4Porte In The Barn: 1980 Maserati Quattroporte III

This Maserati Quattroporte suffered the same fate as many of these 4Porte cars did. It had it’s 4.9 liter V8 engine extracted for use in a different car. In this case, it’s engine went to a Maserati 450S replica, which is probably a more fun place for it to reside. That being said, it’s still a bit of a shame considering how nice the rest of this car appears to be. Even after sitting in a barn for 20 years, it is fairly solid (for a Maserati of this era) and the interior actually looks to be in very good shape. Since it’s missing the engine and title, it’s being offered as a parts car and it definitely has lots of good parts to give. You can find it here on eBay in Pottstown, Pennsylvania with a BIN of $1,500 and the option to make an offer.

If you happen to own a Quattroporte III, this one would be worth buying simply for the interior. It really does look to be in good shape and could provide another car with lots of hard to find parts. And I’m sure there are lots of mechanical, trim, and electrical parts here that could be reused. Given its condition, it seems like a shame to part it and crush the rest, but that might be the only option for it.

When the engine was pulled, the VIN and title were also taken for the 450S replica. If it still had a VIN and title, I think it would actually be cool to drop an American V8 under the hood. Being an automatic car, it would have had a Chrysler sourced A727 transmission, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to mount a Mopar V8 in it. A 318 would be the perfect fit and would give you a bit more torque than the original engine.

Depending on where you live, it might actually be possible to register this as a special construction vehicle. You will want to check with your local DMV if it’s possible or feasible. Does anyone here have any experience with getting a VIN and title this way? Is it a possibility or is this Maserati doomed to be stripped of all its good bits before being shipped off to the crusher?


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  1. Kurt

    That interior is nice. I’d follow your advice and put Chrysler components back in for a conversation starting daily driver.

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  2. Christopher A. Junker

    Since September I think this is the second one of these from Pottstown PA. Between the two cars there might be enough engine and parts to make one good 450S engine. The Chrysler engine and tranny swap in would make a nice winter project and next year driver. The interior really looks good.

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  3. Doc

    Shame it doesn’t have a vin and title. This is one of the few times where I would have agreed with dropping an American crate motor in…

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  4. Ian Evans

    Also has a Jag style IRS with inboard discs

  5. Del

    Vin and title gone.

    POS parts car. not worth 200 bucks

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  6. Gloin

    Has the rare Pumpkin interoir

  7. Scott

    Maserati 450S one of the most beautiful cars ever.

    • t-BONE BOB


  8. LARRY

    That is one beautiful interior! Definitely put a 318 or other decent engine in it and drive! As far as registration goes..I’ve registered several vehicles through Vermont dmv and then used that registration to get my state’s registration and its completely legal

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    • Ethan M

      There probably is a way to make it legal. Just with a new VIN assigned by the DOT of whatever state will give you a title. Beyond that this car needs a good paint job and about 500HP to get it going properly. I have a QPIII and it is so heavy and smogged out that it can’t get out of its own way.

  9. Christopher A. Junker

    $1500 may be too much as even after $$$ refurbishing the body, running gear and sourcing the engine, it still is only a Chryserati. I also wonder how many Jag parts are in it.

    • Ethan M

      Even nice QPIIIs are still relatively cheap, so it doesn’t make much sense to restore a car like this to factory spec. It make more sense to do a crazy drivetrain swap and make the car how you want it.

      I have a feeling it’s a good car to be holding in 10-15 years. About a decade ago you could get a 60s Quattroporte in this condition for a throwaway price. Now it would be worth $20k+ if not rusted to bits.

      I don’t think there’s a whole lot of Chrysler in the QPIII beyond the torqueflite and the HVAC controls. You’re thinking of that Maserati Lebaron abomination.

      • Jack Dale

        This is VERY RARE–only an “intellectually-compromized-Gentleman” would take good metal like this to a crusher. interior looks good. It’d be EASY to get another Vin. 1821 of these were made from ’79 -84, LESS than 2 thousand, means you’re going to be the TOP ITALIAN Dog, with a 440/Hemi-power,–what SHOULD have been in the car to begin with, except the Italians heavily TAX, TAX, TAX, the size/displacement of an engine. It is a REAL BARGAIN @ $1500, because a good fender for a car like that could bring $3,000! The quarters & other fender could bring ANOTHER $9,000, plus the interior’s worth $600 per seat or More. That “parts-car” is “Worth” $10 – 15K, MINIMUM, if you already had one, and needed parts from it! Unless rusted throughout, you should NEVER, EVER, EVER, Even SPEAK…of “crushing” such a RARE parts-car!!! This is “Advice” & as such does NOT constitute any type of attack.

  10. Doyler

    Nice color.


    Chrysler 440 is the engine of choice for these. It drops in without a lot of issues.

  12. Del

    Nice interior ??

    Since when, drivers inside door panel is gone……

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    • Ethan M

      It’s in the back seat. A typical neglected QPIII interior looks like a crime scene.

  13. Eigil

    12 valve swap..? -..no?

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