$4,900 Or Offer! 1976 AMC Pacer 4X4


I know, I know, not another average, everyday Pacer.. Wait a minute.. This is a 1976 AMC Pacer 4X4 and you know that you want this one! At least just once, to drive it home and see what your spouse says about it. This custom 4×4 is listed on eBay with no takers at a $4,900 Buy It Now price! You can always make an offer, too. This one is located in sunny Dolan Springs, Arizona.


Ha, this thing is actually pretty cool and a LOT of work went into building this creation. The builder added General Motors front and rear axles and an International Scout 4 speed transmission and transfer case to a regular Pacer undercarriage! Now that’s creative. The body looks great and other than needing to have that RF tire fixed (it’s getting low), things look pretty solid on the exterior. The seller mentions that it needs new tires anyway. You’ll definitely have room for groceries, but only if you can lift them up high enough to put them in the hatchback.


This would be perfect for Arizona or anywhere, come to think of it. I’d hate to drive it in the salty, snowy areas, but it would be a fun winter vehicle, rust be danged. I love the twin-bumper setup on the front and rear, that’s pretty creative and well done. This photo is a little blurry, but this thing would draw a crowd around it at any gas stop or grocery store run, there’s no question about it. For less than $5,000, maybe even with shipping included, if you can get it for a good price, this would be a fun vehicle to own.


The interior is custom, too. Unfortunately, the dash is cracked, as most people don’t use a $2 sun shield when they park. The seats are not Gremlin-X seats with those velour inserts but they sure look nice. You can see the cacophony of shifters on the tunnel there in-between the front seats; cool. If ever there was a hairy-chest, manly-man AMC Pacer, this is it.


This car has been sitting for a couple of years so it’ll need a little elbow grease to get it back to working great again. The brakes will need to be checked out and they need a vacuum booster, and the ignition switch needs to be replaced. The seller mentions that this is a 304 V8 and it would have had around 150 hp. The AC is there but, as is the case 99.9% of the time, it’ll need work to blow cold again. I think this would be a fun winter project and all of the work seems very doable for almost anyone. What do you think of this custom AMC Pacer 4X4? It seems like it’s worth $4,900, doesn’t it?


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  1. Howard A Member

    This has Jeffro written all over it! I love it! I tell ya’, stuff like this must make the foreign countries news. “And this just sighted in America”,,, Nothing frumpy about this Pacer, and since I love Pacers, and 4×4’s, this is the coolest 4×4 I’ve ever seen. Good work.
    Now, to quote Jeff Foxworthy, “You might be a redneck, if you can change the oil in your truck without jacking it up”.

    • Jeffro

      You mean people actually have to jack their truck up to change the oil? Rookies!

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Not Me ! LOL :)

      • Howard A Member

        HI DG, close enough. :)

  2. Trent Poole

    “We are not worthy !”

  3. Another Bob

    With Blizzaks and a Roof box, the coolest car at Teluride.

  4. Jeffro

    I do like this. Definitely different. Running boards would have to go. And spare would go on a roof rack. Do those few things and this vehicle is ready for zombie apocalypse.

  5. CelestialGryphon

    I’m with Another Bob. seems perfect here in the rockies.

  6. Bingo

    Mullet machine!!

  7. JW

    I’m ready for the thumbs down brigade, I hate it as the pacer was ugly enough without using a 4×4 frame and running gear to make it worse. Give me that 85 Toyota pickup 4×4 from the other day and I can die happy.

    • Jeffro

      Atleast it’s a Pacer and not a rare Vette, Mustang, or Charger. And I’m going to give you a thumbs up cause I respect your opinion.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi JW, what thumbs down brigade? I know, the Toyota was nice, but this doesn’t make a lick of sense. That’s what’s so cool about it. Makes a statement, that’s for sure, and with all due respect, this baby will suck that poor Toyota through the air intake :)

      • JW

        Hi Howard, yes it makes a statement but the wrong one, Pacers are fudgly enough without help, the Toyota will still be running when that thing is parked at the side of the trail and I’m not a big foreign car fan. America first … JMHO !!!

      • Jeffro

        Give someone a welder, time, and alot of beer…well, this might be the result

  8. DrinkinGasoline

    It’s a far cry from the ’75 DL that was my dad’s that i fixed and drove after he parked it. I love it ! I certainly would drive it through N.E.Ohio winters ! I do agree about the roof rack for the spare though.
    Wayne’s World….kicked up a few notches, literally !

  9. gene

    Redneck ingenuity never stops to amaze me.
    “I did it because I could” …….and I wanted to be different.


    Needs a 360 390 or 401 but I’d stick a 258 six in there for some grunt and save some weight. Best looking Pacer I’ve ever seen. AMC should of made em.

  11. G 1

    kinda reminds yah of a turtle.

  12. Ck

    Definatly not Phill Donahue’s Pacer

    • Jett

      Uh, are you confusing mark and Phil Donahue…? And if so, when did mark Donahue ever race a Pacer?

  13. Scot Douglas

    If this was closer to Michigan, I’d have myself the absolute best winter beater.

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