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’63 Split Window Fuelie Corvette At No Reserve?


I don’t have much in the way of pictures to share, but if this car is for real, someone may just get a bargain! It’s listed for sale here on eBay (go ahead, check it out to see if it’s still there) where bidding is below $3,500 as I write–and no, it won’t stay there! The car is currently located in Brooklyn, New York. (Note: as this post is about to go live, I see that it’s up to over $48k!)


This is the only other picture we have to go on, but the ad states that it’s a numbers-matching four speed fuel injected car that’s been stored for about 30 years. The seller says it’s just as great on top as underneath, and it’s got 78,000 miles. The seller does suggest contacting them for more information and pictures, and I would certainly do so before bidding–but, wow, what a car if it’s real! Let us know what you think!


  1. Fred W.

    A car stored 30 years with a vanity tag that says “Split Window”? I don’t remember that term being used much back then. But then, I wasn’t a ‘Vette guy.

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  2. Mr. Bond

    Seller added a note saying he has a reserve, but eBay didn’t let him put it in, or something like that. Really nice car. Love to own it, but out of reach for me right now!

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  3. DAN

    $48,600 already
    wonder if his reserve is met???
    he doesn’t say what his reserve $ would have been either

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  4. David

    Of course he can set a reserve. There’s something not quite right about this posting.

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  5. Bob Baird

    My first inclination would be to wonder why there are so few pics. It is within the realm of possibility that someone who saw a car at a shop somewhere could easily snap a couple of pics of it and then list it on eBay. I would want a complete set of pics and may want to actually inspect it before I laid out any money.

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  6. Bill

    For what he’s undoubtedly looking to get for this car, the photo documentation is comically lacking. In this day and age of digital cameras, taking an overabundance of pictures costs you nothing.

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  7. Brian

    I smell a scam. Why would you post photos that look like spy photos? Like you were trying to sneak pictures without being caught? I agree with Bob Baird, this is a random ’63 sitting in a garage somewhere.

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  8. hhaleblian

    Quote from the listing
    Hello for some reason eBay won’t allow me to do a reserve price on this car it will not sell unless my price is met and I am sorry for any inconvenience good luck bidding.
    I smell a rat

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  9. John K

    I’m far from the most tech-savvy person you’ll meet, but I just sold a car on eBay last week. It was an easy process, especially the pricing and photo uploads.

    Maybe it’s because of his minimal feedback?

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  10. Art Fink

    Interesting to see how this plays out………..

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  11. JeffPS

    Click on See other items and you find he also has a 1965 mustang fastback up for sale on E-bay also. This one only has one photo . Car looks Red to me but he claims its Orange.

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  12. mike chandler

    This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.

    Oops! ;)

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  13. Dolphin Member

    This Corvette listing and the Mustang listing by the same seller are the kind that you need to go view the cars because there are only 3 photos total for the 2 cars and no useful information in the listings.

    No contact information in either listing either, so you would need to use the “Ask a question” near the bottom of the listing pages to try to set up a meeting. The 2 cars are side by side in the same shop, so it’s possible they are real sales by the same owner, or that he is just testing the waters for bids….or maybe it’s just the work of a timewaster.

    The Corvette listing has been pulled, and at $40K for the repainted ’65 Mustang with no VIN given, no decent photos, parts and trim still needing to be put back on the car………it’s a waste of time and probably also money if anyone were to pay $40K for that car.

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  14. Dave

    The ebay posting says “This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.”


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  15. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    Will be interested to see if it’s relisted.

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  16. Peter Pentz

    The owner ended the Ebay listing because “there was an error in the listing” – yeh right …….
    My suspicion is that somebody contacted him and asked him to pull the listing after doing the deal privately.
    Don’t blame him. At the rates that Ebay charges I would have jumped at the opportunity.
    Doubt you will see it relisted. Pity, really cool car ……

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  17. John B

    Brooklyn NY? Nah, no crooks or shady characters there! Bid away, America and best of luck…!!

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  18. Wd62vette

    Only Two pictures of a great car like that? Sold my riding lawn mower on a Craigslist ad and I had 24 pictures of it.

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  19. Jeff V

    The technique used is not new, a seller will post minimal pics as a teaser hoping to get a pm from a serious buyer then pull the ad and do business without Ebay fees, imo.

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  20. JD

    He pulled the listing and relisted it for $105K. No bids. He also has a 55 Chevy and a Mustang. Looks like a shop.

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