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52k Original Miles: 1967 Nova Sport Coupe

Wow. You’re looking at a sharp ’67 Nova Sport Coupe survivor with the word “original” used many times in its description. The seller says it has 52,821 original miles, plus the original engine, transmission, rear end, paint, and interior – including the original carpet. We haven’t featured many ’67 Nova Sports Coupes on Barn Finds, and this is about as nice a one as you’ll ever see. Currently located in Houston, Texas, and for sale here on eBay, 29 bids had pushed the top offer to $43,212, but the sellers reserve had not been met.

The seller, who is the second owner and bought the car in 2006 with only 49k on the clock, provides quite a bit of background about this Nova along with lots of photos and several videos including this walk around video. It was originally purchased in February 1967 from a dealer in Rugby, North Dakota by a meticulous owner who pampered the car in a heated garage and kept records of every oil change and service performed in a book (which is included). After returning from Vietnam, the owner drove the car sparingly and passed away in 2006, leaving the car to his brother. I like the Nova’s Ermine White paint with a Nantucket Blue top that’s complimented by the white wheels, Blackwell tires, and dog dish hubcaps. I always thought the sharper, more assertive styling of the second-generation Nova, which only lasted two models years from 1966 to 1967, was a big styling improvement over the original ’62-’65 Chevy II “Falcon Fighter.” The paint, chrome, trim, and glass all appear to be in terrific condition and there’s no rust in sight.

The Chevy II was positioned as “the stylish economy car” back in ’67 as was evidenced by the outside sheet metal as well as the interior where the sales literature promised “your car dollar buys more elegance than ever.”  The original blue interior looks near perfect: the hexagon-pattern cloth and vinyl seats, seatbelts, door panels, dash, steering wheel, instrument panel, carpet, and headliner all look great. A newer radio with Bluetooth has been installed but the original radio is included in the sale.

Under the hood is a very clean and tidy engine bay housing a 195-hp Turbo-Fire 283 V8 that’s mated to a Powerglide automatic transmission. The seller states that the 283 “runs great, as you would expect from a 52k mile automobile.” and that “the car drives, handles and rides down the road superbly, with no shimmies or rattles.”  A few changes are mentioned from a maintenance standpoint including new spark plug wires, new front shocks, and the original muffler was replaced last year. The seller also has the original 13″ rims that originally were on the Nova. Finally, the Nova comes with the original protecto-plate and other registration documents, original sales brochure, original owners manual, original accessories booklets, as well as the already mentioned maintenance book that the original owner kept with all those service items performed from day one. This ’67 Nova Sport Coupe appears to be quite a survivor with the kind of owner history and documentation not every 55-year-old automobile has, but what every old car lover (and the next owner) is tickled to see.


  1. robj Member

    It continues to boggle my mind as to how someone can keep a car this long, put almost 60 thousand miles on it and have it remain looking this nice. I try my best with my cars but in 55 years, something has to happen.

    Although this is more like Super Nice, a 327 and a 4 speed would be nice[er]

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    • Bret P

      I’ve put 2,400 miles on my only car in two years. I only leave the house 2 or 3 times a week to run errands around town and work from home.
      I do go visit my dad a hundred miles away twice a year. I’m in Washington state, it seems people drive more and further in other parts of the country like Texas 🤷

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    • Robert White

      I had a 1966 Sport Deluxe Acadian and it had 100 thousand miles on it before I restored it back to new. Sold it in 1997 and it’s now a restomod because the guy that bought it off of me didn’t want to keep the original trim package which was all perfect when I sold it to him.

      I rescued the car and the very next buyer restomodded it.

      You can’t win for losing, folks. No matter how hard you try to sell to the right person it always bites in the long run IMHO.


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    • Tom

      I have owned a ‘67 SS 327 4 speed since ‘83 and I love it!

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  2. Cadmanls Member

    Nice story, but house on the hill! I spent time in Minot with the USAF and hills are non existent in ND and maintaining a heated garage would have been a challenge. Winters are harsh and I am being kind. Very nice car and most certainly will be modified. Be wonderful to dream some auto museum will be its new home but a rust free builder? The 283 will need the heads pulled and valve seats replaced soon. We were doing that in the 70’s there is no valve seat protection today in fuel and don’t forget flat tappet cams don’t have much future. Great looking car though but I doubt it will remain as is. Paint and interior will remain for sure.

