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6,300 Original Miles: 1982 Chevrolet Corvette

While C3 Corvettes are among the easiest ones to find if you’ve got a hankering for a vintage ‘Vette, the truly special cars still stand out in very obvious ways compared to more well-used examples. This black-on-red ’82 is such a car, as it has under 6,500 original miles on the clock and looking like new inside and out. The color combo is a winner, and could be reason enough that this one may find a new home even with its $29,985 asking price. It’s a lot, but the low miles and color combo makes it a standout. Find the Corvette here on craigslist and located on Long Island.

Although we often lament the decrease in raw performance that’s been widely discussed in regards to the end of the C3 production cycle, there’s no denying these were still good looking cars. You can certainly understand why, from angles like this, someone may have stopped what they were doing and run over to the showroom. The flared rear haunches and the way the nose narrows as you move down the sides of the car is a killer look, and the subtle rear spoiler gives the back end some much-needed aggression. Yes, the performance was weak, but the design was a winner.

The deeply contoured bucket seats were shockingly good for factory units, and these obviously show next to no signs of wear and tear. The black on red combo is pretty much one of the best for any sports or muscle car, along with white on red or black on black. This Corvette goes all the way with corresponding red carpet, red dash, and red door panels. All of it looks to be well cared for despite the low mileage – in other words, it wasn’t parked in storage and forgotten. The Corvette comes with the four-speed automatic transmission and retains its original radio.

1982 was the first year of the so-called “Cross-Fire” computerized injection system, and it produced a respectable 200 horsepower. 0-60 occurred in a hair under eight seconds, but the transmission wasn’t celebrated for its reliability, despite being designed to provide better low-end grunt and more relaxed high-speed cruising. Regardless, with the low mileage this example shows, one would hope it still has some good years left. The seller notes these cars are rising in value, but the question is this: is the asking price keeping pace with the market, or still a few years ahead of it?


  1. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    As beautiful as any C3 I’ve seen. This is exactly what I would have ordered new.

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  2. Skorzeny

    I love the looks of this, I was in high school when this was new, and they were pretty well thought of style-wise. Always liked these wheels. But with an automatic and the Cease Fire injection? No wonder it wasn’t driven much… It needs a new drivetrain.

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  3. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    You could do a lot with this one..

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    • Frank Sumatra

      And you could do a lot more with $29,985 instead of buying an anemic car you will be stuck with forever.

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      • 370zpp 370zpp Member

        Sorry Frank S, I should have been more clear. To me this is a beauty to start with (interior and exterior) that you could replace or rework the motor and/or transmission and end up with a very drivable and enjoyable car, minus all the electronics crap found in today’s versions. Not for everyone of course. Just my take on it.

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      • Frank Sumatra

        370zpp- No need to apologize, and I will in fact, apologize for not considering a different way of looking at this car. Good call.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Except in California.

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  4. oilngas

    The only problem with Cross Fire was mechanics that didn’t know what they were doing messing with them. 200,000 problem free miles not unusual. High idle speed was caused by worn throttle shaft. Bush the throttle plates and go. Early 700R4 were done by 120,000 miles.

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  5. jokacz

    That car has to be a repaint. No Vette ever left the factory looking like that.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I’m wondering if the repaint is why I think this one looks great. I’ve never thought that black looked very good on a C3.

      C4 is a different story.

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    • Jack M.

      My Father had a black on black 1977 Corvette. The factory paint was as good as this one. We used to wax it every two weeks with paste wax. Guys in their black Trans Ams would drool over it in parking lots. When I had hair, I could use the car for a mirror to comb it!!!

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      • Stan Marks

        Back when we ALL had hair, Jack.

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  6. Jcs

    25 to 30 percent too proud on this one, as pretty as she is. Market is just not there yet.

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  7. Frank Sumatra

    And it never will be.

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  8. Poppapork

    Selling for 30 grand and won’t even change tires- the current ones are dangerously old.
    Ill stick with my 79, i think these are perfect for hot rod mods but i would not want to have a stock one.

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    Junk plastic intake and slushbox even though numbers matching, not going to make this car valuable at anytime. Must fix Gods Mistake and slam an LS drivetrain in it to have any fun.

