47k Original Miles: 1993 Buick Regal Gran Sport Coupe

The Gran Sport badge had found its way across a variety of barnstorming Buick products since 1965. At the end of the 1980s, it found its way onto the front-wheel-drive Regal model, and while it did offer some improvements in suspension and steering, the days of the thundering V8 were a distant memory. This 1993 Regal Gran Sport Coupe is a tidy survivor that is claimed to have a genuine 47,000 miles on the clock. Its condition appears to be extremely impressive, and I have to say a huge thank you to Barn Finder Alex B for spotting it for us. Located in Cambridge, Minnesota, you will find the Buick listed for sale here at Sand’s Auto Sales. The asking price has been set at $6,995.

The Buick is finished in Maui Blue Metallic, and the paint holds an impressive shine. All of the usual Gran Sport body additions are still in place, including the distinctive integrated fog lamps and the “aero” rocker moldings. These are in good condition, with no evidence of any cracks or damage. The panels are straight, and the gaps are consistent across the car. The 16″ aluminum wheels appear to be in good condition, with no evidence of damage or stains. The glass seems to be flawless, while the plastic trim shows no sign of deterioration.

When it comes to inviting interiors, the Regal Gran Sport isn’t found wanting. The owner will find themselves with air conditioning, leather upholstery, a leather-wrapped tilt wheel, power windows, power locks, a power driver’s seat, cruise, and acres of timber trim. The condition of this interior is well above average for a Regal of this age. The leather upholstery looks soft and supple, with no signs of cracking or wear. The plastic is free from the sort of deterioration that can occur due to age or UV exposure. The carpet is clean, while the dash shows no evidence of fading or cracking.

The owner supplies no engine photos, but we know that the Buick features a 3.8-liter V6 that sends its 170hp to the front wheels via a 4-speed automatic transmission. Power steering is part of the package, as are power brakes with ABS. The days of lightning-fast performance were distant memories for the Gran Sport badge, but this one should still be capable of covering the ¼ mile in 17.2 seconds. While the Gran Sport didn’t bring any engine updates, it did feature upgrades to the suspension and steering that were designed to make the car handle better, and to feel more sporting. The owner indicates that the Regal has a genuine 47,000 miles showing on its odometer. However, he doesn’t mention whether he holds evidence to verify this claim. Given the asking price, this sort of information would be vital when determining the vehicle’s value.

If you go out into the market today, you will be hard-pressed to spot a 1993 Regal Gran Sport Coupe that presents as nicely as this one. You will also struggle to find one with a similar odometer reading. The price is a sticking point for me because there are plenty of examples available at present for under $3,000. However, they don’t match this one in the two areas that I’ve just mentioned. Do those factors justify paying a premium? That’s a tough call to make. While most people would say that it doesn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did sell for somewhere close to the asking price. Do we have any readers who might be interested?


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  1. nycbjr Member

    I loved the W body GM cars as I was 18 and they looked so futuristic when you looked at there predecessors. I wanted a grand prix so much, but with a stick, good luck finding any!

    In truth they weren’t great cars, but not terrible either.

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  2. CaRcRaZy Dan

    This has high Radwood car show potential and is kind of rare. When I was in my teens i wanted a late 80s early 90s grand prix coupe, Buick LeSabre T type coupe. In the end i had a 1990 lumina euro coupe. These look great in black too!

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    • theGasHole

      Dan I’ve had both an ’89 Lesabre T-Type and a ’90 Grand Prix Turbo. Both amazing cars for their time. The Grand Prix was quicker and more fun to drive, the T-Type more of a “Tourer” type car. I have not gotten a Lumina Euro or the elusive Lumina Z-34, but they are on my radar.

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  3. Ted-M

    Not positive but thought the GS were supercharged!

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    • Gary

      I owned a 95 Regal GS which did not have a supercharger. I don’t recall ever seeing a Regal that was.

      • Ralph

        1997 and up Regal GS was supercharged but its a total restyle of the W body.

    • Sean M

      Not until they went 4-Door in 1997. Then they went to the Supercharged 240hp. I had a ‘93 Black coupe in Black/Tan. Loved that car!

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    • James Schwartz

      The next “generation” of the Regal (starting in 1997) could get the supercharged 3.8 V6, but not this generation.

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  4. Tom c

    Beware of rot underneath the body cladding.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      Beware body-cladding in general. Ugly as sin and way overused.

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  5. Steve Clinton

    A good friend’s father owned one of these and I always thought the design was weird! Especially the greenhouse.

  6. Keith

    The Lupient dealer badge tells me this one’s been in Minnesota most/all its life. Unless Grandma was a snowbird, watch out for rust.

    Kinda cool, in an early ’90s sort of way, but lack of oomph prevents it from ever being a collectible IMO. And, on the flip side, it’s not enough of a beater to justify doing a “top swap” and seeing how much time you get.

    Solid driver potential… if it sold for half the price. (Seriously. That lot is 15 minutes from me. If they were asking $3500, I’d be down there right now.)

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    • Larry

      And of course the seller did not provide any pics of the chassis or engine, areas which show rust when present. Hmmmmmm…….

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  7. Michael McAuley

    3.8 engine same as the Gran National could probably be retrofitted with turbo.

  8. Lance Platt

    It will never be a collector car like a GS Stage 1 or Grand National or a GTO so that would affect the value. Despite it’s great appearance, it is a 28 year old used car. The color is beautiful, the equipment is good, the GS ride and handling package helps any Buick and the fake wood with bucket seats make for the perfect interior. Buick doesn’t even make a new passenger cars just SUVs in a crowded market. Verdict,: very desirable car that is now old enough for an antique car club or fun cruise in but probably not a great investment.

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  9. Richard Isenberg

    So. The price on the Buick my be worth it depending on where the car spent it’s life. Was it in a winter and salt area or a dry climate.

  10. Bruce

    I had a black 94 GS. Loved it traded it for a new MonteCarlo SS. This was a much nicer car.

  11. David Miraglia

    I am a recent Buick fan thanks to years of ignoring Buick and the purchase of my 2013 model. Buick’s are sleepers compared to Cadillac and Chevy. I never thought that I would desire a Gs or a Grand National, Buick’s just slip under the collectors radar.

  12. M_Wolf

    If I had the extra cash and a spot for another car, I’d be all for it. I like these for their style, and they weren’t bad cars if taken care of.

    The price is high, but in my mind, it just adds some slight assurance that a nice, old car won’t end up in the hands of someone who just trashes it. People who would buy this car at that price probably value it more, and would actually preserve it as it deserves to be. All those 50’s and 60’s classics were just everyday cars too. And at one point, were just old cars.

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  13. Richard Isenberg

    I had a1979 cutlass supreme. Exact color everything the same.obviously they had a slightly different style. It was beautiful but I was forced to sell it financially. Long story short it ended up with a nice retired lady who gave it to her grandson as in high school ruin cars grandson. Wow. Heartbroken when I saw what took place.

  14. William Lusher

    This is not a 3.8 but a 3.3L V-6-need to get that corrected unless it had gone though an engine swap. Check the facts!

    • Larry Haas

      This car has the factory 3.8 Tuned port injection V6. I purchased the car and it is immaculate inside and out. The engine looks brand new. I talked with the original owner. She is in her middle 70’s and bought the car new. The car is now in Florida and part of a Buick collection.

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