5 Mile Intimidator: 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo took a rest from 1989 to 1994. When it came back as a 1995 model, it was a front wheel drive car very similar to the Lumina 4 door. A new generation in 2000 brought back vertical taillights while continuing front wheel drive. Chevrolet was also using the Monte Carlo in NASCAR for these generations. Several special editions were available during the racing years. Here is a 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Intimidator with only five miles, yes that’s five, as in one, two, three, four, five! It is for sale here on Craigslist in Tacoma, Washington for $50,000. So the miles have a lot of zeros in front of the 5, while the price has a lot of zeros behind the 5.

Well, you’ve got to admit it’s a nice car. It is museum quality. It is listed as a Collectors Edition Intimidator Dale Earnhardt barn find with only one registered owner. The seller says it is an authentic Richard Childers Racing Enterprises Edition. I’m not sure I would call this a barn find. Somebody was keeping up with this car’s whereabouts and it wasn’t forgotten off in some barn in rural Washington for the past 16 years I’m pretty sure.

No pictures are included of the interior or the engine. Apparently, there were 3,333 made, but nothing saying which number this one is. This is the kind of car you wouldn’t think of going to Craigslist to find but maybe eBay, Hemmings or one of the well know auction companies. In fact, Barrett-Jackson sold one at a Las Vegas auction in 2015 for $29,700. Currently, there are three listed on Hemmings.com. One has 5,500 miles for $19,900 in Jacksonville, Florida; a second one has 185 miles for $29,900 in Hubbard, Ohio; and a third one with, get this, 5 miles for $28,500 in Federal Way, Washington. Hmm, Federal Way is apparently a suburb just 11 miles from Tacoma. What do you want to bet it’s the same car. My money is on it being the same. An interior shot from Craigslist appears very similar to the scene in the Hemmings listing.

I don’t know about you, but Intimidator is the right name for this car, or at least the dealer selling it. I am intimidated by that $50,000 price. Let me guess, if you walked in the dealer and offered him $30,000, I’d bet he’d take it without hesitation. By the way, trades are welcome.

For those interested in comparing to see if they think this is the same car, or if there are two in the Tacoma area with both having five miles, here is the Hemmings link.

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  1. TimS Member

    I love and miss my 2001 LS Monte. But no way is one of these a $50,000 car. Multiple driver quality classics or even contemporary performance cars could be had for that kind of coin.

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  2. jdjonesdr

    Umm…… nope. People in Hell want ice water too.

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  3. Jeff

    That price is insane– it’s another case where rarity does not equate to valuable. To an interested party, this is maybe a low-20s car (about what it cost when new).

    Personally, I thought this, along with the same-period Impala, was one of the absolute worst designs Chevrolet ever produced. The prior-generation MC was admittedly nothing special, but was at least conservatively handsome. The styling on this generation was a train smash.

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  4. Jimmy

    Not a NASCAR fan so I have a question, did Nascar run front wheel drive cars ???

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    • Brad

      I haven’t followed NASCAR for some time, but they’re all still rear-wheel drive as far as I am aware. There’s nothing stock about a NASCAR vehicle these days, nor were any cars in stock form back when the Monte Carlo was represented during the 2000s. They “resemble” the car in it’s body shell, and that’s about it. Everything under the skin is pure business. Last I saw, they were racing Toyota Camrys at NASCAR, too. I’d bet they weren’t front-wheel drive, either.

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    • Polarisky

      Just got back from Dover, every one of those cars spun the rear wheels when leaving the pit…

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      • Lynn Dockey Member

        that is done to heat the tires for better traction

  5. Dale W

    Same car in both ads. The photo with the car cover on shows the same motorcycle sitting behind the car…

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  6. Superdessucke

    Ugh. Someone picked the wrong car to store. If he would have put that money in a mutual fund in 2002….

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  7. Steve A

    I needed a good laugh today!

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  8. Lynn Dockey Member

    I’m gonna bet that not one thing on a nascar stock car is stock.

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    • Dick Johnson

      WHAAAAATTTT!?!??? No manufacturer uses titanium lug nuts on production cars? Rats.

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  9. Dave Mazz

    What about the air in the tires….or does NASCAR use nitrogen now?