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  3. MikeH

    I am the owner of this amazing Nova. Well, that’s the story the dealer in Rugby told me before he sold me the Nova back in 2006 and we spoke for hours, very nice man. He had no reason to lie. Not sure how big this hill was, but there seems to be plenty of hills in ND, not sure about where you were in Minot. Here in Houston it’s really flat, although when you drive out a bit west an hour you will see hills and in the San Antonio area you get a lot more.

    The cars drives great and does not need the heads pulled, not sure where that came from. If one wanted to do a valve job that’s easy stuff, but it doesn’t need it. I hope the next owner keeps the car original and does not modify it, as there are not many out there in this superb condition. -Mike

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    • Ron Denny Ron Denny Staff

      Thanks for the comment, Mike. I’ve been writing for Barn Finds for about a year and a half and you’re the first owner/seller that’s replied to a comment about my article. I really enjoy writing about cars with interesting stories and backgrounds, especially when they’re in an amazing condition like your Nova. Hopefully, the next caretaker will preserve your Nova and it’ll still look this good in another 20-30 years…

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      • BigBlocksRock

        Anyone ever mention that you look like Shemp Howard?

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    • Ken Barker Ken

      Very nice little car.
      I think the valve guy was talking about leaded gas without any additives.
      Sounded like the sky was falling. One of my all time favorites. I’m looking as we speak. I wish I could afford this one.
      Nicest I’ve ever seen!!!!

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    • Cadmanls Member

      Mike not being cynical but this engine was built prior to unleaded fuel and 1971 up the valve seats we’re harder, oil today has no zinc another additive that helps lubricate the lifters and camshaft. Today the use of roller lifters keep camshafts alive. As far as terrain in ND it’s flat! Spent almost three years there. Drove to the turtle mountains and they were small bumps. Not picking just putting it out there. There was a area carved out by the Mouse river. But it’s a flat state and the wind can eat you up in a winter storm. There is a reason for low state population

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  4. DanoNJ

    It’s one of my favorite body styles, and by the look of prices for this vintage, I’m not the only one.
    But I am struck by the huge decision a buyer has to make: Keep the car unrestored or give it the engine and manual transmission that will take this car to the promised land in terms of performance?
    If one does amp it up – after you’ve paid a huge premium for the originality and pristine condition, you’ll never be able to recapture that, just hope another driver pays even more for performance over originality. What say youse?

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  5. Terrylee86

    Mike, don’t be offended because I think cadmanls was talking about any car older then 76’ does not have hardened valve seats. The leaded gas used to take of that. If you don’t want to put the additive on every fill up you need to pull the heads and change the seats and valves. While you were at it I would change the whole head assembly and cam. Pulling an engine from a nicely painted car is not EASY. Tearing the engine down for any decent mechanic usually leads to I better check this, this and that. It is like going to Costco, you never buy just what you went there to get.

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  6. Jackie Hollingsworth

    Very Nice…..Love the poverty hubcaps.

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    • moosie moosie

      Looking at this beautiful Nova with those butt ugly poverty caps reminds me of Lucretia the old maid high school librarian, or Waldina the h.s. nurse. Money was spent changing to 14″ wheels , tires, poverty caps so why not a nice set of 14 ” Chevy Rallye Wheels instead ? That would have enhanced the appearance of this beautiful Nova greatly, someone along the line opted for chrome valve covers. I like it !

