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54k Mile Survivor: 1972 Plymouth Fury III

The Fury Series in the 1960s and 1970s compared to Chevy’s Biscayne/Bel Air/Impala lineup. The Fury III was the top model until the VIP arrived to compete against the Chevy Caprice. This ’72 edition is a survivor-quality car that the seller purchased from the original owner. It only has 54,000 miles and presents well with some recent mechanical refreshing. Located in Milton, Florida, this family Mopar is available here on craigslist for $15,700. Kudos to Barn Finder Tony Primo for another trip down memory lane.

Plymouth incorporated the Fury nameplate in their portfolio from 1955 to 1989. It returned to a full-size platform in 1965 that would see three generations through 1974. The 1972 facelift brought a bold front-end layout to the car with a large twin-loop bumper. Six-cylinder engines were finally abandoned in these large land yachts with a 318 cubic inch V8 being standard. Buyers could upgrade to either a 360 or 400 motor.  In third place in sales behind Chevrolet and Ford, Plymouth built nearly 46,500 Fury III 4-door sedans in 1972 like the seller’s car.

This Fury was a one-owner car for most of its life until the seller came along. Some work has been done, presumably all by the seller. New parts include the gas tank, muffler, and the A/C system (with a conversion to R134). The odometer reading is low and the overall condition of the vehicle reflects a minimal amount of annual use over the past 50 years.

Though the body, paint, and vinyl top all look good, the interior may be even nicer. The photos show upholstery that almost looks like it was never sat on. This is a well-equipped Plymouth, with a 2-barrel 360 V8, power steering and brakes, and a TorqueFlite automatic transmission. And cruise control, too! The successful buyer will also take home some paperwork dating back to the original delivery of the auto. If you like these really big full-size cars of the early 1970s, could this Plymouth be for you?


  1. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    Wow, I love this thing. Enter it in the “original un-restored” category and win every time!

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  2. Avatar photo Nelson C

    Here I go again. Just the coolest grille and bumper combination. The whole car is awesome even in sedan livery. I remember when these were MSP units. I’d be hanging half out the window driving this! Chamois gold. Too much!

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  3. Avatar photo Stan

    2 tons of beauty. 360 w Torq-flite and 2.71 gear ⚙️ point 👉 this Plymouth down the highway 🛣 and follow the sunshine 🌴 🌞

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  4. Avatar photo Jamie

    Wow, what a trip down memory lane! Back in the 70’s, my buddy owned this exact car. We used to all pile in it for our many adventures. Imagine Wayne’s World, but instead of a Pacer, they were inside this. That was us. If you’ve never ridden in one of these, do not underestimate their size. These cars are huge. The 318 was woefully under powered, and handling was non-existent. They drank fuel. But man, what a nice highway car! All you needed to add was a Pioneer stereo, 6×9s and maybe an amp, if you had the money.

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    • Avatar photo ClassicP

      Yes we had the pioneer super tuner with Jenson triaxial speakers. Some went with Craig stereo and coaxial speakers with way would give anything to relive those years.

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  5. Avatar photo Jim

    Daily driver???!!! No way. This is a beauty. I’d be proud to take it to car shows. And what’s wrong with 4 doors?

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    • Avatar photo Greenhorn

      Nothing is wrong with 4 doors, some of my absolute favorite cars have 4 doors.

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    • Avatar photo TimS

      Two doors, four doors, however many doors, you just don’t see very many cars like this on the road anymore and that’s a great reason to drive it on dry days *and* take it to shows.

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  6. Avatar photo RobK

    I thought concealed headlamps were just on Gran Coupe/Sedan for 72.

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    • Avatar photo Dan N

      The hidden headlamps were a mid-year option on the III, I recall. Even with the low-back bench seat (I prefer the high back bench) this is a cool family cruiser. Add a true dual exhaust and upgrade that 360 to the mechanical specs of the Duster 360 and you’ll have a large barge with attitude.

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      • Avatar photo Gransedan

        Hidden headlamps were also optional on the Fury II. I well remember seeing a II coupe with them when new.

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  7. Avatar photo ClassicP

    If you ever drove one of these their power steering was super easy to turn you’ve heard of driving with one finger well in these it was easier than that.

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  8. Avatar photo Jeff Williams Member

    My dad had a 71 with a 383. Hardtop. Nice !
    Great on the road.

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  9. Avatar photo rayburn

    Back around 1980 or so, a good friend of mine whose name is Art had a blue one just like it with the 360 four-barrel thermoquad carb. We worked at the same factory and often rode to work in it.

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  10. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    I also like this car. Good to see the respect for, and enthusiasm for, the big family sedans of the era. At the time, little did we know the impact of what was just around the corner (emissions regs, safety regs, downsizing, the malaise era). Maybe that is one reason we like them.

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  11. Avatar photo robert proulx

    Nice machine, its a nice week-end cruiser but for god sakes the a/c hose wrapped around the air cleaner yiiiiigggg

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  12. Avatar photo mark reimer

    Alas, a Plymouth never did/never has the resale value of a Chevy or even a Ford.

    This is a 6K tops car.

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  13. Avatar photo BillWoeb

    OMG. We had a ‘72 Gran Sedan, Sunfire Yellow, black viny top and interior.

    If you drove 55-60, 20 mpg all day long. But, oh did it diesel on shut off and have a looooong crank cold start.

    Thank you for the trip down automotive memory lane!!! GLWS!!!!


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  14. Avatar photo timothy herrod

    When I was 16 my brother bought the 2 door version of this car with the 360. That car would fly, very lucky that I never killed myself with that one because for some silly reason I liked to go fast. Everything worked on it even the air, first car I ever drove that had air. It got hit by a city snowplow on the right rear quarter and damaged the taillight seal so when we drove down a gravel road with the windows down it would suck dust into the car. Gave something like 125 for it, it overheated on him one morning so he traded it off for a 70 torino with a 351 4V cleveland. That would would run hard but it didn’t have the top end of the fury

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  15. Avatar photo BA

    You should have seen my high school friends 440 he bought off some pensioner in 1978 or 79 in Florida! High back seats 2 door hard top all the bells & whistles he tinted the windows so dark we could hide from people just sitting in it with the windows rolled up! I’m sure we were cause of several laws put into effect because of this and the legend of the Mafia staff car with its 440 4 barrel with upside down air filter cap letting everyone know tire smoking was always a option as was running out of gas! We took collections to go to the beach & play hooky , something I remember to this day! God bless America & all us hooligans

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  16. Avatar photo stillrunners Member

    Most orginal car I’ve seen listed on CL or Ebay on here today…..hurray !

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  17. Avatar photo Tony

    My father had one of these, just my opinion is that is was tinny tank with all the charisma of a rubbish barge!
    Only my thoughts . your mileage may vary

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