61k Original Miles: 1983 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupe

Introduced to the buying public in 1982, the Eldorado Touring Coupe was an attempt by Cadillac to attract wealthy younger customers to their products by offering a car with understated styling, and a slightly more sporty suspension package. This example has covered a claimed 61,000 miles and is not 100% original, but it is still a very nice example. It is located in Lafayette, Louisiana, and listed for sale here on Craigslist.

The presentation of the Cadillac is very nice. It has undergone a repaint at some point in its life, and the owner places some emphasis on the quality of the work, comparing it to that of a grand piano. This is not an isolated comparison in the automotive industry, with Rolls Royce actually officially calling their finish a “piano finish.” One of the problems with photos of cars with a finish like this is trying to determine what is a reflection, and what is a paint flaw. This does look good, and I like the way that Cadillac minimized the chrome trim on the car in a bid to give the car a more understated look. The car is riding on its original 15″ alloy wheels, which look to be in good condition.

The interior presentation of the Cadillac is very good and does appear to be completely original. The leather seats look supple enough to sink into, while the carpet and dash also look good. The car features the digital dash, which is one of those items that some people love, while others hate. Being a Cadillac, there are plenty of creature comforts to keep you amused. Power seats, power windows, power locks, a wheel that’s adjustable for both height and reach, air conditioning, and a premium sound system are all there. From the inside, these are whisper quiet, literally, so that allows you to enjoy these luxuries in splendid isolation.

As well as a repaint, the Eldorado has undergone an engine change at some point. The only photo of the engine isn’t very detailed, but the original engine has made way for a later model HT4100 engine. This is not surprising, because some of the earlier engines were prone to numerous issues, and this car may have been one that was unlucky enough to experience this. The engine drives the front wheels via a 4-speed automatic transmission, and this was rebuilt in November 2018. The car is fitted with power steering, and one of the features that was highly praised on the Touring Coupe was the addition of power 4-wheel disc brakes as standard equipment. When you are dealing with trying to stop a car that weighs in excess of 3,800lbs, good brakes are a must. Part of the package aimed at attracting younger buyers to the brand was concealed under the skin, with the Touring Coupe receiving heavier anti-roll bars, different valving in the shocks, and a faster ratio on the power steering. While these changes didn’t transform the Cadillac into a sports car, it did make it a more competent car on twisting roads.

This Eldorado Touring Coupe is not original, having received a new engine and a repaint. However, it is very well presented, and quite a sinister looking car for a standard Cadillac. I like the understated look of the car, and I really like the look of that black paint job. The one difficulty with this car is the fact that only 1,197 Touring Coupes were built during the 1983 model year, so they rarely come onto the market. That makes determining a true value for this car quite difficult, but with an average Eldorado Coupe starting in the market at around $10,000, this particular car seems to be a reasonable buy at the asking price of $13,500.

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    Can’t believe I’m saying this…. But would it look better with white wall tires? Just the ones 1 inch wide or so… maybe I have lost my mind, because I never like white walls. Nice looking car, good luck to seller and buyer

    • Ralph

      A very thin one would be nice, I think the factory tires were white lettered believe it or not.

      • Steve

        The factory tire were raised whites. Cool car I am glad this person kept a Cadillac motor in it. It would have been cooler with a fuel injected 425 or 500 swapped in. The 1980 Eldorados came with a 6.0 in them.

  2. Billy

    Agreed. Whitewalls.

    • ACZ

      I put the narrow whites on the one I had. Probably 3/8″ wide. Helped since the wheels aren’t chrome. GT+4 Goodyears. They don’t make them anymore.

    • Tom


  3. Miguel

    I would never consider an Eldorado made between 1982 and 1985.

    That engine is a deal breaker.

  4. Moparman Member

    I think so, but thin ones, as you stated; with so much black, a thin stripe would make this car “pop”, giving the eye something else to focus upon. Whitewall tires signified that one could afford the more expensive things. As such, luxury cars were designed to look good with them. Later, cars began to be designed to look good without them. IMO, nothing looks cheesier than an elegant classic old car sitting on black wall tires.

  5. Justin Plant

    4100. What a turd. No way. An Olds 350 rocket does bolt up to the trans though. Just sayin

  6. Michael DeRosa

    I think that engine had like 125 HP.

  7. Ralph

    You can sort of look at these as the V series grandpa.

  8. Ikey Heyman Member

    I’ve always liked this body style but would want one that already had the Olds 350 which was available in ‘79 and ‘80, IIRC.

    • ACZ

      Easy……buy a diesel and put a gas engine in it. It’s a bolt-in.

  9. Will Fox

    Not a bad Eldo for the asking price, but I would be VERY hesitant on this car, having the lame duck 4100 V8. These had soft cam lobes and burned oil well within its first 40K miles. I’d want to investigate if this car has had the necessary repairs they all got back then. If it has already, most of your troubles are minimal then. I’d offer $10K cash. I bet he’d take it.

  10. Chebby Member

    Caddy Grand National

  11. Bryan

    I like the 79-85 era of Eldorados (Toros & Rivs too), but dislike immensely the HT4100 V8 the Cadillacs were saddled with. I prefer the body style of my 81 Imperial but concede that the Eldorado interior is nicer looking and better quality.

  12. Anthony

    Should have the Rocket 350 in it. Those blackwalls are atrocious. Sinister looking car. I would have made it a sleeper. Maybe a Northstar from a 90s Eldo, since its front wheel drive?

    • ACZ

      Different FWD completely.

  13. Dallas

    How about adding another 80’s thing? A pinstripe, while this has one (had to look hard to see it) one that has more color (red?) and / or a little bolder would have the same effect as the white walls… anyone for gold/white Continentals on this baby?

  14. Bakyrdhero Member

    I haven’t seen one like this before. Nice looking car. An early ETC..

  15. Mark

    Junk motor, olds 307, or 350 engines better choices if 4100 coming out

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