1957 Chevrolet 210 With 55k Miles?

When I looked at the first photo of this Chevrolet 210, I was struck by just how clean and tidy the car is. As I scrolled through the photos I noticed that it shares a garage with a number of other cars, and judging by the condition of those cars as well, I would say that the owner is a bit of a perfectionist who really likes nice cars. He has decided to part with one of his collection, so if you like this 1957 Chevrolet, it is located in Alpharetta, Georgia, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

This is just a really nice looking car, and I doubt that you need me to tell you that. The car has undergone a repaint in its original Tuxedo Black at some point. The owner states that not only was this done around 40-years-ago, but it was painted in acrylic enamel rather than lacquer, so the finish has held up extremely well. He also believes that all of the steel in the car is original, with the possible exception of the hood. However, he does say that he is not actually sure about the hood itself, so it might still be original. The car rolls on black painted 15″ Corvette Rally wheels with dog dish hubcaps, and these seem to really suit the car. Overall, it is quite hard to fault the exterior presentation of the car.

Under the hood is what is believed to be the original 283ci V8 engine. The owner is experiencing some difficulty reading the stamping code on the block, but he does believe that it is original. Backing the engine is a 2-speed Powerglide transmission, while the car has manual brakes and manual steering. No power assistance here, baby. He also says that in spite of the lack of power assistance, that the car goes, stops, and steers exactly as it should. The owner does state that the car has covered a genuine and verified 55,000 miles, which for a ’57 Chevrolet is pretty much akin to it being barely run in. As with so much about this car, it is really hard to believe that we’re looking at what is claimed to be a totally original engine and engine bay of a 62-year-old car. I’ve seen under the hood of 10-year-old cars that don’t look this good. As I said before, I get the impression that the owner is a perfectionist.

We get to the interior, and there are finally some faults to report. The radio doesn’t work, the gas gauge is a bit odd in its operation, and the top of the rear seat is a bit sun-cracked. It also appears that the seat cushioning may be sagging a bit on the driver’s side. Apart from that, the original interior trim is in great condition, while the Charcoal and Ivory upholstery gives the car an air of class and style. Thankfully, nobody has tried to modify or upgrade the interior at all, so the original rubber floor mats are still there and haven’t been replaced with carpet.

Honestly, this is such a nice car, and if it were in my garage, I would really struggle to part with it. It could be driven and enjoyed exactly as it stands now, or the new owner could choose to fit the original sized wheels to the car, and they would have a great original survivor. The ’57 Chevrolet is a car that I believe will remain a popular collectible for as long as humans have any interest in the automobile. At the time of writing, bidding has reached $26,100, but the reserve hasn’t been met. There is also a BIN option of $37,500, but interestingly, the owner is encouraging potential buyers to bid, rather than just hitting the BIN button. With such a nice car, maybe he wants potential owners to work for it.

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  1. Howard A Member

    Make a nice police car clone,,

    • carl

      problem…police cars were 4 door

  2. Fordguy1972

    Nice car and about as clean as you will find. Good to see it’s mostly original and not modified as a lot of two door posts were. My ’57 210 had the same interior which compliments the all black exterior very well. Great find that should bring a good price. I wouldn’t be surprised if it brought more than the BIN.

  3. brettucks


    The paint grabbed my eye immediately – I wonder if the laquer has a unique enough look to be able to tell from just a picture?

  4. Kenneth Carney

    Who needs a Bel Air when you could
    have this! Absolutely amazing but too
    rich for my blood though. Just fix the
    radio, the gas gauge, then drive and
    enjoy it as is. Makes me want to go
    check out the ebay post on this one.
    Sure looks great!

  5. Jeff Houston

    Adam this is my car. Very nice article. Thanks, Jeff Houston

  6. Tommy

    Black Widow

    • Capt Jim

      Weren’t the Black Widows based on the 150’s Or am I mistaken?

      • Jon

        Yes they were, with back seat delete

  7. Woody

    Beautiful old piece of history,doesn’t need anything!

  8. Mark

    AND, it has the hidden gas tank! Beautiful car.

  9. Mountainwoodie

    Sell the Vette…keep this!:)

  10. DRV

    As long as it is a post car I would want a 150 stripper, but this is the next best and better for some for the V8. This trim takes all of the overdone look out of a ’57.

  11. Mark

    Beautiful car. The tri-5’s are pure Americana and never seem to go out of style. Someone is going to land one nice ride. Given the over-priced rides we see a lot of times here, I think this example is a steal even at the BIN price.

  12. Tort Member

    Nice to see one that is still in stock form especially something besides the Bel Air’s. I like the Black Widow’s that were one fifties but rather have this than a cloned Black Widow.

  13. Steve

    My dad and I had two two door 57 bel airs back in the 80’s. One complete but rust bucket sedan and a hardtop that was scabbed together poorly. We wanted to make one from the teo but the economy was such that he had to work away from home alot and thenlack of funds forced us to sell both. Im not sure what the seller is trying to accomplish by including photos in the listing which includes his other vehicles. It comes off ad bragging to me and is irrelevent to thenlisting for the 57. If i was in the market for one, it would make me want to play hardball when it came to purchasing since he obviously has plenty of money.

  14. Spanky

    “The owner does state that the car has covered a genuine and verified 55,000 miles, which for a ’57 Chevrolet is pretty much akin to it being barely run in” Both of the claimants are not able to support their claim.

  15. BlondeUXB Member

    Nice as is.
    Wish list:
    Ford, in the period, was big on overdrive.
    Did Chevy offer it ? Keep the tree and add OD.
    How ‘bout period accessory “Man-a-free” induction ?
    …now we’re done .

    • Jack

      According to my book, overdrive was available on full-size Chevy from 1955 to 1968.

  16. grant

    I always liked the 210, it just hits the sweet spot. The 150 was a bit plain, and the Bel Air was like the really pretty girl who wears too much makeup. This is just perfect.

  17. Jetfire88

    My dads 1st (and only) new car was a ’57 210 2-door hardtop, same colors as this one. I do recall it having carpeting instead of rubber covering. It was a 6/auto, P/S, manual brakes.
    Besides an El Morocco, the only ’57 Chev I liked.

    • Jon

      Correct me if I am wrong but, I didn’t think that there was a 210.hard top model. 210’s were just post models?

  18. marty

    The 1957 210 V8 was a 265 cu.in with silver V emblems , 283 cu.in. came in Belair model with gold V emblems..I wrecked 3 of the 210’s . Great car. I installed 327 cu.in. 365 hp solid lifter motors in all three with 4:11 posi and Muncie 4 speed with hurst shifters . Great combintion back in the 60’s.I still have my 67 Vette and 2017 Z06

    • BlondeUXB Member

      265 = 1955 & 6.
      283 was 1957
      Gold “V” was BelAir trim

  19. CaCarDude

    Like the sleeper look on this 210 model, and Black suits this car very nicely.
    As I recall one of these same model 2 dr post ’57’s was restored for the “Old Man” on Pawn Stars a couple years back, Rick did this for his Dad’s birthday. Same Tuxedo Black exterior, I do not recall what drive train was used. ?
    Nice find!

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