolete, so she scrapped it!

    • Joe Spinelli

      More like 7-8 GPM

  2. Sporty

    Looks like it was submerged.

    • Chebby Staff

      If it’s in Asbury Park, this car could have been damaged by Hurricane Sandy. It almost wiped my old town of Sea Bright off the map.

    • Duaney Member

      I went back and looked at the photo’s. I think what you’re seeing is just the typical result of the high humidity in NJ, any vehicle not stored in a heated dehumidified garage in that area will look like this one. If the engine turns over, that would be a positive.

  3. Joe Machado

    My first thought was, this car was not a good swimmer.
    Second thought, that electronics dont like swimming either.
    And, I am not a good swimmer, so I do not want a boat without a rudder.
    High priced gas in 69 was 38 cents.

  4. Chuckster

    That rope by the wheel, pull starter perhaps ?

  5. PaulG

    This 8th generation of the Eldorado was built from 67-70, and was not marketed as part of the “Fleetwood” line…
    This is worthy of a refresh and drive, but to fully restore it would be much too costly for any return.

    • Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

      HI PaulG – Regarding “Fleetwood Eldorado,” I was simply going by what looks like a legitimate sales brochure from 1969. See what you think. http://www.lov2xlr8.no/brochures/cadillac/69cadillac/bilder/4.jpg

      • PaulG

        I stand corrected Todd. Never heard or seen any Eldorado referred to as a Fleetwood. Thanks for teaching me something!

      • Dave

        I always thought that Fleetwood was the name of a body manufacturer, like Fisher Body.

      • Skorzeny

        Todd, that brochure says seventeen other interiors available… Try that in a new car!

    • Ralph

      Cadillac moved the Eldorado into the Fleetwood series of cars starting in 1963 when all the Fleetwood cars started using the wreath and crest instead of the V and crest like on the 61/Calais and DeVilles.

      Cadillac used “Fleetwood” on and off on the Eldorado in brochures and even in service/shop manuals through 1981.

  6. Frank Fitz

    Almost unstoppable during and after incredibly miserable Michigan snow/ice storms back in the day.

  7. dave

    I am more interested in the Riv next to it.

    • Butch Ellis

      I got an Eldo and a Riv….

      • SG Member

        Rub it in Butch lol. Sounds like a problem I would love to have!
        One day I will….

  8. John Albera

    If you look into it I think everything is available for the front wheel drive. I know the axles are, and there is plenty of aftermarket support for the th425 transaxle. The 67-69’s are my favorite Eldorados.

  9. BR

    It needs to have a duplicate drive train in the trunk.

  10. Bbob

    Nice ride had a 70 coupe with the 472 sweet

  11. Philip

    I had a 1970 model for a few years with the 8.1 liter 500 cu.i. with 400 HP and 550 lb-ft torque engine. Bought it in 1979 for $800 in Santa Rosa, CA from an owner’s ad, a very nice driver. Incredible acceleration for such a heavy car, 4,900 lbs. I prefer the 1970 power train over the earlier models with the hidden headlights. Amazing car. I would love to own a really nice one again, not this dog, if I had a garage large/long enough for it, 221″ x 80″, in San Francisco. The ultimate luxury muscle car, the end of an era.

  12. dyno dan

    8K. Nothing works. Needs everything. All original!

  13. chrlsful

    glad they took the blue tarp off, that’s gunna kill it.
    Lets go – buy it (the ol hulk). Rather an early 60s blk LC:


  14. Jack Hammer

    Let’s see: it doesn’t start, run, drive, or stop, but it’s in decent original condition? I wonder where it was originally purchased. Nice color.

    Didn’t see your post, Dan. Sorry.

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