    • Lynn Dockey Member

      U guessed it and those Goodyear racing eagles are not available from any manufacturer that I know of

    • Dick Johnson

      Helium. Reduces unsprung weight.

  10. Wolfgang Gullich

    There’s no way a Lumina clone is worth $50K, especially as these were horrid cars with a terribly weak automatic transmission. If you want an example of everything that was wrong with GM in the early 2000s, this car is a prime example.

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  11. Timmy

    2 years ago there was an actual 2000 Monte Carlo that the intimidator drove in competition twice,still in race trim sb2 engine,complete it was priced at 26k the owner used it as a display car at car shows

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  12. ctmphrs

    It’s Richard Childress racing, not Childers

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    • Lynn Dockey Member

      Rodney Childers is a crew chief

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  13. Dovi65

    Based on the ultra-low mileage, I wold say the original buyer was a Chevy dealer. Buying a 2002 GM snoozer, and stashing it away for 16 years? Thinking that GM snoozer is now worth $50k? Obviously, not a very savvy investor. At most, even to a complete Dale Sr fan, this is a $20k novelty
    It’s a malaise-era Chevy Lumina with a few extra decals.

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    • Lynn Dockey Member

      Ironhead fan will buy this car at the price advertised. To most of his fans nascar died the day he did.

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  14. KevinLee

    $50,000 for an old grandma car? Nope!

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  15. Mark

    I wish someone would have told me how much low mileage counts if it has the Earnhardt name on it. Many years ago I purchased some NASCAR “baseball” cards for my son at the old local K-Mart…….only driven 1.5 miles back to the house…….could it be guys that my ship has finally come in?

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    • Lynn Dockey Member

      some cards could buy u a tire, some could buy u a case of beer and others can buy a bag of chips

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  16. Markr

    Not in this lifetime!?!

  17. Del

    I owned one for 13 years. Very reliable and luxury ride.

    I have owned many cars and this one was a Gem.

    Putting decals on a car does not make it worth asking price.

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  18. DENNIS

    $28,500 in Hemmings Ad. Maybe not a bad deal. A pretty neat 16 year old car with no mileage for under $29k

  19. Ken

    I had a ’96 Monte Carlo Z34 from 2000 to 2009. Put a ton of miles on it and never had a problem.

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  20. Greg

    Earnhardt died in 2001. How is this 2002 vehicle revelant to his pedigree?

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  21. Wrong Way

    I wouldn’t care less about the miles on it! That price is way over the top anyone with common sense knows that! LMAO

  22. ACZ

    NASCAR has nothing to do with “stock” cars anymore. That’s why all the empty seats at all the races.
    Manufacturers use the sticker, decal, and stitching models to try to stir interest in slow moving models. Nothing wrong with that. What is completely wrong with this is the $50K price tag.
    Someone at home said “it goes or I go” and the seller has made his decision.

  23. Fiete T.

    This cars are just “Meh.”
    Like Ed Wellburn took a day off and these rolling suppositories were committee approved that day-

  24. Steve S

    Jimmy the v8 version of this car was rear wheel drive

    • Lynn Dockey Member

      What year was the monte a rear drive V8?

      • ACZ

        1970 through 1988. Anything later was FWD.

  25. Brett Yant

    Found one of these 2 yrs ago for sale in the upper northeast with 895 miles for 16,995, I don’t see much difference between this one and that one, the wife wanted one.

  26. Camaro guy

    This is my 04 Intimadator SS with 77K miles they made 4 thousand of the supercharged version for 04 I’ve done a few mods to it but i don’t intend to ever sell it so i don’t care if any supposed value is compromised it makes a very comfortable daily driver at least till the snow flies

    • ACZ

      You’re doing the right thing. You’re enjoying it! I had a Tony Stewart MC a little over 10 years ago. It was a lot of fun to drive, too. The grins and “thumbs-up” I got from other drivers didn’t hurt, either.

      • Camaro guy

        Yup thanks, always liked the Tony Stewart edition and the orange graphics, even though these car’s are wrong wheel drive they are a very comfortable highway cruiser not fast by today’s standards but your right they are fun to drive

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