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  7. Margaret A. Soucie

    I had a ’66 Chevy 2 and I tried to HATE it ! I really tried. I had a ’66 Mustang that my sister had “borrowed” and I wanted it back. Sis could have the Chevy 2 and kill that one. She had very bad luck with cars. She had blown the engine on the two cars before she got my Mustang ! But that Chevy was a good car and kept proving it to me. It had the 283 engine and a 3spd. transmission on the column. I did get the Mustang back. It had a small notebook inside with this awful scribbling inside. 9/14/1970, changed oil, filters, cleaned plugs, tune up and VACUMED the interior ! Sis went to the University of Maine in Orono and met a guy, in an engineering physics shop class, who was a car nut. Jim also had a crush on Sis. He also didn’t want to see Sis kill off another car ! (Possible hint on the cause of demise for the ’61 Olds 88 and the ’62 Olds 98 ?) Jim was a member of the University Sports Car Club and keeper of the Club Mini. He had a garage. Sis went to some Club meetings, where the guys fell in love with MY Mustang and Sis fell in love with another Club member, not Jim. Jim and Sam were friends, so when Jim was keeping his go kart type race car at Sis and Sam’s house, coming up to do repairs on Saturdays … I met him and two years later we got married. We still are, Sis and Sam, not. But they had kids. Jim and I had cars. I have found that one of the cars I would like to have back is the ’66 Chevy 2. Not the Mustang, which was a great car, I just do not have the urge for it anymore. I would have liked a better radio, mine was AM only. I would have liked better suspension and brakes and didn’t love the bench seat. But overall it was a great car and I would love another someday. Huston is a bit of a trip for me though.

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  8. dogwater

    True classic nice

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  9. rbig18

    Awesome car. I am the owner of a 67 SS myself. It would be a shame for anyone to modify this car into a resto mod. I have never seen chrome valve covers on these 283 optioned motors motors before.

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  10. John M.Stecz

    I like my cars as original as I can buy them one beautiful machine, would not change a thing,but that’s just me

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  11. Mike Langley

    If I had this car the only thing I would change is the ac situation. I live in the Houston area too. I would have to have ac. This looks to be a very nice car. Not a hot rod but a very nice cruser. And as far as the gas what’s a little additive!

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  12. John Hardesty

    Funny, must be a North Dakota thing, buying Novas, keeping them clean and driving them very little.

    After a 15+ year search (i had about given up), I found my ’63 ragtop, which came from the original owner via Jack Wallace at Vintage Vettes in KC (great guy if you ever need a Vette).

    Mine is not as pristine as this one, but everyone comments on how beautifully restored it is and then are amazed that it’s mostly original.

    So fun seeing these still emerging from various holds, certainly there were a lot made, but in the case of my convertible, they are very rare in excellent condition these days.

    I plan to keep mine original-ish, but not fanatical, I don’t mind the easy power of the 194, but she sure breathes easier with the NOS 230 intake manifold I got from 12Bolt Tom, I also plan on putting the CPP front suspension parts under, because, let’s face it, the ’63 front suspension was obsolete tech when installed. And I put in a NOS power booster and dual master from a later model, just for safety, doesn’t need discs in my mind, I can lock up all four wheels with very little effort, so I’m good there.

    That’s about it for me, I just want a sweet little cruiser to haul my family around and to use as a learning platform for my boys to gain an understanding of basic mechanicals before diagnosis required a computer port.

    I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing they kept going with convertibles, the ’67 body is so pretty, and would be amazing with a soft top folded down.

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  13. Johnmloghry johnmloghry

    To me these are the best looking Novas ever built. I bought a 69 new, but I have like the looks of the 67 better. There probably won’t be a nicer come along for sale for a long time. Now is the time to buy if you have the money.

    God Bless America

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    • Christopher Gentry

      Could have bought a 67 4 door , 6 cylinder 3 on the tree for 300.00 when I was 18. Bought a Dodge dart instead because it was a 2 door , wish I had bought the 67 Nova. Any who this is the nicest one I’ve ever seen. Don’t care if North Dakota is flat or hilly. Gorgous car and I love the dog dish caps

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  14. ray

    Hey Ron
    Are you related to one of the three stooges?

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  15. MichiganDoug

    Kinda cool since my dad started working at the Toledo transmission plant about that time. maybe he saw that trans come down the line.

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  16. joenywf64

    I bet the nova’s new body style would have been a hardtop in ’68-69 if there was no 1st gen camaro or firebird.

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  17. John Alm

    I Kinda Find Engine Compartment A Little Too Fresh n Clean , It Seems To Have Been Painted , Engine Bay & Motor , Are There Pictures Of Underside Of Engine & Bay , Its Still A Survivor

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