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  10. Stan Marks

    Don’t beat me up, guys.
    I think I’m in love. What a beauty. Black over red is outstanding. And I don’t even care that it’s an automatic. I would still like to have seen the under carriage..
    I guess, at my age(76), I’m not as picky as I used to be.
    We all know that buying a car, is an emotional purchase.
    There’s only one problem. Does anyone have 30 Gs, they could give me? LOL

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  11. Vincent Sgroi

    Beautiful Corvette. Price is in line if that’s what you’re looking for. Me, I’d drop in a naturally aspirated 350 built to 300-350 horse and enjoy it. But not for 29k

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  12. John Oliveri

    Family member had a 80, white w red interior, brand new, was the most beautiful thing around, nice to drive in the early 80s when cars sucked, offered it to me w 5000 miles on it in 83, I tried but you needed another car , I bought a new Riviera, worst slug ever built, 307 Olds motor, I was 22 should’ve been stupid and bought the Vette better stories

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  13. EBZ06

    I owned one of these. Many trouble free miles even with the “Cease-Fire”. I think most mechanics didn’t know what they were looking at the time. Only problem: the blower. A cacophony of annoyance. Found a original fan washer was replaced with a . . . get ready . . . a faucet washer. Maybe the car wasn’t fast enough for a 21-year old, but it was quick enough for a 50 year-old.

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    • Stan Marks

      And it’s definitely quick enough, for a 76 yr. old, like me.

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  14. mainlymuscle

    I bought my dream car in 1983 ,at 23 years old .I paid cash for a 1980 black on red 4 speed.Previous owner had the car re-cleared and wet sanded,and it was fantastic.He also put wide Tru-Spokes on 60’s ,and I left it as is.Being 23 I never turned down a challenge,and won every street race except one to a 68 Mercury pick up with a built 428 in it ,which ruined my day ! (see ya in the corners buddy Lol ) .Relative to the day, there was nothing wrong with the performance at all.In today’s world,we we have a bounty of unbelievably fast cars available.For example ,how many cars are going to beat a Tesla ?
    This car sure won’t ,but neither will your new Mustang ,Camaro ,Challenger ,BMW or all but the fastest Porsche.At the end of the day,if your car only excites you when driven in anger,you are likely angry all the time and will lose your right to drive soon.If you need to be at the top of the “Car and Driver ” performance chart ” so you can brag about it in the bar,you’re probably on the wrong site.If looking at your car excites you,and this car doesnt ,that’s why there’s a Baskin Robins as well as a Dairy Queen.To my eye,this is a jaw droppingly gorgeous car to behold.
    I sold my beloved 1980 Corvette in 1987 to start my business.Four years,and 25,000 trouble free miles,and sold it for what I paid.20 years later ,I started my car collection ;Peaked at 16 brands from a dozen countries.and I’m not far from that now,and I finally settled for a very low mile black on tan 1980 4 speed as the replacement.If this car was a 1980 4 speed,I would pay the $30k asking price without batting an eye.The much maligned later model C3’s ,like my Bandit Trans Am,and many other 70’s and 80’s cars,are riding a nice curve right now,and has a long ways to go.Best of luck seller.When you have one of the world’s best,you can afford to be patient .

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  15. Jim in PA

    Drop an LS motor in that and have fun!

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  16. PairsNPaint

    Nice car. Just think, you could buy 3 of these for the price of just 1 set of ratty ’53 ‘Vette seats!

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  17. george mattar

    Even though I own a mint 73 coupe, Sumatra is right on. These plastic bumper cars will never be worth what 68 to 72 cars, and that is a shame. 68 to 72 has that stupid vacuum wiper door, rock hard body mounts and were not made for radial tires. I had a 454 1971 coupe 40 plus years ago. My 73 rides far better than that car ever did. I can turn on the wipers and know they will work. I bought it because I want to drive my car. That could be factory paint. A good detailer can make it look that good. Paint quality was much improved by 82, they were built in Bowling Green with clear coat, not in that 100 year old POS St. Louis plant. Those cars had horrible paint. There is a book out written by a now retired Corvette quality control inspector, who claims nearly every Corvette was sent back to the paint shop at least once before shipping. Some, up to four times. Whatever. Misfire engines are misunderstood. Mechanics not trained didn’t know what to do. Despite the lowly 200 hp, this car is far better looking than the new Chevrolet Ferrari. And the problems plaguing the 2020 POS Corvette, I’ll take this and save $50,000.

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