600-HP 1989 Geo Tracker?!!

Does anyone need a 600 b.h.p. Geo Tracker? No, of course not. But this should not stop you from exploring the possibilities of making this impressive drag car part of your garage, as it appears to be built to a very high level with no detail overlooked. The Tracker features a supercharged Dart-built Chevy engine, independent front suspension, Ford nine-inch rear end, and more. Find it here on craigslist with an asking price of $18,500.

Somewhat ironically, the seller admits this Tracker was built for drag racing but that it’s never seen a 1/4 strip. How does that happen? Regardless, the next owner will have the joy of (hopefully) surprising many more imposing-looking drag cars. Just look at that stance with the meaty rear tires, and the epic 90s paint job is too perfect. It even has the rare factory hard top, not that you’d want to be blasting around in this high-powered roller skate with the roof removed.

The engine described as a 355 cubic inch Chevrolet / Dart engine with a B&M blower making 12 lbs. of boost. Other upgrades include a steel crankshaft, forged pistons, 4.11 gears, custom-built 700R4 transmission with stall convertor, B&M shifter, and more. When you look at the engine bay and see how clean it is, it inspires confidence that the original build was done to a high level. Despite all the custom work, the heat and defroster still work, and the wipers function.

The interior features a full cage, gorgeous Recaro bucket seats, custom dash with Autometer gauges, and new carpet and door panels. Seriously, this feels like a no expense spared build, because not only are the parts high quality, all the little details – color scheme, paint choices, lack of loose wiring, and more – indicate the original builder put a lot of thought into the final creation. I wouldn’t change a thing. The seller mentions being open to offers, so keep that in mind if you call.


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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    Even though the build quality looks great this thing is still a death trap. With a wheel base this short and that much horse power it will be very difficult to keep this little SUV in a straight line. Also if there isn’t a serious amount of reinforcement that 600 bhp will twist this body to pieces. I sure hope some 16 year old doesn’t get a hold of this and kill himself with it.

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  2. JimmyJ

    This was on jalopnik this morning
    I voted CP

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  3. Jeff

    What you talkin bout Willis, its got a full Art Morrison Chassis and wouldn’t call a 9.90 quarter mile dangerous.


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    • Steve R

      Dangerous depends on the car and driver.

      He was only lined up with another car on the first run of this clip. That suggests the track didn’t feel it was wise to send him down track next to another car. My home track does that all if the time, if they think someone lacks judgement of the car is unstable at speed they send it on “singles”. Once this car made its 9.97 pass, they would have checked for a current chassis certification and that the driver had an NHRA competition license, if he didn’t possess both, the next sub-10 second run he made would have been his last.

      Steve R

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      • Jeff

        Steve R,

        I agree with what you are saying, however the car in the video as well as many other Geo Tracker / Suzuki Samurai have been safe and successfully drag racing for many years.
        I don’t understand why some other individuals here on the forum are bad mouthing safe and certified drag cars that they have no knowledge of whatsoever.

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      • Steve R

        Jeff, so you personally know the white car is legal to run in the 9’s?

        The one featured here would get tossed as soon as a rollbar was required at 11.50. It wouldn’t even meet minimum standards. Up until recently these cars weren’t technically legal to run at any NHRA sanctioned track due to the short wheelbase. Just because any given track let’s them run doesn’t mean it’s safe, let alone certified.

        Certified in this context has a specific meaning. What do you think it means when it comes drag cars?

        Steve R

      • Jeff


        Please take a minute or two and unbunch your jockstrap,why not take a better look at the featured car’s front to rear full chassis and roll cage before making ill informed statements.

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      • Steve R

        Jeff, the door bars aren’t legal, end of story.

        Steve R

    • Paul

      I don’t think it’s the same one !

  4. Troy s

    Neat show car, magazine story, something along those lines. Nice work too.

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  5. Ian C

    I absolutely love it! Price is a little steep for me though. I am not saying it isn’t worth it, I just wouldn’t pay that for it.

  6. Mark S.

    No thanks, these were dangerous to drive in their stock configuration, much less with 600HP. Scary.

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    • Boris


  7. Coventrycat

    Wow. I’d like to see it in action.

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  8. Spare201

    I die laughing everytime someone says “death trap” Muh “dangerous even in stock config”. Not gonna lie I’d only change the paint

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  9. Jeff

    Here is a much better view of roll bar and cage:


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  10. Jeff


    Please stop it already.

    Link to a NHRA 8.50 legal cage


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    • Boris

      Sounds to me like Steve has been drinking. Hope not driving at the same time, though. Steve seems like a pretty smart guy to do that.

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    • Steve R

      Thanks for posting the picture of the fuel cell and battery located in the passenger compartment. I didn’t see those earlier. Either of those two items would instantly cause the car fail tech, anywhere.

      I have no idea why you are fixated on the roll cage. To be legal, the side bars must pass between the shoulder and the elbow, they don’t on this Suzuki. The rollbar wouldn’t keep the car off the track, but would lead to it being thrown out the second time it ran 11.49 or quicker.

      Your link is to a vendor, not NHRA, look up their rules, you will find the specifics spelled out in black and white.

      Steve R

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      • Camaro guy

        That’s why it’s never been on the track i can see why the door bars aren’t up to spec there for ease of entry only

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  11. chrlsful

    yeah, street car, strip car – different rules (break’em & U can’t drive there). This car is a betweener (no wheelie bars, still got glass, etc). I’d like to see some ‘under pic’ to tell if the cage is frame tied (even unibody).

    ‘Betweens’ remind me of the 4 WDs that never C the ‘off road” (called ‘mall crawler’). Y do it? Fashion. No 1 can speak for that. My hair cut v yours, liv. rm furniture, clothing, etc. We usta say “Different strokes 4…”

    It’s all pretty interesting
    8^ )

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